Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers in 2020 Reviews

How many times have we struggled with a handbag on one shoulder and our shopping bags dangling from the other while we incessantly nudge the head of that bottle of liquid hand wash that has been touched, nay, assaulted by numerous people in our kitchens, offices, public toilets or restaurants? Automatic hand dispensers are here to save our day. As much as they are easy to use, the following crème da la crème of these bathroom buddies ensure thorough hygiene among other incredible features:

List of The Top 10 Auto Hand Soap Dispensers in 2020

10) OPERNEE Automatic soap dispenser

OPERNEE Automatic soap dispenser

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Opernee Automatic hands-free soap dispenser is a fingerprint resistant, stainless steel soap dispenser. This second generation touchless auto soap dispenser is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and comes with the following features:

  • It uses Infra-red technology to automatically detect the user’s hand
  • The dispenser does not need a custom soap to function. You can use your favourite liquid soap and fill the dispenser and you are good to go
  • Opernee Automatic hands-free soap cleaner comes with four levels of soap liquid volume, giving us a liberty  choosing the amount of soap that comes out
  • The product is easy to use and is ideal for the kids
  • The product is extremely easy to refill and requires two easy steps of unscrewing and pouring the soap into the dispenser

9) The Original Hayden Autosoap

The Original Hayden Autosoap

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The original Hayden Autosoap soap dispenser is a premium automatic touch less, fingerprint resistant soap dispenser crafted with brushed stainless steel. The dispenser is hand sanitizer compatible and comes with a waterproof base and these incredible features:

  • The dispenser works with any liquid soap or sanitizer and does not need a custom soap
  • The original Hayden Autosoap includes three one-touch volume settings, allowing the user to control the amount of soap that is dispensed. Thus decreasing the soap wastage
  • The product comes with an infra-red sensor technology which detects the user’s hand, thus ensuring a no touch, hygienic wash
  • The sensor is activated when needed and is not too sensitive, hence, stopping the unnecessary spillages.
  • The original Hayden Autosoap comes in a sleek, modern design which looks gorgeous on kitchen and bathroom sinks.

8) Eco Defy Automatic Touchless dispenser

Eco Defy Automatic Touchless dispenser

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This premium quality brushed stainless steel soap and sanitizer dispenser, stays clean and looks stunning in bathrooms and kitchens for a very long time. The dispenser is easy to set up and comes with the following mind-blowing features:

  • With its infra-Red sensor, the Eco Defy dispenser uses a touch less sensor to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • A single button soap volume adjustment button makes the dispenser customizable as per the place of usage
  • The dispenser uses AAA batteries, which not only saves money but also takes us a notch closer to an energy efficient home
  • The EcoDefy dispenser uses any kind of liquid soap or sanitizer. You need not buy a fancy, branded liquid soap customized for the dispenser
  • Have a favourite body lotion, empty the bottle in the dispenser and use it. It doesn’t get easier than this!

7) Umbra Automatic soap dispenser- Otto

Umbra Automatic soap dispenser- Otto

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Otto is a sleek looking soft metallic nickel finish soap dispenser designed by Dennis Cheng for Umbra. It comes with black accents and blends with almost every kitchen or bathroom décor. This easy on the eye, gorgeous looking dispenser comes with:

  • A small window on the front shows the liquid levels, thus eliminating any mid wash surprises
  • Otto dispenses a fixed amount of soap each time its built-in sensor and pump mechanism senses hands approaching it. This, not only reduces the wastage, it also saves on the supply cost
  • The soap is extremely easy to refill. An opening is provided at the top of the dispenser, which makes the refill hassle free.
  • Otto operates on four AAA batteries which makes it more of an eco-friendly product
  • Otto works equally well with dish soap, liquid hand soap or hand sanitizers

6) Deluxe Shampoo and Soap dispenser by ToiletTree

Deluxe Shampoo and Soap dispenser by ToiletTree

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Backed by a 5-year replacement warranty Deluxe Shampoo and soap dispenser is a high quality and sleek designed product which eliminates all the hassles of bottle clutter. This one of a kind dispenser is packed with following features:

  • Deluxe Shampoo and soap dispenser can be installed very easily with a removable silicon gel which is included or a double sided tape.
  • The product comes with an custom designed pull bar dispenser which works with the users’ natural grip for an appropriate dispensing action
  • The dispenser can hold up to 16 ounces of your favourite product. Thus removing the hassle of refilling it frequently
  • The dispenser is easy to fill as it detaches and reattaches from the wall bracket easily and is extremely convenient  to clean as well, which makes it an ideal product for a long run
  • The dispenser comes with a high-quality sleek design which accents almost all the kitchen and bathroom, decors

5) Secura Electric soap dispenser

Secura Electric soap dispenser

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This premium automatic soap dispenser comes with an infrared build in technology which automatically detects the user’s hand at a distance of 2.75 inches.  The dispenser comes with an adjustable soap dispenser for the users every need. In addition to this, the dispenser boasts these additional features:

  • Silicone seal in the battery compartment protects the 4 AA batteries, thus making it a cost efficient and energy efficient option
  • The dispenser can be wall mounted for convenience and ease of operation
  • The product comes with a large soap container, thus the hassle of refilling the dispenser frequently is saved
  • The product comes with a soap dispenser volume button to control the amount of soap dispensed.
  • Secura hand dispenser comes with a 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty

 4) United Automatic Soap dispenser

United Automatic Soap dispenser

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United Automatic soap dispenser comes in a fingerprint resistant stainless steel body with a waterproof base. It is easy to use, easy to clean dispenser with a smudge-free, easy to use exterior. With its large capacity and refillable tank, the dispenser comes with the following additional features:

  • The product comes with a smart-motion infra-red sensor technology which provides a very sanitary easy to use operation
  • The dispenser is good to go with any soap. Buy your favourite liquid soap/sanitizer, fill the product and you are all set!
  • The product comes with a three one-touch volume setting, allowing you to control the amount of soap to be dispensed.
  • The product complements any kitchen or bathroom setting with its sleek, beautiful and modern design
  • The refilling process is extremely easy as the refill nozzle is set at the top, making the process quick and hassle-free.

3) Operate soap dispenser

Operate soap dispenser

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Operate Automatic touchless dispenser is made of stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant with IR sensor. This dispenser is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and is easy to set up and boasts a low maintenance design among the following features:

  • The dispenser comes with an IR technology, which makes the operation hygienic and germ-free
  • This sleek and stylish dispenser comes with a refill tank capable of holding 280ml of appropriate product , making the refilling process less frequent
  • The dispenser comes with 4AAA batteries and a three-step setup mechanism, which ensures a smooth product set up
  • The product boasts an adjustable soap dispenser through which the user can control and adjust the amount of soap to be dispensed
  • This soap dispenser minimizes the possibility of water damage or leaks

2) OLpure Automatic dispenser

OLpure Automatic dispenser

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The OLpure automatic hand soap dispenser is a touchless brush polishing and stainless steel. This soap dispenser has a waterproof base. OLpure features an oil spray bottle along with these incredible features:

  • The brushed stainless steel dispenser compliments the bathrooms or kitchens and blends with the ambience harmoniously
  • The dispenser is fingerprint resistant and smudge-proof, which ensures that the dispenser looks beautiful and clean and adds an oomph to the setting
  • The oil spray bottle included with the dispenser is one of a kind as well. Crafted with stainless steel and abs plastic. This spray bottle has a capacity of 3.38oz
  • The base structure helps prevent water penetration thus protecting the batteries against corrosion
  • The product comes with an adjustable volume button via which the user can control the amount of soap dispensed.

1) Costech automatic soap dispenser

Costech automatic soap dispenser

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Costech automatic soap dispenser is an auto sensor, touches soap dispenser with a brushed stainless steel body. It comes with a resistant coat and waterproof base for a perfect use in your bathrooms. The dispenser comes in two stunning colours in addition to the following features:

  • The dispenser comes with smart one key with three level volume control button in order to control the amount soap dispensed
  • The product is easy to set up and can be readily used after a two-step set up the process
  • The Costech dispenser comes with an anti-leakage and waterproof technology to prevent the soap or water to corrode circuit board
  • The dispenser is made of fingerprint resistant stainless steel and ABS plastic which makes it less prone to rust or clog
  • The dispenser can hold ten ounces of soap, which makes the refill process less frequent


These are best available options to maintain the hygiene and ensure good health. Extremely convenient and stylish, these soap dispensers add to your décor and health. The decision should be easy by now and the investment is worth it.

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