Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers in 2022 Reviews

Every car needs proper maintenance for the car to function properly and look as great as new. When you buy a car, you need to buy a car cover as well as the seat covers. Seat covers will protect the seats from various harsh conditions like heat, dirt, dust, water spills, and torture from your kids and pets. If you do not put them on, the seats will be subjected to wear and tear and once they get damaged, you have to change them which will cost a lot and the interior will look bad. Therefore, it is wise to invest some money in buying good-quality car seat covers.

List of Top 10 Best Car Seat Covers in 2022 Reviews

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10. Copap Universal Seat Covers

 Copap Universal Stripe Colorful 4pc Front Seat Covers

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This car seat cover protects your seat and comes in four pieces. You can decorate your old seat and give it a completely new appearance. It is made up of finest saddle blanket material and includes a foam padding of 3 mm. This is very comfortable as well as breathable. It will easily fit in most of the car seats as it has adjustable headrests. It comes in a beautiful Baja flavor design and there is also a seat belt pad protector. It is very smooth and comes in the dimension of 31.1 × 21.6 inches.

Features –

  • The material used is of premium quality and the stripes will hide the dirt.
  • It is applicable for front seats with headrest on them.
  • It is very comfortable and breathable.

9. EDEALYN Car Seat Cover

 EDEALYN Ultra-luxury PU leather Car seat protection car seat cover

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This car seat cover will fit most of the cars like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, SUV, and Volkswagen. It comes in the dimension of 20.5 × 21 inches and is made up of PU leather. The single piece seat cover’s thickness is .35 inches and it does not include a backrest. It will protect the seat of your car and is safe to use even with side impact airbags. The material is very anti-skid and will also give you great comfort.

Features –

  • The material is PU leather and it does not obstruct the side impact airbags.
  • There is no dearth of colors to choose from.
  • It will fit most of the seats of midsize cars.

8. FH Group Car Seat Covers

 FH Group APRIL SALE FB066102 Ornate Diamond Stitching Car Seat Covers

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In this seat cover, there are two headrest covers and two front bucket covers. The deployment of side airbag can be done with its special stitching and there are adjustable straps for giving it a perfect fit. You can easily remove and reattach it and has also got a concealed Velcro opening. It is designed in such a way that it fits with a removable headrest. It is made up of a very long lasting stretchy fabric and has also got pockets for your storage. It can accommodate traditional as well as heated seats.

Features –

  • The stitching is exclusive to let the side airbags deploy effortlessly.
  • There are adjustable straps and Velcro opening for easy installation and removal.
  • It is designed with fit with front seats that have a removable headrest.

7. Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector

 Drive Auto Products Car Seat Protector

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This is a very stylish seat cover which does not slide out from its position. It will give a strong grip on your seat and comes with a foam padding of 12 mm. You will feel very comfortable in it as it has got triple foam cushion. It will also protect you from indents. The cover is very heavy heat resistant. Even when you press it with a hot dryer it will not bleed as it has the capacity to resist heat. This is very suitable for hot summers and is also waterproof. It will ensure that the water does not pass in your seat and has got nylon webbing straps around the headrests.

Features –

  • The use of neoprene backing makes it non-slippery.
  • The covers have thick padding and they are heat resistant.
  • The covers are waterproof and designed for universal fit.
  • The product gets featured as the bestseller in the automotive universal fit seat covers category.

6. Lebogner Car Seat Protector

Lebogner Car Seat Protector + Kick Mat Auto Seat Back Protector

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This product is made up of very durable material and will give a superior protection to your car’s seat. It is very simple to install and comes in one piece. Cleaning this seat cover is very simple and can just be wiped out. It has got grip vinyl corners which prevent it from slipping. The back is also made up of anti-slip material which is made up of leather. The double layered fabric will fit in most of the cars. It has also got three organizer pockets where you can easily store many items. It is also very convenient to remove and comes with many other features.

Features –

  • The material used is durable and premium in quality. It is also having anti=slip property.
  • It is easy to clean and there are pockets for keeping items.
  • The product is the bestseller in the auto seat back kick protectors.

5. Lebogner Car Seat Protector

 Car Seat Cover Front & Rear Car Seat Covers

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There are a lot of unique features in this car seat cover. It is designed with a very superior grip vinyl corner which will avoid any type of slipping. The anti-slip backing prevents from slipping on cloth or leather. It has got the dimension of 19 x 27 inches and will easily fit in most of the car’s seat. It will also last for a very long time as it is made up of a very durable material. It is simple to install and remove and you can just wipe out to clean it. It will protect your seat from footprints, scuff marks, and moisture.

Features –

  • The style of the covers is premium and it does not fade.
  • It is a complete set for front and rear seats and headrest.
  • You also get seat belt and steering wheel cover.

4. Big Ant Seat Cover

 Big Ant Breathable 2pc Car Interior Seat Cover

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This car seat cover is made up of anti-bacteria and breathable material. It will make you cool during hot summer days and will also protect your car’s seat from cracking and fading. This is a rubber soled cushion cover which does not contain any toxins. It is natural and non-slip which will prevent you from falling while you are in your car. It has got two metal hooks to give it a secure fit. This has got a small pocket where you can keep your cell phone or other items. It is also made up of healthy material and has got elastic for convenience.

Features –

  • The covers are breathable and have anti-bacterial property.
  • The covers stay cool even in hot summer and they do not fade with time.
  • There is rubber sole and it has the anti-slip property which is good for babies and pets.
  • There is a sponge on the covers for comfortable sitting for hours.

3. Excel Life Seat Cover

 EXCEL LIFE Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cover Massaging Cool Cushion for Car Truck

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This car seat cover is made up of wood bead and is designed in a sturdy way. The beads are strung on a heavy line to provide it with a long lasting construction. It comes in the dimension of 17.7 x 51.2 inches and will fit most of the vehicles. It will protect your upholstery and will also help to relieve stress, tension, pains, and aches. The beads also create ventilation and ensure that it stays dry. It looks beautiful, simple but has got a lot of features.

Features –

  • The design of the car seat covers is mind-blowing with wooden beads.
  • The beads are long lasting and have sturdy construction.
  • There is enough ventilation and it is going to provide some relief to your back.

2. Gorla Universal Fit Seat Cover

 Gorla Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover

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This seat cover for your car will protect leather or cloth from the sweat. You will get peace of mind as it will protect your car from the liquid, pet fur, dander, dirt, and grime. It has got an anti-slip backing and gives a perfect fit for your seat. This is very durable and comes with integrated straps. It will not stick to your skin and is made up of neoprene. There is also a seat belt protector and comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. This will fit in most of the car’s seat and will also not a bunch.

Features –

  • The material used is sweat-proof and it is also spill proof,
  • The cover prevents slipping and bunching thanks to the integrated straps.
  • The use of neoprene material ensures that it does not stick to the skin.

1. Big Ant All-Season Car Seat Cover

 Big Ant Car Seat Cushion, 2PC Front Car Seat Pad

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This is another great seat cover from Big Ant which is a reputable brand. The covers come in a pack of 3 consisting of 2 front seat pads cum covers and one rear seat cover. The material is of premium quality and there are various useful properties like breathability and anti-microbial growth prevention. It is easy to clean and it is wear resistant. It prevents the seats from indentation, scratches, and dirt. They are quite comfortable to sit on and there are small pockets to keeping something handy.

Features –

  • The material is breathable and prevents anti-bacterial growth.
  • The covers are heat-insulated and highly comfortable.
  • It fits on back as well as front seats. There are rubber-sole paddings.

Buyer’s Guide

There are different types and ranges of seat covers available and you can get easily confused while buying them for your car. That is why we have compiled a list of parameters you need to follow to grab the best ones.

  • Protection – All car seat covers are meant to protect the car seats. But what exactly it is protecting from is the most important thing to check. Most of the covers are designed to protect from dust and dirt. But you should buy those ones that also protects from water. Water spilling is a common issue on the car seats and it can damage the seat and foam completely. The covers should be waterproof. As a matter of fact, the covers should also be scratch proof, otherwise, they will look ugly.
  • Fabrics – Vinyl is the best choice for a seat cover that you want to have waterproof property. But it is always the leather covers that are more stylish and comfortable. They are slightly on the expensive side but easily easy to clean. If you are having a low budget, neoprene material covers are perfect for you. They are also having low maintenance and moisture resistant in property. If you want coziness and warmth, fur and sheepskin covers are the ones you need to watch out for. But they have high maintenance as dirt settle on them and stick to them. Canvas material based covers are becoming hugely popular due to the fact that they are washable.
  • Type – There are generally two types of covers available slip-on and tie-on. Apart from these, there are buckle-seat and bench-seat types. It totally depends on your personal preference. Some prefer slip-on as they are easy to wash. Tie-on covers are best when you have kids and pets.
  • Temperature Resistant – One of the major problems that you may face after buying a seat cover is the temperature issue. When you leave your car in the open exposed to sunlight, the interior of the car is going to get hotter. There are some covers available that are heat resistant and stays cool all the time to provide ultimate comfort.
  • Fitting – The fitting of the seat cover matters. There are certain front seats where the headrest is fixed and they need a different type of cover. There are some covers that are tailor-made for certain cars only. But there are also some that have a universal fit and they are available for front and back seats.


Buying seat coves for your car is a must to make the interior stay intact for the lifetime. There are various types of car seat covers available that vary quite a lot in terms of budget. Keep the parameters mentioned in mind so that you can buy the best car seat covers with your budget.

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