Top 6 Best 18 Volt Batteries in 2020 Reviews

Considering the need to use different devices on the go and in order to perceive excellent portability, there are many devices that are battery propelled. There would be no dependence on electric outlet if your device uses batteries for its operation. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an expert, the need for batteries is inevitable. Right from mechanical tools used in gardens to electronic gadgets used in lighting, there are myriad of devices that work o batteries.  There are some devices which uses18V batteries for its operation. The choice of such batteries is not as easy as you need to assess many different parameters before making a decision. Some of the important factors to consider are the charging time, build quality, durability, ease of portability, and many more. A buying guide regarding the 18 volt batteries is first highlighted and then the later section shows some of the best 18 volt batteries:

Buying Guide:

The below buying guide will give sufficient insight into the factors to take into account before purchasing 18 volt batteries. Carefully accessing these factors based on your requirement will simplify the buying process:


Capacity is certainly the foremost factor that needs to be considered for 18 volt batteries purchase. It is always a recommended idea that you choose a suitable battery that possesses a high retaining power. This suggests that you would be capable to use the particular battery for a long period prior to requiring next charging. In addition, you would be able to accomplish your tasks without any interruptions.


Durability is the next factor to decide as it suggests the longevity of the battery. It is not a feasible idea to invest in a cheap quality 18v battery with the poor build. Also, you need to check whether the battery that you selected to buy has been warranted or not. This is because it directly relates to durability.


For simplicity of convenience and portability, the size of the 18v battery plays a prominent role. By the battery size, it also relates to the weight. It becomes difficult to carry an 18v battery that is too heavy in weight. Therefore, a portable and compact sized battery is an ideal choice.

Power output-

Power output refers to the rate of electricity the particular battery could provide, and it is generally measured in kW. The higher power output indicates that more electricity can be supplied in a given time. Actually, there are two parts to output i.e. continuous and peak. Continuous refers to the rate of electricity a particular battery could provide, whereas the maximum is the rate at which the particular battery can reach for the small duration during huge demand spike. To understand this, for instance, your electricity demand would pierce if you turn on many different appliances simultaneously.

Energy Density-

Basically, energy density is gauged by making a comparison of the potential energy accessible to the overall weight of the battery system. It indicates that if your application possesses high energy density, it would possess high potential energy for low weight. On the contrary, low energy density suggests that your 18 volt battery will be heavyweight and would possess less available power.

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The cycle life and warranted energy throughput-

It is crucial to know how long your 18 volt battery would last. The extent of the working life of a battery can be estimated in terms of the charge cycles or warranted energy throughput. Both these aspects are most decisive when it comes to the choice of such batteries. It is a fact that batteries need to be replaced after getting charged or discharged several times.

If you charge your battery with your solar panel, it would not pass through more than one cycle a day. It indicates that a battery with a lifecycle of 3650 cycles would typically last 10 years. Since the batteries lose efficiencies as time passes, a ‘full charge’ 18v battery could be at 100% of its alleged capacity at the beginning. However, it drops to 70% after several years. Therefore, the warranted energy throughput is extremely helpful to determine the duration a battery could last.

Usability –

The aspect that sets an 18V battery exceptional is its usability. A usable battery of this type is the one that incorporates light indicators and some audio notifications. Such features simplify the working operation regardless of the operation. The advanced 18V batteries even feature functionality to indicate the current settings and power available.

Battery Brand–

The brand of battery matters a lot when it comes to the selection of 18V batteries. To simplify the buying hassles, you may prepare a list of the batteries belonging from the most trustworthy brand names. This list can be used to filter through the different products available in the market.  It is known that brands like Dewalt and Makita are highly acclaimed ones to make a selection of such batteries. In addition to these brands, you can even go for the one that possesses a good reputation in the market.

List of Top 6 Best 18 Volt Batteries in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

6. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ 2.0Ah Compact Lithium-Ion Battery (2-Pack) P161:

 RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ 2.0Ah Compact Lithium-Ion Battery

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A 2-Pack Lithium-ion 18volt battery, the included ONE+ 2.0Ah batteries facilitates the users with up to 2 times more runtime than a common Ni-Cd battery. Designed keeping in mind the extreme weather performance, the included batteries can withstand cold weather conditions. Moreover, it offers fade-free power to deliver maximum performance.  Compared to the other typical 18V batteries, this one comes with excellent runtime. It is this battery pack that gives you precisely what you are intending to get at a cost-effective price.

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  • This pack of 2.0Ah batteries possesses a compact design and excellent portability; hence, it is quite simple to carry them.
  • They come with decent power retention capacity, so it is certain that the users would avail constant performance.
  • They are found compatible with the majority of the Ryobi power tools.

5. 2 Pack 18v P102 Batteries, MASIONE 2000mah Lithium Battery:

 2 Pack 18v P102 Batteries, MASIONE 2000mah Lithium Battery for Ryobi One+ Cordless Power Tools

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Using this pack of 18V Lithium-ion battery, you would perceive the perfect blend of the lightweight design and long-lasting power. Generally, most applications demand long-lasting power and this demand are aptly fulfilled by this battery product. It came to know that its power is up to four times higher than conventional NiCad models. For substituting the old NiCad batteries, these P102 batteries are a perfect choice. Structure of each of these batteries boasts new and advanced Lithium-ion cells. So, they facilitate the users with enhanced runtime.  Taking a look at its compatibility, these 2000mAh batteries are 100% compatible with all Ryobi One+ power tools. This would generally range from the string trimmer tool to the drain auger to the reciprocating saw.


  • For a wide range of applications at home or workplace, the 2 pack of 18V 2.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries convey durable power/
  • The included ABS+PC plastic material is a type of durable and heat-resistant material. This material blend will not get damaged whether used inside or outside.
  • Inclusion of the superior quality, built-in microchip avoids issues of overcharging and prolongs the battery life.
  • Due to the extreme weather performance, it is certain that such batteries can sustain frosty weather conditions. Furthermore, they are exceptionally designed to provide maximum performance without any fade.

4. Powilling 2Pack 5.0Ah 18V Replacement Battery:

 Powilling 2Pack 5.0Ah 18V Replacement Battery for Ryobi 18V Lithium Battery

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The high capacity batteries are the ones that come with the 5.0Ah capacity.  Considering the requirement to enhance the battery capacity, this pack includes 2 batteries each of 5.0Ah capacity to get your job done. Its included power level indicator will precisely remind the user regarding the amount of power being left in the battery. Therefore, an alternative working path is always available. Taking a look at its compatibility, this 18V replacement battery can work with Ryobi P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, P108, P109 and it would seamlessly fit every Ryobi 18 volt one+ system based cordless tools.

The reason behind its high efficiency is it can hold a charge four times longer. Moreover, its structure is made 45% lighter in order to decrease fatigue. The device in which you incorporate this Powilling battery would stay protected against overload, over-discharge, and short-circuit.


  • Construction of this 5.0Ah battery includes ABS+PC plastic material which is well-built and resistant to heat. This material combination is used in making the case of the battery; hence, the battery will stay protected against internal or external damage.
  • Your work can be completed wisely with the help of the built-in power indicator.
  • Along with these batteries, you would get a pair of gloves in the pair. These gloves are prepared from nature linens. They could be worn while using tools and doing household chores.

3. BLACK+DECKER 18 Volt Battery NiCd 2-Pack (HPB18-OPE2):

 BLACK+DECKER 18 Volt Battery NiCd 2-Pack

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BLACK+DECKER is a prominent name in the field of batteries. All the batteries of different ratings from this prestigious brand are sure to meet your needs. The present model of the NiCd made 18V battery can be used with every 18V outdoor power tool from Black & Decker. It is these powerfully working 18V NiCd batteries that allow you to accomplish all the yard clean-up jobs in absence of creating any mess of cables.

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  • Generally, these NiCd made batteries are compatible with several battery models from Black & Decker including NST2018, NST1810, NS118, NHT518, NPP2018, and NPT3118.
  • The output from this pack is reliable and long-lasting. Also, it is quick to install and remove for use on the go.
  • In a few minutes, they can be charged instantly and capable to accomplish any gardening, mechanical, household chores, and many more.

2. Powilling 2Pack 2500mAh Ryobi 18V Lithium Battery Pack:

 Powilling 2Pack 2500mAh Ryobi 18V Lithium Battery Pack Replacement

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Available at affordable price tags, these Lithium batteries would meet all your needs. Generally, they would fit your Ryobi drill and rounded saw. Actually, they arrive in a fully charged state at 19 volts and you can start using it readily out of the box. It is possible that they would stick a bit while discarding from the drill; however, it will be improved with regular use.

Discussing their power, it would last significantly longer compared to the NiCad batteries. It is commonly found that the NiCad batteries used in power tools would not last more than an hour of heavy drilling. On the other hand, these Powilling batteries would last for a minimum of 4 or 5 hours. Besides, they are designed to be light in weight; actually, the weight of each of them is approximately one-third the weight of the NiCads.


  • Inclusion of the power Indicator let you complete your intended work smartly.
  • It comes certified with the CE-/FCC-/RoHS for the purpose of safety.
  • Different types of protections offered are overload, over-discharge, and short-circuit.
  • The Li-ion batteries included in the pack come with the capacity of 2500mAh each.
  • There will be no doubts to let it use for Ryobi P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, P108, and P109 tools. Besides, the battery in the pack would fit every Ryobi 18 volt one+ system based cordless tools.

1. [Upgraded] 18V 3600mAh Ni-Mh Extended Capacity Replace Battery:

18V 3600mAh Ni-Mh Extended Capacity Replace Battery for Dewalt-18 Volt Batteries

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When you are deciding to expand the battery capacity, this 18V Ni-Mh battery is a suitable choice. Right from the pack, the battery is readily available for use. If you are using any mechanical tool, this replacement battery can be included or removed without any concerns. They come with a convenient fit and would fit easily inside any compatible device. It comes with excellent durability and potential to offer long-lasting power.


  • This upgraded 3600mAh battery is a high-capacity battery that intends to enhance battery life.
  • Using it, your power tools will work more powerfully and would last longer than other batteries.
  • It is completely safe to use and found completely suitable for the original charger.
  • According to your requirement, you may charge or discharge it without compromising the capacity loss.

Concluding Note:

The factors discussed above are highly useful to determine the important aspects before making the selection of 18 volt batteries. For any electrical, electronic, gas, mechanical or any tools, these batteries are sure to deliver sufficient charging to let you accomplish the task on-the-go.

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