Best 12 Sided Fidget Cubes in 2020 

During your school days, you may have come across some scatterbrained thinkers, and you may also find this kind of people in the workplace. For this type of people, there are special types of tool available in the market, known as fidget cubes. Basically, they are polygonal toys to provide various sensory stimulants on every side. Their size is compact and their face carries some unique features to excite different senses. The best fidget toys are capable to enhance concentration among people suffering from anxiety, ADHD or autism. These toys can be twisted, spun, rolled, pressed, polished or switched for different applications. The operations you carry out with these toys rely on the kind of fidget toy you have. There are certain versatile fidget cubes which assimilate all the mentioned operations in a single device. To get a thorough understanding of the best 12 sided fidget cubes available currently, look at the below products:

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10. Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Cube by Minilopa:

 Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Cube by Minilopa:

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The latest 12 sided fidget cubes from Minilopa, this toy works to keep your fingers and minds engaged. You will find improvement in stress and anxiety with the help of this fidget dodecagon. This fun toy comes with 12 sides to keep your busy. It functions as an ideal gift for flickers, clickers, spinners, and rollers. This cube rejuvenates your body and mood to concentrate on your work in a better way.


  • This Minilopa cube comes with buttons, gears, joystick, soothes, disk, silicone balls, switch, and stress balls.
  • It works to relieve adult stress and facilitates kid recognition in a better way.
  • The colors present on this cube resemble the picture and it would fit perfectly in an adult hand.
  • Every feature of this fidget cube is excellently designed and well made. You can fit this cube in your keychain.
  • With the help of the silicone handle strap, you can hold it easily.
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9. 12 Sided Fidget Cubes, ATIC Fidget Twiddle Cube Dodecagon Rubiks Cube by ATiC:

 12 Sided Fidget Cube, ATIC Fidget Twiddle Cube Dodecagon Rubiks Cube by ATiC:

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Capable to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, this ATIC fidget twiddle cube works excellently to improve your mood. This toy works as an excellent toy for ADHD and autism kids to enhance their concentration. The overall size of this cube is slightly larger than a golf ball. Its silicone fixtures and painted metal design are extremely sturdy to let you use for long-term.


  • Names of 12 tools included on each side are toothed gears, controller buttons, spinning disk, switch, gel ball, lanyard, joystick, fingers massage, clicker button, sliders, slate, and minions.
  • The use of superior quality polycarbonate and eco-friendly ABS material make sure you are benefitted with durability and joyful playing experience.
  • Its size is small and lightweight to place it inside your pocket, so you can carry it to school, office, travel trips, etc.

8. PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube – Premium Quality 12 Sides Fidget Cube Dice Dodecagon:

 PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube - Premium Quality 12 Sides Fidget Cube Dice Dodecagon:

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The use of highest quality standards guarantees durability and convenient use of this 12 sides fidget cube.  Its elegant colors, sturdy structure, and flexible design make it a recommended toy for people of any age. The PILPOC theFube fidget cube is compact and portable to carry anywhere anytime.


  • With the help of sturdy plastic material and smooth surface, this fidget cube is easy to hold in your hands.
  • It comes with silicone rubber buttons, seamless joystick rotation, clicking sound, silent and audible actions.
  • Due to its beautiful colors, your mind will be enchanted when you play it.
  • Enclosed in the wonderful protective carry case, the cube will stay intact.
  • Its small size and portable design make it easy to carry around.
  • The presence of silent and audible sides allows you to take it to a meeting or travel trips as per your convenience.

7. Fidget Cube 12 Sides Dodecagon Toy Stress and Anxiety Relief Relax for Children and Adults:

 Fidget Cube 12 Sides Dodecagon Toy Stress and Anxiety Relief Relax for Children and Adults:

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There are many people who have a habit of holding something in hand like pens, eraser, keys, etc.  To kill time and relieve stress, boredom, anxiety, etc. these 12 sided fidget cubes are perfect. In addition to presenting fun and interesting environment, you will be able to concentrate effectively. To create a unique fun environment, you can spin it and its different colors enchant your mind. This dodecagon is ideal for fidgety hands, O.C.D, A.D.H.D, and A.D.D sufferers. Overall, its size is sufficiently small to place inside the pocket.


  • The anxiety relief fidget cub keeps your fingers in continuous motion to remove distress. A clicker, a roller, a flicker, or a spinner can quench their fidgeting habits with this cube.
  • Each side of this fidget cube comes with unique stress relieving features. Therefore, you can effortlessly spin it, roll it, flip it, or click it.
  • Kids aged 2 to 3 years can easily learn colors from this fidget cube.

6. Fidget Dodecagon Cube, Cubier Advanced 12 Sided Prime Anti-Anxiety Dice Toy EDC ADD ADHD for Adult & Children:

 Fidget Dodecagon Cube, Cubier Advanced 12 Sided Prime Anti-Anxiety Dice Toy EDC ADD ADHD for Adult & Children:

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Intended to decrease stress and anxiety, you will find significant improvement in your mood when you play with this fidget dodecagon cube. This Cubier 12 sided fidget cubes are advantageous for children suffering from ADHD. Furthermore, it increases the work efficiency and explores creativity among children. Based on your choice, this dice toy can be used anytime anywhere.


  • Its multi-side design i.e. 12 sides are assured to keep you engaged and remove boredom. Any flicker, roller, and spinner can use this dice toy conveniently.
  • The premium quality polycarbonate and the eco-friendly ABS material assure a durable and pleasant experience.
  • There are 12 different sides for satisfying your different need to decrease anxiety.
  • It comes with all the essential accessories to play comfortably like toothed gears, rotating disk, gel ball, controller buttons, joystick, switch, lanyard, clicker, button, fingers massage slate, sliders, and minions.

5. 12 Sided Fidget Cubes – Fidget Dice ii – Fidgeting Toys by Ombrace:

 12 Sided Fidget Cube - Fidget Dice ii - Fidgeting Toys by Ombrace:

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Keeping in mind safety and durability, Ombrace devised this fidgeting toy with high-quality materials for kids and adults. It comes with great feel and will certainly last long compared to other fidgeting toys available in the market. The fidget dice proves to be an ideal toy or travel due to its compact design; therefore, you can carry in your pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack etc.


  • The manufacturing process of this dice type fidgeting toy is completed with the premium quality silicon material that meets all toy safety standards.
  • Due to its stress and anxiety relief feature, this fidget cube is ideal for kids & adults facing from ADD, ADHD, OCD, stress, and autism.
  • You can keep your fingers in continuous motion to reduce boredom.
  • Each of the 12 sides come with unique features and colors to fascinate your mind.

4. WCZC 12 Sided Fidget Cubes,Fidget Dodecagon Toy by WCZC:

 WCZC 12 Sided Fidget Cube,Fidget Dodecagon Toy by WCZC:

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One of the latest fidget dice toy is this fidget dodecagon toy from WCZC.  This 12 sided cube will keep all the sides organized to let you play conveniently without creating a mess. This anxiety and depression reliever cube work as the perfect gift for your kids, friends, and family members. This WCZC fidget cube only weighs 65 gram, so it is quite easy to carry it around.


  • To ensure long-term use, the manufacturing process uses excellent quality PC+ABS environmental protection materials.
  • The box contains this decompression toy and a user manual to guide thoroughly with the method of playing.
  • There are three gears capable to roll back and forth.
    It comes with a rotating disk with a circular dial. This disk can be tapped and swiveled in a different direction.
  • Its silicone ball is made up from an elastic, soft material which can be easily pulled and pinched.
  • There is the availability of gaming joystick to facilitate 360° rotation.
    In the box, you will get cute looking minions; they add fun in a unique way.

3. Fidget Dice Anti-anxiety and Depression Cube for Children and Adults – Black Green 12 Side:

3. Fidget Dice Anti-anxiety and Depression Cube for Children and Adults - Black Green 12 Side:

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Capable to relieve anxiety and depression, the black-green fidget dice is certain to put a smile on your face. Kids and adult will get engaged in nonstop fun for many hours without getting bored. Actually, the die gives solid feeling when held in hand and feels sturdy enough. If you drop it on the hardwood floors, the toy would not break into pieces.

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This indicates how sturdily this dice cube is designed. Kids will get pleased when they see the cute looking faces on the small rubber balls. The implementation of the latest design keeps your fingers and the whole mind engaged, so there are no chances of getting bored.


  • The anti-anxiety cube makes use of superior quality ABS material to withstand haphazard use. This material guarantees durability and would remain unaffected when dropped on the floor.
  • You can carry this dice toy to a silent environment like class and meetings. In order to experience quite an environment, you can make the desired choice; only the clicking ones and the switch would create some noise.
  • Those people who cannot keep their fingers immobile can use this fidget cube. Any clicker, spinner, roller, or flicker can use this fidgeting toy.
  • Its plastic body comes with a matte finish to let you touch it easily.

2. Auertu Fidget Cube12 Sided Fidget Cubes dice:

 Auertu Fidget Cube12 Sided Fidget Cube dice:

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Different features are accompanied on each of the 12 sides of this fidget cube dice to make the play interesting for kids and adults. Auertu prepared this fidget toy with ergonomic design and portability to make it versatile. There are no issues to carry this cube dice to different places like a classroom, meetings, travel trips, etc. A person of any age suffering from stress and anxiety can play with this cube dice.


  • This spinner cube toy is equipped with 12 sides including buttons, gears, switch, soothes, joystick, and stress balls.
  • Its ergonomic design works to effectively alleviate hand muscles and improves the mood. The toy creates an interesting environment to stimulate your senses to concentrate on your work.
  • Overall, the design is compact to fit conveniently inside your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, etc.
  • Its low noise operation allows you to play in a quiet environment like meeting and classroom.

1. Fidget Dodecagon Cube, Upgrade 12 Sided Dice Toy by Hongyee:

 Fidget Dodecagon Cube,Upgrade 12 Sided Dice Toy by Hongyee-12 Sided Fidget Cubes

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When you are looking to add something new to your toy collection, go for this fidget dodecagon cube without any doubts. Basically, this Hongyee toy is a decompression toy prepared with 12 sides to keep your fingers and mind engaged. Any type of stress or anxiety present in your mind will be instantly removed when you start playing with this nice toy.

Many people have bad habits of nail-biting, pen biting, leg shaking, and knuckle cracking to kill boredom. They can play with this dice toy to get rid of such bad habits. The toy product proves to be a stunning desk accessory, conversation starter, and time killer.


  • The structure of this advanced fidget cube features 12 sides for nonstop fun. These sides include a turntable, gear, rocker, cap type, small button, big button, silicone rope, small steel ball, big ball, slider, lotus stone, and switch.
  • In the manufacturing process of each side, there is the use of premium ABS or silica gel based environmental materials. These materials are extremely durable for long-term use.
  • Whenever you touch the cube, you will get smooth feel due to its smooth surfaces.

To make your boring hours interesting, the discussed 12 sides fidget cube helps a lot. Each side is dedicated to conveying fun in a unique way so you can engage in the play time without any hassles. You can use buttons to press, wheels to crank, switches to flick, gears to roll joysticks to fiddle, and many more.

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