Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2020 Reviews

Introduction: If you are looking for some of the most wonderful and equally useful electronic dart boards of the time then you have arrived just at the right place. Here, after carefully examining each and every electronic dart boards present in the market we have enlisted the top ten best ones for you. These dartboards have impressed people with their wonderful features. So let us take a sneak peek at each one of them and decide which one suits your preferences the most.

List of The Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Boards in 2020

10. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

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Viper is one of those brands which manufacture the most reliable and worthy electronic dart boards. This product is no exception as it comprises every desirable feature.

Some of the most promising ones are as follows:

  • It comes with the standard size of the target face.
  • Made up of durable material, the presence of thermal resin segments elevates the worth of it even more and also reduces the bounce out rates.
  • If you own this item you can indulge yourself in 43 different games which are displayed on a large LCD to get the clearest view.
  • It can read English as well as the Spanish language.

9. Arachnid 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid 800 Electronic Dartboard

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The next in the category of the best electronic dart boards come from Arachnid which is yet another great product to look upon. It excels not only in durability but also endows a great gameplay and is, therefore, one of the best.

Some of the major features of the product are

  • It comes with the target face size of 15.5”.
  • Due to the presence of nylon segments, the shelf life of the dartboard enhances manifolds.
  • It is made in such a way that the bounce outs gets reduced to the minimum making it a worthy purchase.

8. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

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Yet another product in the category of best electronic dart boards is again from Viper which comprises a soft tip dartboard for a wonderful playing experience. It makes use of external power supply due to which the need of batteries reduces.

Here are the major features of it:

  • While the presence of spider which is ultra thin the bounce out rates reduces, the target face of 15.5” makes it the best.
  • It can help you play around 40 games with the capability to take 16 players in one go.
  • Since there is a LCD display with bright and clear views, one can easily see the scores and the need of manual scoring diminishes.

7. Arachnid 650 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid 650 Electronic Dartboard

The next product is again from Arachnid with a standard sized target face and great features. With the help of 24 different game-plays which comprise 132 discrepancies the fun of playing with it enhances.

These are the most promising features:

  • Since it comprises the nylon segments the product becomes durable and long lasting and bestows a great surface for playing.
  • In order to reduce the bounce outs there is thin segment dividers as well.
  • There is a LCD display for keeping an eye to the scores and this diminishes the need of manually work to keep the scores up to date.

6. Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard

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The Viper 800 is another wonderful electronic dartboard with the superb design and playability. From its stylish color schemes to the bright and clear LCD display the whole product becomes the best to ponder upon.

The major features are:

  • It can accommodate around 16 players at a time with a total of 57 games.
  • For reducing the bounce-outs there is the presence of ultra-thin spider which meets superbly with the needs of users.
  • Since it encompasses thermal resin segments the ease of playing and fun enhances to a great extent.

5. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

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The next in the category of best electronic dart boards comes from Fat Cat by GLD Products which has 13” of the target face. Since it is large enough the chances of missing the darts become less and the game becomes more enjoyable.

The major features are:

  • It comes along with 6 darts which comprises soft tips for an easy gameplay.
  • It makes use of batteries to operate the whole game process.
  • Coming with 96 different options to play the game there are about 18 different games to enjoy.

4. Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard

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Coming from Viper this is again a great product of the time with wonderful features and specifications. From the use of durable materials in its manufacturing to the presence of great LCD display, everything is wonderful about this electronic dartboard.

Here are the major features of it:

  • The target face of the electronic dart board is of standard size with 43 different games to play.
  • It comes along with starter darts that have soft tips to make the playing easier.
  • The use of thermal segments to make the surface more durable, the quality of the product increases.

3. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

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Coming along with a cabinet this electronic dart board from Viper is one of the most preferred ones of the time. From its target face of 15.5” to the use of resin segments, everything makes it a worthy purchase and the best to splurge upon.

Here are the most pronounced features of it:

  • To reduce the rate of bounce outs there is ultra-thin spider which makes the game even more enthralling.
  • Since it offers 57 different games, around 16 players can get hold in it.
  • Due to the presence of LCD display the need of manual scoring diminishes and this enhances the fun and enjoyment.
  • It comes with 6 starter darts which have soft tips.

2. Bullshooter Volt Electronic Dartboard

Bullshooter Volt Electronic Dartboard

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The next and one of the fascinating electronic dart board comes from Bullshooter which is one of the most reliable and authentic brands manufacturing the best electronic dart boards of the time. From its durable materials to the use of LCD display, everything makes it great to play with.

Some of the major features of it are:

  • It is made up of high-grade plastic material due to which it is a long-lasting product.
  • About 8 players can play with this electronic dartboard from Bullshooter and enjoy 21 different set of games.
  • The heckler feature enhances the overall value of the product many times.

1. Franklin Sports Dartboard

Franklin Sports Dartboard - Electronic Dart Boards

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The best in the category of electronic dart boards comes from Franklin Sports which is known for making the most reliable and authentic sports accessories of the time.

Here are the features which make it the most alluring one:

  • It is made up of high-grade material which makes it the durable and long-lasting.
  • In order to reduce the bounce outs, there is a special modification in the electronic dart board from Franklin Sports.
  • The target face of the product is also up to the mark.


To make your game more interesting and enthralling these electronic dart boards encompasses every desirable feature. This is the reason why they are the most preferred one of the time. No matter whether you are playing it with your friends or family it will give you a great time to cherish. So grab the one which you like the most before it goes out of stock.

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