Best Air Hockey Tables in 2020 Reviews

If you want something to spice up fun in your home, then you should go for air hockey table. This is a game that will bring fun right at your house with unlimited entertainment hours. Today, we have different varieties of air hockey tables in the market you just need to choose the right one for you. To make it easy for you, below are 10 best air hockey tables in 2020.

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10. Playcraft Sport 40 Inch Table

Playcraft Sport 40 Inch Table

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Its 40-inch size makes it the ideal air hockey table for kids at home. Compared to the other small sized tables, playcraft sport performs extremely better. The table is made in a portable design which makes its storage easy.

Most small-sized air hockey tables are made of plastic, surprisingly, playcraft is made of solid MDF and two pushers. This MDF frames makes the table strong and durable. The 110v fan motor makes the puck glide on the surface easily making the game enjoyable.

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Product Features

  • A sturdy MDF wood that makes it stronger and durable.
  • Best for kids
  • Portable and easily assembled
  • Powerful air fan motor
  • Quality motor plugs
  • 2 pushers and 2 pucks
  • CE-certified product.

9. Sport Squad HX40” Electric-Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40” Electric-Tabletop Air Hockey Table

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This Sport Squad BX40 is an excellently made air hockey table, made to suit persons of different sizes whether old or young. Its frame is made of hardwood that makes it strong and durable. For those with limited space, it can be dismantled when storing and reassembled when using it. It also comes powered electrically for even air circulation. This makes the pucks glide smoothly on the surface making the game enjoyable.

Product Features

  • Easily assembled
  • Powered fan that circulates air easily for fast action
  • Designed for easy storage and portability
  • Comes with manual scorers and goal boxes
  • One set of pucks and one set of pushers.

8. Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Face-Off 5-Foot Air Hockey Table

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Made with environment friendly materials, the table is strong enough to withstand hours of intense playing. When playing, stability is assured by its L-shaped legs that are strengthened by support from end and side panel. The leg levelers make sure the table is easily leveled on uneven ground. For easier recording of points during a game, it comes with an electronic scoreboard. With this table, your money is guaranteed as it comes with a three months warranty, In case of any breakage you are assured of repairs or replacement with another table.

Product Features

  • Durability- Made with strong environmental friendly materials
  • Reinforced legs
  • Fitted with electronic scoring system
  • Has a surface that is Polly sealed
  • Air plenum for steady and even air supply
  • Dazzling hockey-inspired graphics.

7. Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

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Whether it’s a family den or a bachelor pad, this is the perfect size for you. It comes with L-shaped legs and side panels graphically designed to appeal all ages. Its electronic scoring system helps in keeping track of the score line in a game.

The powerful motor that comes with it helps in keeping an even and steady airflow. This helps your puck to move softly on the surface. The sturdy fiber wood makes the table strong and last long.

Product Features

  • Compact design that fits in most size rooms saving space
  • Comes with more upgraded stable electronic scoring system
  • L-shaped legs that makes increases its stability
  • Two free sets of paddles and pucks
  • Three months warranty
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6. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54 Inch Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54 Inch Air Hockey Table

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This table is more fun when playing in the dark as the LED corners with blue and red lights create beautiful game experience. The electronic and abacus scoring system that comes fitted in the table makes scores tracking easier during the game. For teenagers, this is the ideal table size for them. Its legs are fitted with cross braces that to maintain support making it more stable. Its adjustable levelers make the uneven ground level while playing.

Product Features

  • Cross braces on its four legs that makes maintains support and stability
  • LED electronic scoring system with an abacus that helps in keeping track of the scoring
  • A red and blue hockey pusher plus one LED puck
  • Adjustable levelers to keep the table on the same level even on uneven ground.

5. Best Choice Products 40” Air Hockey Table

Best Choice Products 40” Air Hockey Table

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The table comes with a set of pushers, a set of pucks and one power adaptor. Its small size makes it ideal for any space in your house or office. The 100v motor keeps the air flow steady and even. This makes the surface smooth for you enjoy the game. For home entertainment, this board will make your weekends fun and enjoyable.

Product Features

  • Comes as a complete set of two pucks, two strikers made of plastic and an MDF air hockey table finished with h rich maple design.
  • A 100v motor that makes your surface smooth by supplying air evenly.
  • Suitable height for all ages including kids
  • Designed with a portable and compact design making its storage and moving easy
  • Easily assembled
  • 100v motor

4. NHL Power Play Hover Hockey/Tennis Table Top, 80-inch

NHL Power Play Hover Hockey/Tennis Table Top, 80-inch

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For the best air hockey game and table tennis in the comfort of your house, this is a must have table for you. It has a smooth surface with power corners that makes the bouncing and playing more fascinating. Even with the most competitive and aggressive players, the table is strong enough to withstand the aggressiveness.

Product Features

  • A two-in- one table for table tennis and hockey lovers
  • Easily assembled
  • Easy to learn both games and play
  • Glazetex compound coating that gives your table a long lasting shine as well as resistance to wear and tear.
  • LED scoring and a lighting system that lights up automatically.
  • Comes complete with all accessories
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3. EA Sports Air Hockey Table

EA Sports Air Hockey Table

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Ea Sports is an air powered table that is perfect for homes or office recreation rooms. Fitted with sound effects and projection lights, it brings the excitement atmosphere of real arcade to your room. The cup holder makes you play the game as you enjoy your drink.
Made with quality in mind, this table has a 120v motor that’s UL certified and sturdy material that
makes this table strong and durable. Its stability is strengthened by leg support and reinforced playfield.

Product Features

  • Comes complete with all accessories which includes two pairs of pucks and two pairs of pushers
  • LED scoring system with arcade sound effects
  • Projection lights and a game timer
  • Ideal gaming fun for young and old

2. Foldable 48″ Air Powered Hockey Game

Foldable 48" Air Powered Hockey Game - Air Hockey Tables

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As the name suggests, its foldable quality makes it best for home use. With a motor that facilitates even air flow and an electronic scoring system, the table gives you arcade experience. Its stability is assured by its straight style legs that can fold a table top. This quality helps in storage as it takes less space.

Product Features

  • Easily foldable as well as assembled
  • LED Electronic scoring system
  • Straight styled legs that offers great stability.
  • comes with one set each of pushers and pucks
  • Light in weight for easy transportation.

1. MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

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Perfect for your home, this air hockey table will keep you, your family and guests entertained with arcade entertainment. With the electronic score system, you can keep track of your score- line during a game. It also has a power motor that keeps even airflow. The height is relative meaning even your kids can enjoy a game of air hockey at home.

Product Features

  • Great arcade game for all ages at the comfort of your home.
  • Comes with complete set of accessories. These include 2 pairs of pucks and 2 pairs of​​ pushers
  • UL certified motor
  • Electronic scoring system


With all these brands in the market, you can bring the arcade atmosphere to your family. These tables range from five to eight feet in length. All you need is to know the space of your house and choose one for you and your family. Don’t go searching for best arcades, bring arcade atmosphere in your home.

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