Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

Like other sports shoes, bowling shoes have their particular features needed for your bowling game’s better performance. The shoes are designed for you to approach and release the ball smoothly. Owning a decent pair of bowling shoes can help save a lot of money from rental shoes provided by the bowling alley. It’s beneficial to all ladies to wear comfortable, good fit shoes as it improves their bowling skills and increases their points.

We have come with ten best bowling shoes for women in 2022. Each pair of shoes has its style, support, comfort levels, and other approaches it can offer you. We also include the buying guides that provides the main elements women should look at before purchasing a pair of shoes for their bowling game.

List Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

10. SaVi Bowling Products Women’s Classic

SaVi Bowling Products Women's Classic

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Starting with the 10th bowling shoes on our list is SaVi Bowling Products Women’s Classic, which is from SaVi. The SaVi Classic is introduced with the new vibrant, and comfortable features. The shoe offers you super lightweight breathability incorporated with comfort in mind. Especially with the slide soles on both shoes, the SaVi Classic can be used for both right or left-handed bowlers. Thus, it gives you the ability to slide in and release the ball effortlessly down the lanes.

With the round toe in the upper, the shoe fits size so well and gives you a comfortable feel. Have fun bowling in the SaVi Classic that sure will be a hit on your next trip to the bowling lanes.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Includes two-year SaVi warranty
  • Offers SaVi Guarantee – you can send these bowling shoes back for a full refund if they don’t work out for you.

9. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's Classic Bowling Shoe

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This is a BSI product, BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe comes with black and purple color options. This shoe displays a classic, smart look with some modern flare. It also has a synthetic upper with a round toe. With this shape, it’s quite spacious and, thus, very convenient and fit, especially if you have broad or wide feet.

The BSI Classic is very comfortable for women to wear. It comes with Padded Tongue and Collar giving you additional comfort. Also, the lightweight EVA midsole gives you better bowling performance during the league. On top of that, the outsole material is a synthetic material that gives you ultimate durability during your game. With all the necessary amenities of the BSI Classic, it ensures you feel satisfied when hitting the lanes at just the right moment.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • The top shoe part is made with sport leather uppers
  • The shoe is available in black and blue color combos

A Little to Perfection 

  • Every shoe size’s (5 to 11) runs one size big than expected (you need to order a size smaller size)

8. BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe

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Here we have BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe, a second product from BSI, a perfect choice for the beginner or league bowler. This shoe comes with a glowing color combination mainly suitable for the women group. Moreover, the shoe has microfiber sliding sole, which is stitched and glued for durability and comfort. You can remain secure on the sole as it will never let you down as your approach in the game. Besides, the pair offers a durable and lightweight outsole made of rubber compound. The Padded Tongue and Collar provide you extra comfort. The stylish design, sturdy craftsmanship, makes BSI Women’s 460 Bowling Shoe the most delicate pair to fill up your void as a bowler.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Available in white and purple shades
  • Gives extra plush sock lining/insole
  • The length mentioned on the size chart is the measurements of the inside of the shoes.

7. BSI Women’s 422 Bowling Shoe

BSI Women's 422 Bowling Shoe

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Here we have the third bowling shoe from BSI that we include in our list and for good reasons. The BSI Women’s 422 Bowling Shoe is designed to offer you comfort you need to bowl for an extended period such as during long league nights. This shoe has lightweight durable rubber outsole which provides you the best support. It comes with action leather upper, common sliding sole and microfiber sliding sole. The pair has all supportive functions you need at the bowling lanes.

BSI Women’s 422 Bowling Shoe is very soft and cozy to wear with a tight grip. Coming with the all-white color design, this shoe will let you go with any dress you want to put on as a bowler.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Offers extra plush insole/sock lining
  • The shoe is crafted with all-white color style

A Little to Perfection 

  • Need to order a full size smaller than your regular shoe size

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6. KR Strikeforce Womens O.P.P Bowling Shoes- White/Periwinkle

KR Strikeforce Womens O.P.P Bowling Shoes- White/Periwinkle

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This is a well-stylish woman bowling shoe from KR Strikeforce. KR Strikeforce Women’s O.P.P Bowling Shoes- White/Periwinkle is equipped with universal slide soles, and so that you can release the ball fluently at the alley. Also, it is incorporated with great non-marking soles. Likewise, the shoe’s athletic design with a soft, durable man-made upper will ensure you look your best when hitting the lane.

Beyond the above qualities, the shoe is specially designed with comfort-fit construction offers exceptional support for your feet. It also has fully textile lined with a padded tongue and collar, which lets your footrest cozily in the shoe. The shoe has a classic and straightforward upper design with contrast stitching, mainly targeting women group. So, to all ladies, this shoe design will never let you go out of style with any dress colors you put on. Having KR Strikeforce Women’s O.P.P as your bowling shoe will give you the confidence to bowl at your every league night.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Has non-marking flat rubber outsole
  • The shoe is designed to contrast stitching color style (white & periwinkle)

5. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

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Dexter, the trusted name in bowling shoes, comes with comfort and performance, taking you to the next bowling level. This product is a stylish, performance-based women’s bowling shoe with canvas fabric and non-marking rubber sole. The flexible, lightweight construction and fabric-lined with padded collar ensures your foot remains cool during the long league nights.

A microfiber S8 universal slide sole makes the shoe suitable for both left and right-handed players. It’s created for you to have an all-necessary approach and slide at the alley. Besides, the non-marking rubber outsole helps you keep the balance as you break your slip. The shoe is specially designed with a classic CVO upper pattern that makes it fit with any of your bowling outfits. It’s a complete pair of bowling shoes for a complete bowler.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Textile
  • It’s crafted with fabric-lined with padded collar
  • The shoe’s size chart is a perfect fit

4. Dexter Bowling – Womens – Vicky Silver

Dexter Bowling - Womens - Vicky Silver

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Dexter Bowling – Womens – Vicky Silver is more than just stylish and comfortable. This shoe consists of all advantages you would need when making approach and slide in your game. The soft uppers are combined with a fully lined fabric inner with padded tongue and collar. It allows you to have all the support for your feet at the bowling lane.

What’s more, the rubber outsoles with defined horseshoe heel offers you the flexibility your feet need when releasing the ball down the lane. Likewise, a universal Microfiber S8 slide sole and EVA midsole are incorporated, so this fantastic bowling shoe is suitable for both left and right-handed players. The rubber outsole also offers more support and protection for your sole and midsole. It’s non-marking that lets you expand the approach area. With the significant aspects, Dexter Bowling – Womens – Vicky Silver makes it the best option for the lady looking to raise her game and look good doing it.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Made of synthetic material
  • Designed with U-Throat upper pattern
  • Contains horseshoe heel with traction

3. Pyramid Women’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes

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The Women’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh athletic bowling shoe wonderfully comes with the ultimate in comfort and performance. It has a seamless and breathable knitted upper design that surely help you to lift your game. Moreover, the shoe is companied with the universal slide sole, which is perfect fit for either right or left-handed bowlers. It offers excellent support and performance.

In addition, this shoe also contains comfort footbed, providing you additional support when hitting the lane. Sleek and comfortable with a raised rubber heel gives you the traction when bowling. Again, you can always stay in style with two color options of hot pink and white color. Meanwhile, the shoe fits true to size and comfortable out of the box. With the overall qualities, you can look at your very best on the league nights.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Made of synthetic mesh upper material
  • Microfiber slide sole on both shoes
  • The shoe fits true to size

 2. Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe

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The Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe is carefully crafted with style and comfort. The shoe comes with performance mesh upper material offering you great flexibility and comfort. Likewise, the lace construction or the slip-on is built so that you can slide on your feet effortlessly. With the outsole made of lightweight rubber, you can stay energized to play all day long.

What’s more, the shoe comes with soft material upper and wholly pure microfiber soles with foam-padded collar and tongue. Such a feature makes the shoe very durable as well as extremely comfortable to wear. With all remarkable aspects, the Karma Ladies Bowling Shoe will provide you the slide, traction, and comfort you need to take to level up your game.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Denim material is used for its construction
  • The shoe has an immediate superior slide
  • Universal slide soles that work for both left and right-handed players.

1. Linds Womens Leah Bowling Shoes

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Linds Womens Leah Bowling Shoes is a perfect fit for beginner and intermediate bowlers. It comes with an attractive colors design with black, pink, and yellow combos. It has Universal slide soles material that ensures both left and right-handed bowlers are catered for. Additionally, it offers the sport leather upper, which is very durable, ensuring you the best push-off during your games.

This pair of shoes provides you utmost satisfaction when putting on. The lightweight rubber outsole is included for you to get the most impact and comfortability. Also, the pure slide microfiber slide soles on both shoes along with foam-padded collar and tongue ensure all support your feet need when bowling. Linds Women Leah Bowling Shoes give more than enough amenities necessary at the bowling lane.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • incorporated with an immediate superior slide
  • The shoe has attractive colors combos

Buying Guides to Choosing Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

Owning a decent pair of bowling shoes for women is essential, and more importantly, the pair provides you with enough support and comfort to elevate your game’s performance. Above is a brief guide covering the main factors that can help you make a wise decision to purchase bowling shoes.

Slide and Traction

Good bowling shoes for women are designed with special slide plates to let you slide along before releasing the ball. So, the better the slide, the smoother the delivery. Most of above bowling has a universal slide, which is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed players.

Safety and Outsole

This is another important reason why we should own a proper pair of specialized bowling shoes for women. It would be best to look for the bowling shoes with special soles that can prevent you from falling when releasing the ball. Likewise, in general, the bowling shoe outsole is made from non-marking rubber. It helps you slow down properly and keep your balance when stopping your slide or pushing-off.


With long hours of bowling sessions, it’s more than necessary to seek bowling shoes with ease. In common, the shoe should come with padded collars and tongues, toe protectors, and non-marking rubber soles that help protect your sole and midsole. Also, you might notice above that some shoes fit true to size, while others are smaller or bigger than one size. Thus, it’s essential to carefully pick up the correct size for yourself after finding the pair you love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Best Bowling Shoes for Women in 2022

Can I use regular sneakers to play a bowling game? 

It’s not recommended to wear sneakers at the bowling game. The main problem is that mostly sneaker’s outer sole doesn’t feature enough softness to provide the gliding feeling. Therefore, wearing correct shoes can bring a lot of good influences to lift your game.

Should I buy or rent bowling shoes? 

It depends on your personal preference. Renting bowling shoes is a short-time solution if you don’t play bowling games often. However, owning bowling shoes will save a lot of money if you are a regular bowler or your favorite sport. Moreover, having your shoes will ensure you get all support they have to offer in your game far better than the used rental shoes.

How can I maintain bowling shoes?

Generally, maintaining bowling shoes can ensure you for long-term use. It includes simple activities such as softly brushing shoes properly after every game, disinfecting shoes to remove shoe order, and, most importantly, using covers to keep them shiny and intact. Nothing beats regular maintenance if you want to wear your bowling shoes longer.


Owning a decent pair of bowling shoes can make a lot of differences to your game. With all the careful selected products and the review with their features, we believe that you now have a few pairs in your mind to make a wise decision. In the meant time, you can also bring along the buyer’s guide when reading more about each product.


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