Best 14-Inch Laptop Backpacks In 2019 Reviews

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Moving about with a laptop is now quite common. So whether it is a professional requirement or just another accessory, you need something to carry it in. So whether you are a student, professional, or a person working from home, a laptop backpack is a must-have accessory.

To buy the best laptop backpack, you must first check its compatibility with your laptop’s size. Also, you need to check other design aspects like the number of compartments, weight holding capacity, and protection against water and abrasion, etc.

So, you need to have the perfect laptop backpack that would not only hold your laptop but also keep it safe. You may also consider one that can hold your water bottles, snacks, charger, documents, and many other things. To help you keep your laptop safe, below listed are some of the best 14-inch laptop backpacks. Based on your needs, make a wise decision after you go through the below-listed products:

List Of The Best 14-Inch Laptop Backpacks in 2019

10. DTBG Laptop Backpack Nylon College Bookbag:

 DTBG Laptop Backpack Nylon College Bookbag:

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The DTBG Company is dedicated to delivering excellent luggage bags. Its features include trendy design, meticulous stitching, water-resistance, anti-tear, supreme quality, and lining. All of that improves the portability of this laptop backpack. With this product, you can carry your laptop or notebook or MacBook from different brands like Asus, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba etc.

It is manufactured from water-resistant and superior quality Oxford nylon. In fact, the choice of material in the manufacture of this backpack makes it a recommended buy. In order to enhance durability, this backpack uses high-quality polyester lining, unbreakable zippers, and a retractable shoulder strap. All these features let you carry it conveniently.

Furthermore, this backpack comes with a multi-compartment arrangement. There is a front pocket with concealed zipper to place different gadgets and accessories. The items placed in this pocket are easily accessible. It has a compartment with foam padding to protect your laptop, and one to store your iPad. Moreover, it also has additional space to store different things like pen, iPhone, wallet, keys, clothes, books, etc.

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  • Manufactured from water-resistant and supreme quality Oxford nylon
  • This backpack is soft, delicate, and resists dirt.
  • Easy to clean
  • There are two side pockets to keep an umbrella and water bottle.

9. Vaschy School Backpack for Teens:

 Vaschy School Backpack for Teens:

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If you are looking for a laptop backpack that suits your professional and casual attire, then try this product from Vaschy. The brand’s motto is to let you neatly keep your laptop and other accessories in this backpack. You can conveniently take it to school, college, office, cycling, shopping, traveling etc.


  • Its main compartment comes with double-zipper closure. There is one external zipper pocket, pockets for water-bottle pockets on either side, cushioned iPad/laptop pocket, and four interior pockets.
  • The adjustable cushioned strap lets you carry the laptop easily.
  • It comes with a sufficient base to fit 14″ laptop.
  • Polyester is used in the manufacture of this backpack. It is a light-weight and ultra-strong material. Moreover, the material is resistant to heat.
  • Its shoulder straps are designed elegantly and carefully to suitably fit your shoulders.
  • There is no need to worry about the safety of your laptop because the cushioned pad shields the laptop from abrupt falls.

8. Kopack FBA_K585 Laptop Backpack:

 Kopack FBA_K585 Laptop Backpack:

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Manufactured with an ergonomic design, this 14-inch laptop backpack from Kopack is a useful travel accessory. The product focuses extensively on appropriate weight distribution. So you can even carry multiple items simultaneously. The backpack is found to be comfortable when carried.


  • When you carry it, the total weight of items are concentrated on the back part, thus it decreases the burden on the shoulders.
  • It is found that this backpack is theft proof which protects your wallet and other important accessories.
  • The overall design is stylish and comes with easy-to-use zippers.
  • The cushioned shoulder straps and back padding arrangement provides additional back support.
  • It comes with a luggage strap that allows this backpack to smoothly slide over the luggage standing handle tube. Thus, there is no hassle while traveling.

7. tomtoc 14 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag:

 tomtoc 14 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag:

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Are you worried about how to securely transport your laptop and related accessories? Well, this 14-inch laptop backpack from tomtoc is an ideal choice. This product allows you to carry your laptop effortlessly.


  • Its design is lightweight in order to ensure portability.
  • The backpack is made from durable material that offers enhanced protection and easy transportation of your laptop and tablets.
  • When not in use, you can utilize it for everyday storage.
  • You can use it as a general purpose bag, or as a fashion accessory.
  • There is a facility of quick access to the laptop through the use of side zipper.
  • The Original CornerArmor protects your laptop and accessories from unexpected bumps.
  • There is a 360° protective feathery interior that secures the backpack from abrasion and scratches.
  • It comes with two front pockets to safely store different accessories like cable, charger, phone, keys, wallets, etc.
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6. Case Logic DLBP-114 Laptop Backpack:

 Case Logic DLBP-114 Laptop Backpack:

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This trendy and useful backpack from Case Logic is an excellent product.

It is an ideal bag for office, trips, school, college, etc. It has a separate laptop compartment that can hold 14-Inch Laptops. Besides that, it can also hold 13-Inch and 15-Inch MacBooks. It comes with multiple pockets to easily hold and categorize all your personal and travel accessories.


  • The arrangement of quilted padding on the face and shoulder bands provides enhanced comfort.
  • It is manufactured from 100% PVC-free materials, so there is no trouble in using it long-term.
  • You can choose from different colors like red, black, and dark gray.
  • There are side zippered pockets available to provide quick access to accessories like tiny cords, keys, wallets, or snacks.
  • It makes use of a strap management system that keeps the surplus strap material folded.

5. MCWTH Travel Laptop Backpack:

 MCWTH Travel Laptop Backpack:

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This 14-inch laptop backpack is the perfect gift for people of all age groups. It comes with a charge port that provides quick access. This lets you conveniently charge your phone. Also, this bag has multiple pockets and spacious storage. It also has a separate laptop compartment to hold laptop/Macbook of different sizes, ranging from 13 inches to 15.6 inches.


  • The backpack has a spacious compartment that lets you keep your everyday stuff in it.
  • It is made up of solid and durable material.
  • The polyester fabric material used in its manufacture is resistant against water and abrasion.
  • The arrangement of metal zippers guarantees secure closure.

4. Vaschy Unisex Classic Lightweight Water-resistant Travel Backpack:

 Vaschy Unisex Classic Lightweight Water-resistant Travel Backpack:

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If you are worried about color choices and designs, you need not. This laptop backpack comes in a wide variety of colors, so you are sure to find your favorite. For casual life, it is an excellent backpack. Carry it conveniently to school, college, office, shopping, traveling etc. It is manufactured from high-quality, water-resistant, and lightweight polyester and comes with a metal zipper.


  • Reinforcement at its bottom to enhance strength.
  • Uses water-resistant material which adds to its durability.
  • Double zipper finish for the major compartments.
  • On its outer side, there are pockets for water bottles and tablets.
  • Four interior pockets let you keep your small items safely.
  • For easy portability, its straps are adjustable and reinforced.
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3. Tigernu Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port:

3. Tigernu Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port:

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With rapid development during the last fifteen years, Tigernu has attained an admirable reputation worldwide. The features that set this brand apart from the rest is its anti-theft double zippers and multifunctional design.

It comes with elegant “S” shaped adjustable shoulder bands with foam padding. This enhances the comfort and also alleviates the stress from your shoulders. Also, you can conveniently hang sunglasses on its left strap and also keep small items in its zipper pocket.


  • Its anti-theft zipper on the main pocket is so secure that even pens or blades cannot tear it.
  • The backpack’s lock catch on zippers can be conveniently locked through one free padlock.
  • There is a facility of USB charging port to effortlessly charge your cell phone.

2. KROSER Laptop Backpack 14.1 Inch Backpack:

 KROSER Laptop Backpack 14.1 Inch Backpack:

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There are no chances of a laptop getting wet due to rain or abrupt water spills. So you can expect ultimate protection for your laptop and related accessories against abrasion and abrupt bumps.

The backpack is spacious and ideal to accommodate your laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, etc. It has a mesh pocket that provides spacious storage facility to keep small items like credit cards, ID cards, and keys.


  • A simple design consisting of a zippered compartment and lateral pockets.
  • No hassles in carrying this bag from one place to another.
  • The shape remains intact with shatterproof edges and the main compartment’s steel frame.
  • Overall design appears elegant because its exceptional leather handles match well with shoulder bands.
  • It comes with a USB PORT to conveniently charge your cell phone through a power bank.
  • You can effectively keep all the tiny items like wallets and cards organized.

1. Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack:

 Evecase Canvas DSLR Camera Travel Backpack:

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This stylish canvas backpack is essentially a camera travel bag that is perfect for holding different photography accessories. Since it is capable of holding lots of photography accessories, it can also hold and transport a 14-inch laptop. It is an ideal bag for traveling.


  • This backpack has an adjustable interior that is capable of holding a camera, two to five lens, a 14-inch laptop/tablet/ Chromebook, tripod, and many other photography accessories.
  • Made from water resistant and highly durable canvas.
  • Its packaging includes a rain cover to withstand unusual weather conditions and the bag also comes with base tripod holder straps.
  • The backpack comes with dual layer camera compartments at the top and bottom.
  • There are several other pockets that provide additional storage space for batteries, cables, filter, memory cards, smartphone, and many other small accessories.
  • This backpack is ideal for laptops and tablets from leading brands like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Macbook, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

The everyday need for laptops, tablets, notebook, etc. has made it inevitable for us to carry them, wherever we go. The above-shown laptop backpacks can comfortably accommodate a 14-inch laptop and its related accessories. Their spacious design, pockets, compartments, straps, etc. make these backpacks a recommended product to safely store and carry laptops.

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