Top 10 Best Canoe and Kayak Carts in 2020 Reviews

Transporting a canoe or a kayak is sure not a typical task. If you own one of these vehicles, you know the struggle very well. But, we’ve got your back on this. In this article, we are shedding some light on the top 10 best canoe and kayak carts in 2020. Without further ado, let’s look into these goodies.

List of Best Canoe and Kayak Carts in 2020

10. Docooler 75KG Loading Capacity Foldable Kayak Trolley

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First off, let us introduce to you this Docooler Foldable Kayak Trolley that comes with a 75KG loading capacity. Made from durable and sturdy aluminum, plus smooth-working and strong rubber tires, transporting your large kayak can be done very fast with Docooler Kayak Trolley. More than this, for keeping your boat in place while transporting, this product is equipped with EVA cushions on the kickstands, which also help protect your boat from damages.

With the assistance from this top-rated trolley, you’ll spend little energy in moving your canoe or kayak along the sand, gravel, and road.

9. Malone Nomad Standard Universal Kayak Cart

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This cart for carrying the kayak called Malone Nomad Standard Universal Kayak Cart has the maximum capacity of withstanding the weight up to 150 pounds. So, this one is capable of holding almost all kinds of kayaks or canoes. With stainless steel and silver anodized material used, this canoe and kayak cart is guaranteed to be corrosion-free and UV-resistant. On top of that, this durable cart is equipped with the 10” thick, heavy-duty tires, too. And, these tires will never go flat.

For protecting your boat from damages, this Kayak Portage Cart comes with big padded frames. Best yet, this heavy duty kayak cart is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Please be noted that the strap for securing the boat is also included in the package. And, you can either have this cart installed by yourself or by an expert with an additional cost.

8. Nixie Sports Deluxe Heavy Duty Kayak & Canoe Cart

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Next, this is the awesome canoe cart that has the dimension of 23.5”x12”x14.5”. Nixie Sports Deluxe Heavy Duty Kayak & Canoe Cart has the full capacity of holding 132 lbs as it is made from the sturdy aluminum plus the large rubber wheels. Surprisingly, this cart is lightweight, too.
On top of that, this product comes with the 12ft strap, allowing you to secure the kayak to it. Featuring foam bumpers, this one sure can take good care of your canoe as it protects your vehicle from getting damages, too. The cart also has a spring-loaded stand, letting load and unload your canoe or kayak easily. Last but not least, the great carrier can be stored anywhere –thanks to its foldability.

7. Best Choice Products SKY1251 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier

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This incredible kayak and boat carrier is the expert in transporting your vehicles. Best Choice Products SKY1251 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier is designed with the dimension of 29 x 14 x 7 inches. With the size of it, you can transport your watery vehicles with ease. Please be noted that the materials used for producing this product are the sturdy aluminum, ensuring the high durability of the carrier. On top of that, the load capacity of this canoe carrier is 150 lbs.

It is also foldable for added convenience in storing the cart. Foam bumpers help protect your boat as well. Additionally, with the 12ft strap included, your canoe, boat, and kayak can be moved without any concern.

6. Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

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The first great feature of this Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart is, with the great design, this trolley cart is equipped with the rubber-made wheels that provide reliable grip at all time. This kayak portage cart has the ability to load up to 300 lbs or weight.

More than this, the material used to produce this trolley is the superior quality stainless steel, so it can ensure that the cart is corrosion free. For your information, the assembly of this product requires no any special tools at all.

5. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart For Sit-On-Top Kayaks

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The next recommendation from us is the kayak cart, the Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart. The full measurement of this incredible product is 25 x 11 x 5 inches; the size of this cart is suitable for transporting the sit-on-top kayak. More than this, this one offers the full protection for your vehicle too since it is equipped with the foam pad that has the size of 6 x 4 inches.

The pad is removable, and the width locking control is adjustable, too. Please be noted that this carrier has the capability of withstanding 200 pounds with ease.

4. TMS Kayak-Cart Aluminum Carrier Trolley Wheels

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This lightweight yet sturdy kayak cart, TMS Kayak-Cart-KY003B, is another boat carrier you should check out. First of all, for its specs, this product has the dimension of 26 x 10 x 24 inches plus the tires that have the size of 10 inches. The wheels of this one allow pushing and moving on the sand or road can be done with little effort. With the strong rubber of this canoe cart beach, your kayak, canoe, or boat can be protected against scratch pretty well, too.

3. FDW New Kayak Canoe Boat Carrier Trolley Trailer

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Here, we’re looking at the FDW New Kayak Canoe Boat Carrier Trolley Trailer. This one has the total size of 13 x 22 x 9.2 inches, and 2 sturdy wheels with the size of 10 inches. The maximum loading capacity of this cart is 195lbs. Lastly, it is corrosion free as it is made from stainless steel. The foam bumpers help shield your boat, kayak or canoe from damages. Assembly is easy. And, the package also includes 1 tie-down strap.

2. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

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Here arrives the top 2nd product on the list, Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart, which has the ability to transport the 200 pounds canoe without a problem. It comes in a size of-of 29 x 14 x 7 inches. This kayak cart does come with straps, so you can easily tie it down to secure and keep the canoe from bumping.

It is also attached with a big padded frame and stabilizing locking kickstand, too, for added security and convenience. And, this cart’s 10” tires will never get flat.

1. TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Kayak Canoe Carrier

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Saving the best for the last, here we have this TMS Kayak/Canoe Carrier. This carrier has the total dimension of 13 x 22 x 9.2 inches. Its load capacity is 120 lbs. Made for top-notch quality, similarly to the previously mentioned kayak carts, this one is also equipped with 2 sturdy wheels, foam bumpers on the arms and tie-down straps, so you can transport it without any safety concern.

Its tires can roll through sand and gravel like a breeze. Assembly is a snap. What’s more, the aluminum and stainless steel materials add more durability to this carrier as well. You can never go wrong with this TMS Kayak and Canoe Carrier.


In conclusion, we hope you now get a clearer picture of what modern canoe cart carriers are like, and which cart you should pick for your needs. All of these canoe and kayak carts will always serve you best. So, as long as your cart is on this list, rest assured knowing you have made the right decision.

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