Best 360-Degree Cameras in 2022

Imagine when you happen to be at a place that is pleasing to the eyes, you madly want to capture full surroundings into one lively piece of picture as a perfect memory, what would you do? Of course, you need a specific type of camera to fulfill this need. And, that’s is the presence of the sophisticated 360-Degree Cameras on the market. This special item functions more than the old-school camera does. The normal cameras can shoot the front view from a limited angle only, meanwhile, this one allows you to discover a wide range of astonishing photography possibilities. Technically, it enables you to take still photo or film the surrounding environment in a cool, fun, and convenient way. So, simply carry it with you or mount it on your vehicles when traveling and let it capture all those beautiful scenic views from every direction for you. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true for all photography lovers?

With the trials and errors that each camera has, we are here to help you to go through the 10 Best 360-Degree Cameras in 2022 reviews for you to choose from. We carefully demonstrate each product in as much detail as possible so that you would have a better understanding and have a clear choice of which item that suits you the most. Check it out down below.

List of Best 360-Degree Cameras in 2022 

10. Anran Wireless 360-Degree Security Camera

Anran Wireless 360-Degree Security Camera

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Anran wireless security cameras are 360-degree cameras with touch view navigations that offer a full HD video quality. With this feature, users are able to see things at every corner clearly without further concern. Moreover, there is no need for you to worry about what’s happening during night time. Because it has the IR LED night vision which allows you to detect and view things at night clearly without light pollution. Hence, you are secure in both day and night time. Meanwhile, this brand of security camera also offers two-way audio with a built-in anti-noise filter.  This allows you to see, listen, and talk to the person in your house, to scare off the unwelcome person wherever you are.

However, you can set it up easily with your 2.4 G Wi-Fi connection. You can get access to it through your smartphone by just simply downloading its app from the App Store or Play Store.  Unlike the other security cameras that use a replaceable battery to power, this Anran is required to connect to the power outlet by the provided cable. Furthermore, it can be shared with your family members. Therefore, your family members can also view the live stream video anywhere they want as well.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • High-Quality Video
  • Clear Night Vision
  • Can be Shared with Unlimited Members

A Little to Perfection

  • Not work with 5G WiFi
  • Use Power Outlet

9. Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360-Degree Cameras

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Check out the video here for more detail review

Another amazing camera for you to consider is the Samsung Gear 360. This type of camera offers a 360-degree camera allowing users to capture every angle of the entire area. With this camera, you can photograph, view, and share your video through your social media easily and quickly. Moreover, it features a 3840×1920 resolution video. Hence, you don’t need to worry about blurred video. And you can zoom in and view the video in detail.  Furthermore, with the bright F2.0 lenses, it allows you to capture the views in vivid and clear content, even in low-light conditions.

Besides, due to its lightweight and compact, you can carry it to wherever you want and shoot it without any doubt. In addition, it is water and dust-resistant. Therefore, this feature protects the camera from splash or the camera lens from getting scratched while you are using it.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • High-Quality video
  • Can be share through social media
  • Easy to use

A Little to Perfection

  • Quite large compare to others

8. Ricoh Theta V 4k 360-Degree Spherical Camera

Ricoh Theta V 4k 360-Degree Spherical Camera

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This Theta V is an amazing camera which you would not regret to obtain. It is small and lightweight. You can bring it to where you want easily without any concerns. Having a 4-channel microphone, it supports 360-degrees of spatial audio recording. Moreover, it offers a high-resolution of 4K video enabling users to see the picture and video clearly. To ensure the quality of the image, there is an advancement in the new image sensor and processor.

In addition, users can connect their camera with either iOS or Android smartphones with Bluetooth low energy. This maximizes the usability and power consumption of both phone and camera. Besides, you can also share the images as well as the video via social media or transfer your picture from one device to another device easier and faster than the other Theta camera models while maintaining the quality of the image.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • High-Quality video
  • Good design
  • 4 channels microphone

A Little to Perfection

  • Unreliable app

7. Nooie 360-Degree Cameras

Nooie 360-Degree Cameras

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Another good camera available on our list is this Nooie Cam 360. With 101 degrees field of view, 355 degrees horizontally rotating, and 94 degrees vertically, it captures every corner of the entire room without any problem. Moreover, it does have motion and sound detection together with the 2-way audio. Hence, once something wrong happens, the user will receive a notification alert, listen, and talk with the person on the other side while live streaming to scare off the unwelcome person.

However, to ensure the clarity of the video, the camera features a 1090 HD camera lens. With this feature, users can view the video clearly without blur. Users can zoom in and out to see things in detail as well. Additionally, if you are worried about the video’s quality at night time, then you can have your mind at peace. The reason is that it features two 940 nm infrared LEDs which produce clear, crisp pictures/videos for up to 32 ft even in the dark.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • High-Quality video
  • Easy Installation
  • Voice control

A Little to Perfection

  • Not work with 5G Wi-Fi

6. GoPro Max 360-Degree Cameras

GoPro Max 360-Degree Cameras

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Are you looking for a good 360-degree camera that allows you to capture your favorite moment? Then, you may have a look with GoPro Max. This is a 3-in-one camera. It works well for shooting the traditional hero-style video, photos, and immersive 360 footage. In addition, the PowerPano mode, it allows you to take up to 270 degrees of panoramic pictures without scanning the horizon. Moreover, it features 6 built-in microphones capturing real-time 360 audio and delivering the best sound system.

Besides, while shooting, you can ignore the frame as you can transform the footage in different ways such as traditional or artistic videos. Meanwhile, you can also edit the content and share it via social media as well. Furthermore, you can also live the view on your social media account with a high video resolution of 1080n as well.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Good looking and dynamic clip
  • Multi-function

A Little to Perfection

  • No PC editing app
  • Long time rendering

5. Insta 360 One R Twin Edition

Insta 360 One R Twin Edition

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Another amazing camera that you may take into account is the Insta 360 One R Twin Edition. With this new edition, it comes with dual-lens modules. One is a 4k action camera, and another one is a 360-degree shooting camera. These two lenses can be swapped easily without any concern.  For example, you can capture 360 degrees footage in 5.7k at 30fqs and transform from a 360-degree camera to a wide-angle 4k at 60fqs action camera by changing the lens base on your preference. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about having a blurred image or video in low-light condition because it features a new scene-detection algorithm ensuring the clearness of the footage in the dark.

Besides, users can also edit the photos with the app called Shot lab quickly and easily. There are a variety of editing templates as the suggestion as well as automatically adjusting the exposure setting such as Clone trail, stop motion, dolly zoom, etc. By the way, you can use these Best GoPro Cases in 2022 as great protection for your beloved GoPro camera too.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 2 lens modules
  • High-quality image

A Little to Perfection

  • Small screen

4. Insta 360 Nano Camera

Insta 360 Nano Camera

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Are you looking for a 360 camera for capturing your favorite moment? Then this Insta 360 Nano might be a good option for you. It is compact and compatible with your iPhone. Hence, you can bring it easily to wherever you want without the concern of having not enough space for storing for a long trip. You can either use it with your iPhone or standalone device with the high-quality resolution of 3040×1520 for images and 3040×1520 at 30fps for videos. Moreover, you can also share the taken photos/videos and even have a live stream on your social media account as well.

Furthermore, this Insta 360 Nano camera allows you to capture every angle conveniently. Meanwhile, it has the capacity of the SD card of 64 GB. with this large storage capacity, there is no doubt that you can store many 360 degrees pictures and videos easily.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Can be shared on social media

A Little to Perfection

  • Need to remove phone case while using

3. Unzano Full HD 1080P Webcam

Unzano Full HD 1080P Webcam

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Do you have many video conferences? Are you looking for a good webcam to improve the quality of the video? Then this Unzano webcam is the answer. This is a 1080 HD webcam that provides a clear image of yours and brings you the best experience of the video conference and entertainment. In addition, you can connect it with both Windows 7, 8, 10, and above and macOS of at least version 10.6. Since it is a webcam, it works well for doing lives on Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Xbox One, and Xsplit.

Besides, it features a built-in microphone with a digital stereo effect of reducing noise. Therefore, users can have an undisrupted conversion with one another comfortably. Moreover, with this webcam, there is no need for you to install extra software, you can simply plugin with your laptop, then you use it immediately. What is special about this is that there is a one-year warranty and lifetime support for you once you make the purchase.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • No additional software needed
  • One-year warranty
  • Anti-noise

A Little to Perfection

  • 1080p video

2. Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera

Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera

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This is another amazing camera that might meet your expectations. This is a small and lightweight camera that you can bring along to the trip easily without any doubt. Moreover, what is special about this camera is that it comes with 2 lenses. Both the front and back of the camera have one lens each. With this new feature,  users can take a spherical panoramic image with just one shot and a spherical video for 3 minutes.

In addition, this type of camera does work with smartphones, which you can share or transfer your photos or videos from your camera to your phone via WiFi with a free app. You can pinch, rotate, and edit your photos in the app for free without an additional subscription. Plus, there are 3 available colors for you to choose from based on your preference including blue, white, and yellow. However, similar to the other camera, the taken photos or videos can be shared or posted to your social media as well. Anyway, you can use Camera Sling Bag as a safe place to store your camera in style too.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 2 lenses
  • 3 available colors
  • High resolution of 3584 x 1792

A Little to Perfection

  • No warranty

1. Rylo 360-Degree Cameras

Rylo 360-Degree Cameras

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The top 1 best 360 camera on our list is Rylo 360. This is a compact and wonderful camera. It has a high-resolution of 4k video. Moreover, to ensure the videos are well captured, there is an advancement in the horizon leveling technology. However, since this Rylo 360 features 2 lenses, it allows users to capture their surroundings in detailed and 360 degrees footage without any doubt. In addition, you can control your camera by tapping on the specific point that you prefer. For example, you can pan to the left or right for the excellent frame that you want with your fingertip.

On the other hand, what is special about this camera is that it features a picture-in-picture function.  This function allows you to show your facial expression while capturing the views or the actions at certain moments.  Yet, you need a proper selfie stick in order to shoot the photos/video.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • 2 lenses
  • 4k video
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • Stabilization functions

A Little to Perfection

  • Require a selfie stick
  • Lenses are scratched easily

Buying Guides to Choosing Best 360-Degree Cameras in 2022


The weight of the camera itself can be one of the options for most people to consider. Because you need to carry it along the way to your trip. Although it’s not a must that you should choose a compact and lightweight camera, it will be more convenient for you to have a high-quality and lightweight 360-degree camera for your own. Because it’s not an easy thing to carry and hold it around while photographing the view.

Battery Life

One of the most important criteria is the battery of your camera on how long it lasts. Because shooting and processing the 360 degrees videos normally take quite a long time. Thus, it needs the longer battery life to do so. Moreover, choosing the one with longer battery life would be best for those who usually do the live stream. However, maybe the camera with the longer battery life would be a bit more expensive than the others, but it would be more convenient for you to capture many views at once instead of a few minutes.


Resolution is one of the most crucial criteria that you should prioritize. Although the standard video resolution is 1080p in some cameras, in order to have a clear view for a 360-degree camera, it requires a 4k video resolution together with 15 megapixels. For instance, in a normal camera, you just take a picture or video of what you see without moving. That image would be very clear and nice with the 1080p or 4k. Yet, with the 360-degree, you capture everything you see while moving your head. As a result, it will not be as clear as the normal one although it has the same pixels. Therefore, you are recommended to get as high-resolution as possible for better image or video quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Do 360-degree cameras work with all types of smartphones?

No, it doesn’t. Although most of the cameras are designed for all types of modern smartphones, some 360-degree cameras only work with specific phones. For example, some work with iOs or MacOs. Thus, you are recommended to check for this while you are making the final decision in case you buy the one that does not work with your phone smoothly.

Is 360-degree video the same as 3D?

It’s right that you are confused between these two. Yet, it is different from each other. 360-degree video offers you the choice of where you want to have a look and give you a feel of you are in the view itself. While watching a 3D video, you may feel like there is a gap between the viewer and the video. Moreover, you need to have a specific tool in order to watch the video while you don’t have to buy any additional tool for the 360 degrees video. Because you can watch it by using the internet browser.


To sum up, it’s time for you to buy yourself a decent 360-degree camera to capture your favorite moment, favorite views, and so on. The 10 products listed above are the best products available in the market. Ultimately, we hope the provided information covers all the information you want and can help you to find out the most desirable 360-degree cameras.


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