Best Dinner Plates in 2020

Our happiness lies in the way we lead our life and food constitutes the main part. But to make your meal look appetizing and for presenting it to the guests in a praiseworthy way, one need an amazing set of dinner plates that will change the overall look. From professional events to a house full of guests, an individual must present its best self to their guests as well as customers. So, an elegant dinner plates set is needed. But one must also look for the build-quality before thinking about buying it. The dinner plates must be sturdy and should be able to resist even high and cold temperatures without any hassle. And if they are decorated with patterns, those should also be scratch-proof. Hence, there is a lot to judge before adding it to your cart.

So, as a buying guide, we are presenting to you the best dinner plates that this marketplace has to offer you.

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10. Lifver 10-inch Porcelain Dinner Plates

 Lifver 10-inch Porcelain Dinner Plates

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A classy looking set of dinner plates, this lead-free porcelain plates are non-toxic and made out of premium-quality materials. Sturdy enough to be used even in 1300-degrees Celsius, the porcelain is certified by AB grade. The edge of the plates has 8 rings thus adding to the elegance and also has a hand-holding texture. Further, it has an anti-slipping effect and properly coated by high-temperature glazing that is absolutely healthy. Now you can clean it easily as it is dishwasher safe.

9. Villeroy & Boch New Wave Dinner Plate

New Wave Dinner Plate Set of 4 by Villeroy & Boch - 10.5 Inches

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The dinner set from Villeroy & Boch has been known for its superior quality since 1748, it features an appealing design and will grab the attention of all your guests. This contemporary chic plate is constructed of porcelain that is German-made and comes in a shape of a square. You can use it in the microwave as it is microwave safe and you also need to spend less effort to clean the dishes because it is dishwasher safe. Be a chef and present the food neatly!

8. Corelle Livingware Dinner Plate

 Corelle Livingware 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set, Bandhani

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Corelle Livingware presents to you a great-looking set of dinner plates that have red edges which feature intricate designs in white. Manufactured in the USA, it is built of Vitrelle glass technology that guarantees to be both scratch-proof as well as will not break easily. Moreover, it has a very space-saving design as this set in extremely light in weight and thin. Thus, it is durable. Not only the plates are dishware and microwave safe but even the patterns are completely safe from these.

7. Spode Blue Italian Dinner Plate

Spode Blue Italian Dinner Plate

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One cannot stop praising the beauty of this alluring Spode dinner set. These 10-inches dinner plates are manufactured from the highest-grade earthware and promise longevity. The beauty of these plates lies in the designs in rich blue colour that took inspiration from the patterns of China and the lithographs underglaze are meticulously applied by hand, thus the colour gets vibrant. Next, the porcelain plates assure long-term usage and can be used in the oven at a heat of 340-degrees.

6. 10 Strawberry Street Dinner Plates

 10 Strawberry Street Coupe Round Catering Packs

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Want to own a dinner plate set that you can use for multiple occasions? Well, 10 Strawberry Street has the appropriate solution. Perfect for every occasion, this professional set of dinner plates is your suitable companion for the household as well as professional purposes. Comes in a set of 12 plates, each plate measures 10.5” and are round in shape. It has a classic design that speaks simplicity and is made of porcelain. Plus, it has a rimless design that totally conveys the message that simplicity is the real beauty.

5. Corelle Square 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set

Corelle Square Splendor

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Corelle has earned the name for itself because of the stylish dinner plates it manufactured and this set comes with the trust of the renowned brand. Having a Vitrelle glass technology that is patented, it promises to keep your plates intact cause it is break-free and scratch-proof. Also, it is extremely thin and weighs light; hence, it proves to save your space to a great extent. Even the designs on the plate will not wash or wear-off, plus, there will be no scratches. Thus, get this elegant set that is manufactured in the USA.

4. YHY Dinner Plates

 YHY 6 Pcs 10.5-inch Porcelain Dinner Plates

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A square-round shaped set of 6 dinner plates, the porcelain construction is absolutely free of any sort of lead and thus is non-toxic. Besides being certified by FDA, the traditional plates have been redefined with a modern touch. Plus, it is not at all heavy thus it will consume less time of yours to pick and arrange the plates. Further, the rims are curved so you can just place the plates on top of each other in your cupboard. Hence, a space-saving design helping you in space management!

3. DOWAN Square Dinner Plates

 DOWAN 10 Inch Porcelain Square Dinner Plates - 4 Packs

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An appropriate dinner plates set for everyday usage, the durable plates are fired at extreme temperatures for increasing its strength. It features a concave as well as curved rim design which allows holding enough juice. Furthermore, it is lead as well as cadmium free thus the porcelain is completely healthy for use. And the curved rims allow you to save from occupying unwanted space. Be it freezer and microwave or oven and dishwasher, you can use it anywhere. Finally, it is scratch-resistant and break-proof.

2. Corelle Livingware Dinner Plate Set, Winter Frost White

 Corelle Livingware 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set, Winter Frost White

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No matter what the colour or design of your dinnerware is, this set of white dinner plates are simple as well as sophisticated. Corelle is known for its quality and is made of triple-layer strong glass thus it won’t break easily as well as will not chip. Apart from being lightweight, you can also stay sure of its space-saving feature. Also, the plates are non-porous and so can be used without any worries in oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Use it for any occasion and create a massive impression on your guests.

1. AmazonBasics Dinner Plate Set

AmazonBasics 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set-Dinner Plates

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The best one on the list, AmazonBasics has carefully designed this dinner set for allowing you to enjoy a luxurious dinner affair. Firstly, it is built of AB-grade porcelain which is free of BPA and extremely long-lasting. Having a flawless white finish, it is sophisticated and has the capability of tolerating a temperature as high as 572-degrees F and lowest temperature of 5-degrees F. Each plate measures 10.5-inches and can be used in a wide range of electronic appliances.

Thus, beautify your home by bringing in any of these dinner plates that are designed to perfection. Let the dinner party begin!

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