Best Carpet for Stairs in 2022

Although hardwood flooring makes it easy for cleaning out stains and can be easily restored, they tend to be slippery, especially for stairs. Hence, many people opt to carpet their stairs. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, carpeted stairs also provide a better grip on the footing. Many homeowners install carpets for their stairs on top of the flooring as a preventative measure from slipping.

Here are some of the best carpets for stairs in 2022 that we have compiled for you to select from. A buyer’s guide at the end of this article will provide you with a better understanding of which one to choose from.

List of Best Carpet for Stairs in 2022

10. Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13

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We will start the list with a set of gray patterned carpet stair mats that is simply a classic. The vintage pattern can seamlessly integrate itself into the interior of a modernly furnished home, providing a warm homely feeling in contrast to the hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles. The Carpet Stair Tread comes in a set of 13 mats that is more than enough for a flight of stairs.

The mats are super easy to install using the carpet tape that is already provided with the package. They are just as easy to remove as they are to install and do not ruin the hardwood or ceramics floor beneath. The mats not only prevent accidents from happening, but they also protect the stairs from being worn down from usage. The friction allows kids and pets alike to make their way up and down the stairs without fear of slipping, and also, muffling the sounds as they go.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Provides a safe grip for footing
  • Easy to install as well as easily removed
  • Protect the stairs from being worn down

A Little to Perfection

  • There is only one color option to choose from

9. TreadSafe Carpet Stair Treads Non-Slip – For Adults and Kids

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If you prefer simple designs over patterns, this product can be the one for you. The gray carpet mats are devoid of patterns, with only horizontal stripes on the surface to act as a grip for footing. This mono-color carpet will go with any type of interior design. It comes in two colors, gray and brown. Each tread is 8 inches by 30 inches and it comes in a pack of 15.

The quality of the stair treads is superb, the thick material is made from a wool blend that is durable and soft. Not only that, but it is also a washing machine and vacuum friendly. Cleaning has never been so easy! For installation, instead of carpet tape, the stair treads come with its special backing that makes installation much easier. You only need to remove the plastic cover and stick it to the desired location. The adhesive used is a special kind of adhesive that is unique to the company, making installation and removal a non-messy affair for a DIY project as well as leaving no residue behind.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Easily washed
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with its special type of adhesive that is convenient to use with the product

A Little to Perfection

  • There are only two color options to choose from

8. EDEN Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads – Best Carpets for Stair

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Another one on the list is the EDEN non-slip carpet stair treads. This product is also a mono-colored product, but it comes with four color options to choose from including brown, gray, beige, and red. Like the previous product, it comes with horizontal stripes to provide better gripping. It comes in a set of 15 treads in which each tread is 8 inches by 30 inches.

This carpet stair tread is made from a blend of wool that is soft and durable, much like the previous product. The best part is the fact that it is resistant to stains and is applicable to a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner. The backing comes with its own “anti moving and slipping” surface that makes it easy for installation and removal while leaving no residue behind. The backing is a type of surface that is neither glue nor adhesive, meaning your stairs are safe from damage. With this carpet of stair’s tread, your stairs will be kid and pet friendly, allowing for a more active household.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Stain-resistant
  • No adhesive or glue needed for installation

A Little to Perfection

  • The color options are too basic with no ‘vibrant’ colors in the mix

7. Millennium Stair Tread Treads Greek Key Design

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To add to the list, we have a patterned carpet inspired by Greek designs. It has many color options available as well as two sets of patterns, all of which include meander beige, meander black grey, meander brown, meander cappuccino brown, meander grey, squares brown, and squares grey-black. Each tread is 8 and a half inches by 30 inches and can be ordered 1 piece, set of 2, set of 3, set of 7, or a set of 13.

This product works well with the washing machine, without detergent and avoid spin dry. The material that it is made from makes the carpet resistant to stains, mildew, and fade. Unlike the previous products, these carpet stair treads do not come with any adhesive or special backing for securing. Customers will need to purchase additional double-sided carpet tape to install the carpet.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • There are many options available for how many tread you want to order which is very useful if you only want to purchase a certain amount and not a set
  • Stain/mildew/fade resistant

A Little to Perfection

  • Need to buy additional carpet tape

6. Mod-Arte | Solo Collection | Stair Treads

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This is another solid color carpet stair treads, however, unlike the two aforementioned products, this one has no horizontal stripes giving it a simple look. There are two sizes to choose from – 8.5 inches by 26 inches, and 8.5 inches by 30 inches – as well as a variety of colors including beige, gray, black, brown, charcoal, navy, red, and walnut. With these options, choosing a carpet has never made so easy.

It is made out of a stain and fades resistant material as well as made to endure time and usage,  making the treads low maintenance. It can be cleaned with a vacuum or washed in a washing machine without fear of it changing its form. The backing of the mat is a type of durable rubber that creates traction and keeps the rug in place. There will be no fear of the rug sliding when making your way through the stairs. It can be easily installed and removed without a hassle.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • No need for additional adhesive or glue

A Little to Perfection

  • The design is too mediocre adding no extra decoration into the home

5. Stair Treads 9-Inch By 28-Inch Trellisville Collection Contemporary

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This Trellisville Collection offers patterned stair treads, in which the white pattern overlays the vibrant colors making it an elegant design. It comes in many colors including beige, black, brown, gray, navy, red, and teal, as well as two selections of solid colors that come in beige and gray.

The stair treads are made to be durable, but without losing the feeling of stepping on clouds. They are extra thick and soft, offering comfort as well as traction to prevent slipping. The material they’re made out of our original area rug and 100% polypropylene that makes the carpet easy to clean and shed-free. The carpets are easy to install with a double-sided tape that will leave no residue upon removal and is strong enough to keep the rug in place and prevents it from sliding.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Unique pattern

A Little to Perfection

  • It is not washing machine friendly

4. Sweethome Stores Non-Slip Shag Carpet Stair Treads

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This 9 inches by 26 inches rug comes in 5 solid colors, including brown, camel, grey, red, and beige. It is made from polypropylene that is meant to provide comfort and to keep the carpet from shedding.

The rubber back makes it easy for homeowners to install the stair treads and keeping it a nonmessy affair. In addition to providing traction, it keeps your stairs from the damage to usage and scratch-free. They are kids and pet friendly, your pets will thank you for these!

Take-Home into Considerations

  • This length is shorter than normal treads which are perfect for narrow stairs

A Little to Perfection

  • The length of the treads are too short leaving the stairs looking too bare

3. Stair Treads Collection Indoor Skid Slip Resistant Carpet

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Adding to the growing list is another solid color carpet that measures 8 inches by 30 inches. These carpet threads are available in many colors including beige, black, brown, dark gray, dark red, and royal blue.

The carpets are made out of olefin or polypropylene which is a very soft material that does not shed. The material is also stain, mildew, and fades resistant. Like most of the products on this list, this carpet comes with a rubber backing to provide friction and keep it in place.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Waterproof

A Little to Perfection

  • Too simple design

2. Natural Area Rugs Sydney, Polypropylene Black

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This rug pattern is the definition of vintage. With a classic look, your home will look like a scene from decades back in time. It comes in four colors including the summit, Sydney chocolate, Sydney cream, and Sydney red. Each tread is 9 inches by 29 inches.

It is made from polypropylene, a low maintenance material, and can sustain through usage. Aside from providing traction, it muffles the sounds and keeps the stairs from being worn down.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Unique vintage pattern

A Little to Perfection

  • The carpet tape is not included and is sold separately
  • At least twice the price of other products listed here

1. Marash Luxury Collection 25’ Stair Runner Rugs

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The last but not least, the number one on the list is the Marash Luxury Collection 25’ Stair Runner Rugs. Instead of being individual stair treads, this comes in a rug that covers your stairs from the bottom step up to the top. The rug is 26 inches wide and is long enough to cover a typical staircase. This product comes colors of black, ivory, navy, and red.

It is made purely out of olefin and is resistant to stain, mildew, abrasion, and sunlight. That’s why this carpet of stairs is very easy to maintain and is extremely soft on the foot.

Take-Home into Considerations

  • Covers the entirety of your stair
  • Vintage pattern

A Little to Perfection

  • Unlike normal stair treads, the rug is a continuous carpet. If you find yourself unable to cover some steps, you would have to order an entire rug to stick onto the missing steps.

Buying Guides to Choosing Best Carpets for Stairs in 2022

With all the above-mentioned products. Here we present you with buying guides. This will help you know what are factors that will help you get yourself the best men’s cross-training shoes.


The most important factor when choosing a rug is quality. The material is an important aspect of the mats when looking at the quality of. A good mat won’t shed and should be able to withstand being cleaned while keeping intact.


Invest in a carpet that lasts through constant usage. It needs to fit for the purpose, especially for households that have kids and pets. If the carpet is not durable, you might have to find yourself changing the carpets way more often than needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Carpets for Stairs in 2022

What is the best feature of carpet for stairs?

Stair carpets need to be soft, provide traction, and most importantly, do not slide on the stairs. So stair carpets that have these aspects are the best ones to choose from.

What is the best carpet color for stairs?

It depends on the interior design of the home as well as the preferences of the homeowner as well. If you don’t have a specific color or design in mind, gray or beige is the best choice to keep things simple.


This list that we have here includes the best products in the market, as well as enough information to help you choose the best fit for your home interior. Therefore, along with the buyer’s guide, you would be able to purchase the best possible option that suits your needs.

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