Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans in 2020 Review

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To let your home or office look tidy it is important to make sure garbage is not haphazardly thrown. Also, there must be a proper collection system to store the garbage and dispose of them regularly. The accumulation of garbage may be harmful to your body and may result in the cause of disease in the future. Nowadays, every home and office owns a special trash can that can hold the garbage. Majority of the freestanding waste trashes are capable to hold up to 10 to 13 gallons of garbage. The supreme garbage capacity can i.e. 13-gallon trash cans are dedicated to holding a large amount of garbage. With so many 13-gallon trash cans present in the market, take a look at the below sections to remove speculation:

List of Top 12 Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans in 2020 Review on Amazon.Com

12. NINESTARS DZT-50-28SL Original Touchless Trash Can:

NINESTARS DZT-50-28SL Original Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trach Can 13 Gal SL Silver Trim

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With the use of premium quality materials, NINESTARS made this touchless trash can unique from the rest. In this original trash can, there is the inclusion of the infrared motion sensor which is water-resistant. This sensor prevents humidity or any abrupt spills from harming the unit. Due to the presence of the fingerprint resistant stainless steel bottom, the trash can always stay clean. With the inclusion of the touch-free motion sensor lid closure, this trash can remove the cross-contamination of microbes.


  • Implementation of the advanced delay sensing technology saves battery life and also avoids any superfluous opening from kids, pets, etc.
  • Its silent closing function is ideal for improving the lives of the trash can.
  • The detachable ring liner is capable to hold trash bag in a fixed place and also avoids bag from overhanging. Thus, it presents a clean and neat appearance.
  • In order to save power, the touchless trash can unit would shut down automatically after three seconds of inactivity.

11. Ninestars DZT-50-9 Automatic Trash Can:

 NINESTARS DZT-50-9 Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

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 In this automatic trash can unit, the presence of the touch-free motion sensor lid closure would seal odor inside. Moreover, it would remove the cross-contamination of microbes. In order to present the best performance, the operation needs 3 C alkaline batteries. There will be no harm on this trash can unit since the included infrared motion sensor which is water-resistant avoids dampness or abrupt spills.

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  • Execution of the cutting-edge delay sensing technique saves the battery life and averts any surplus opening from your kids or pets.
  • The inclusion of the detachable ring liner sturdily holds the trash bag in a fixed place.
  • Its lid stays in the open position if the hand stays inside the range of the infrared sensor.
  • Its power would last up to 6 months in daily usage.

10. Tramontina 81200/558DS Rectangular Step Can Freshener System:

 Tramontina 81200/558DS Rectangular Step Can Freshener System

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What makes this Tramontina trash can exceptional is the execution of the Freshener system. This system reduces the odors to make sure the surrounding stays fresh. Facility of the soft close lid and trim ring hides the bag overhand. There would be no damage to the floor with the use of detachable liner along with the plastic base. Overall, this rectangular step can unit is a durable and chic, space-saving step can that can work elegantly in any room or surrounding.


  • The rust-resistant, hard-wearing materials offer excellent durability.
  • Its structure features the heavy-duty hinge construction and durable pedal offers the simplicity of opening.
  • It comes with a sleek, sturdy stainless steel satin-finish body equipped with the print-free and stain-free coating.

9. NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office Bathroom Trash Can:

 NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK Open Top Office Bathroom Trash Can

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Another garbage trash can from NINESTARS in the list, this unit comes with its exceptional shape so that it can easily fit in any pantry room, kitchen, bedroom, living room or dorm room, etc. In order to make the most of this bathroom trash can, it is recommended to utilize any standard trash bags or especially the NINESTARS custom trash bags i.e. NSTB-13-30. The bag will stay concealed from the public view and would present neat appearance dye to the inclusion of a garbage bag ring.


  • The inclusion of the commercial-grade T430 finger-print resistant type stainless steel bottom makes sure the trash can stay clean.
  • During the manufacturing process, the use of the high-grade stainless-steel material makes sure the bin last longer.

8. Lightweight and Durable Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Trash Can (Black):

 Lightweight and Durable Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Trash Can

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Implied by the name, this classic black colored trash can is durable and lightweight. So, it can be used conveniently for long-term in your home or office or any other places. Its working mechanism is quite simple –the touch button opens the spring-loaded lid, so you may press the lid down for the closed position. It can seamlessly hold around 13.3 gallons of the trash bag to make sure the garbage holding capacity is high. Now you can easily maintain the cleanliness in your home or office to ultimately present a stylish look.


  • Due to its versatility, this lightweight trash can unit could be placed inside your home, kitchen or office. Also, you may place it in your garage or laundry room if the need arises.
  • There are no hassles to clean and maintain this 13.3 gallons trash can.
  • Its structure showcases an easy-to-use lid which flips open through a touch button. Moreover, it shuts down when pressed.
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7. NINESTARS CB-DZT-50-13/12-13 Automatic Trash Can Combo Set:

 NINESTARS CB-DZT-50-13/12-13 Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can Combo Set, 13 Gal 50L

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The issue of trash bag overhanging will now be eliminated with the use of this trash can combo set. It is extremely easy to use this automatic trash can with the inclusion of the detachable ring liner which can seamlessly hold trash bag sturdy in a fixed place. Due to the free two-year warranty along with the dedicated customer service line from the brand, there are no extra charges for your defective parts. The odor will be sealed with the help of the touch-free type motion sensor lid closure. This closure would eliminate the issues of the cross-contamination of germs. For the operation of this automatic trash can, there is the need of 3 c and 2 c alkaline batteries.


  • Presence of the water-resistant based infrared motion sensor avoids accumulation of moisture or chances of accidental spills. So, there are no chances of the trash can getting damaged.
  • Entire trash can unit is maintained clean with the assistance of the stainless steel bottom.
  • Execution of the innovative delay sensing technology saves the battery life and also averts any surplus opening due to kids and pets.
  • The availability of the soft closing function is useful for enhancing the life of the trash can.

6. Rubbermaid 13-Gallon Premium Step-On Waste Bin:

 Rubbermaid 13-Gallon Premium Step-On Waste Bin, Black

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Whether indoor or outdoor, this waste bin works excellently to hold the garbage. It is widely used as a kitchen trash can but you can also use it in home, office, garage, laundry room, etc. For the purpose of recycling this waste bin is excellent.


  • It comes with all the required accessories to let you use it in a hassle-free
  • The Rubbermaid waste bin’s 13-gallon garbage holding capacity is ideal for everyday use.

5. iTouchless Round Sensor Matte Deodorizer Finish Trash Can:

 iTouchless Round Sensor Matte Deodorizer Finish Trash Can

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Presented in the elegant finish, this beautiful brushed stainless steel trash can body is found to be smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof. It is extremely simple to clean this sensor based trash can without any hassles. In this infrared motion sensor, there is no requirement to touch the lid due to the fact that is operation is automatic. Simply use the motion of your hand to unlock the lid automatically.  Its magnificent matte white finish is found to be easy to clean and matches with the decor of the surrounding. Its contemporary, sleek design appears excellent in the office or kitchen.


  • This model of the iTouchless trash can comes with the spacious 13 Gallon capacity. It comes in the space-saving circular shape.
  • The inclusion of the replaceable odor filter sucks in the trash odors.
  • During the process of the lid closing, the exceptional Reflex Technology automatically opens the lid once it detects the movement of your hands.

4. iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Step Trash Can:

 iTouchless SoftStep 13 Gallon Step Trash Can

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Out of many different trash cans available in the market, the SoftStep is the simplest to use. Moreover, it is extremely silent in operation and does not involve any hassles. Its entire structure is made stylish and sophisticated to uniquely complement your decor. Its stainless steel material is smudge-resistant, fingerprint-proof, and easy to clean. To guarantee longevity, the brand included soft, easy to replace air damper.

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  • In the odor control system, there is the presence of an odor filter which absorbs and neutralizes odors in a natural way for a period of up to 3 months.
  • This durable, huge steel pedal is uniquely designed to last for more than 200, 000 steps.
  • Important features of this 2-gallon trash can are a detachable inner bucket, lid stay-open mode, tuck & hold bag retention, deodorizer, fingerprint-proof stainless steel, and presence of the rubber pads on the non-skid bottom.
  • It is quite easy to take out the trash with the use of the detachable inner bucket.

3. simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Trash Can:

 simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can, Black Plastic

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Now you could enhance your trash experience through the inclusion of the powerful and durable trash bags included in this spacious trash can. These trash bags would fit perfectly for presenting a clean trash experience. It is known that the waste bin unit too incorporates a slide lock which seamlessly locks the lid shut in order to keep it secure. So, pets and kids cannot access it. Its spacious capacity is ideal for busy households or for large families.


  • The space-efficient design is conveyed with its semi-circular shape which is excellent for busy areas.
  • The inclusion of the wall bumper makes sure the lid stay away from bumping the wall.
  • Execution of the patented lid shox technology regulates the movements of the lid to present noise-free operation.

2. Umbra Brim Large Kitchen Trash Stainless Steel Foot Pedal:

 Umbra Brim Large Kitchen Trash Stainless Steel Foot Pedal

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Noteworthy specialties of this stainless steel based trash can unit are its functional design and easy-to-use properties. This brim kitchen trash can unit showcases a locking lid which stays open to facilitate hassle-free trash bag removal. Once the removal is done, it would quietly shut down. Generally, this Umbra Brim trash can foot pedal is ideal for household or commercial use. Its sleek appearance makes it the perfect kitchen garbage can unit for a variety of uses.


  • The durable polypropylene construction and the elegant satin finish of this foot pedal is found simple to clean through a damp cloth
  • It comes with a concealed bag to present a neat
  • Measurements of the brim are 17 inches by 25 ½ inches by 13 inches. So, it can flawlessly hold huge 13-gallon garbage bags.

1. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can:

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can -Gallon Trash Cans

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Recognized as a 100% touchless trash can unit, the included lid can be automatically opened through the hands’ movements. So, it is hygienic and hassle-free to use. Inside this automatic trash can unit, there is the presence of a natural carbon odor filter used extensively to absorb and balance trash odors. In this way, this touchless 13-gallon trash can unit offers a clean smelling environment at the home.


  • There is a total of 2 power options in this stainless steel trash can. Moreover, its operation is driven by batteries or an optional AC adapter to save the battery power.
  • Due to the stainless steel construction, this trash can body is made germ-resistant and fingerprint-proof.
  • It is extremely simple to clean the entire trash can unit due to its sleek design.
  • The efficient rectangular shape seamlessly fits even in tight spaces as well as corners.

Concluding Note:

If your home, apartment, office or building collects a large amount of garbage on a daily basis, it is important to look for a huge capacity trash can. Picking exceptional trash can help save money on worry from potential spills and the chaos made from broken sacks.

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