Best Face Painting Kits in 2021 Reviews

Face painting has always been every child’s companion during festivals and sporting events. With face paints in hand, you could unleash your little one’s imagination. Turn them into a tiger, a zombie, or a witch; the face painting kits will truly let be of help with a tad bit of imagination.

With so many face painting kits in the market, you wouldn’t want to compromise with your kid’s health. In this article, we will take a look at the top ten face painting kits to help you let your creative vibes going this year.

List of Top 10 Best Face Painting Kits in 2021

10. Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

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It was my friend who had told me about this product during the last Halloween party. The paints are formulated to be friendly to even the most sensitive skin. Being reviewed and approved by dermatologists and toxicologists, this face painting kit is your best choice. The kit includes 12 vibrant colors, 2 glitter gels, 2 brushes and 4 sponges. With the face painting kit in hand, all you have to do is transform your child into whatever they imagine.


  • Skin friendly
  • Easily washable
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a step by step guide

9. Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint

Dress Up America 12 Color Face Paint

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Paint your heart out with the 12 color face and body crayon. When it comes to crayons for face painting, it is mess free, and ample to use. Lay them out in a basket for your guests to paint their face during a party or transform your kids into superheroes with this vibrant bunch of crayons.

Let it be a birthday party or a masquerade party; this face painting kit is perfect for every occasion. Being suitable for all ages, you could even use it on adults to elevate the enjoyment.


  • Includes 12 bright crayon colors
  • Wrapped in a convenient plastic case
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Non-Toxic

8. Create A Face Painting Set

Create A Face Painting Set

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The face painting kit includes water activated makeup for all parties possible. The ingredient that goes into the product is tested before manufacturing and thus is safe to use. The face painting kit even includes a bunch of stencils and an eBook full of ideas so that you never run off ideas again. Furthermore, the paint can be easily removed using a baby wipe or makeup remover.


  • Dries in less than a minute
  • 8 Base colors + 32 Stencils + 2 Glitter gels + 2 Brushes + 2 Sponges + 1 Double-sided foam application + Design guide eBook.
  • Works great for all skin types
  • Long lasting

7. Professional 12 Color Mega Palette Face Painting Kits For Kids

Professional 12 Color Mega Palette Face Painting Kits For Kids

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This hypoallergenic face painting kit is the best when it comes to your kids. The face paints are completely vegan, and Paraben-free. The paint lasts for longs and can paint almost 100 faces in a go. Being water-based, it’s easier to remove the paint with just a bit of soapy water. For newbies at work, the kit even includes stencils to help you out.


  • TillyWig Sterling Fun Award Winner
  • Includes an online guide and stencils
  • Very skin friendly
  • Beginner’s guide included

6. Blue Squid Face Paint

Blue Squid Face Paint

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The bright and vivid colors of this set are all that you need to create a memorable event. With this single face painting kit that comes with 3 brushes and 30 reusable stencils, one could easily paint 100+ faces. The paint works perfectly on all skin types and for all ages. With blue squid face, painting kit sky is the limit.


  • 100% risk-free
  • Ideal for complete beginners
  • Easy on and easy off
  • Ultra-thin outlines for detailed work

5. Create A Face Painting Kit

Create A Face Painting Kit

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With an ability to paint anywhere around 50 – 80 faces, this painting kit works well for small parties. For those who would like to have a zero messy face painting time, this kit goes on very smooth over the skin and blends really well. Dries really fast and is easily removable with just water. However, in extreme cases, makeup remover can be used to remove the paint.


  • 32 popular stencils
  • An ebook containing 18 face painting ideas
  • 100% FDA compliant
  • Stays on for hours

4. Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit

Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit

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Turn your kids into a tiger or butterfly with this vibrant range of face painting colors. This professional quality paint is skin safe and simple to use. The paint comes off easily, so it isn’t recommended to be used on legs and arms. Additionally, there wouldn’t be enough paint to cover that much of an area. Nonetheless, it is safe to use on kids and is water-based. The stencils that come with the kit are perfect pieces for every beginner and retain its stickiness up to 4-5 uses.


  • 9 colors + 30 stencils
  • Water activated
  • Easy to apply

3. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit

Blue Squid Face Paint Kit

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Clean up is now a breeze with this small face painting kit. Face paint would give you a tough job when the time is runny and messy. However, the Blue Squid face paint kit gives you a smooth time with zero mess. The painting kit is suitable for birthdays, carnivals, role plays, and more. The company even offers money back guarantee on the product. The paint works well for all skin type and is suitable for all ages.


  • Bright colors
  • Includes 2 glitters and 4 triangular sponges
  • Water activated paints
  • Money back guarantee available

2. Snazaroo Face Paint Palette

Snazaroo Face Paint Palette

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Manufactured in the UK, the paint works smoothly on even the most delicate skin. When your kids are naughty and enthusiastic, you wouldn’t want a paint that takes too long to dry. The face painting guide includes a guide that lets you face paint in just three simple steps. Being tested by professionals, you wouldn’t have to out your child’s health at stake anymore. Now create an animal, flower or a bird with the Snazaroo face paint palette.


  • 8 Face paints (18ml)
  • Made using quality ingredients
  • Skin friendly
  • Vibrant colors

1. Award Winning Face Paint Kit

Award Winning Face Paint Kit

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This colorful and professional painting kit is a party winner with its amazing array of colors and stencils. Transform your kids into a princess, superhero, or a zombie without worrying about allergic reactions and eczema flare-ups. This small painting kit is ideal for painting over 150 faces with zero mess. When planning for a lengthier party, the paint works perfectly fine and stays for long. The paint works well on adults who also would love to have a little fun. Being water based it is easy to remove with no shackles.


  • Online guide for beginners
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Stencils included
  • High in quantity


Do your kids love painting their faces? Now have some fun throughout the season with the above-listed face painting kits and transform your kids into wherever their imagination takes them. Parties are always a part of life, and face painting makes it more exciting. Don’t fret if you are new to the world of face painting. Most of the above-mentioned face painting kits come with online guides and stencils that will guide you through the process. Now it’s time to pull your sleeves up, grab your brushes and start painting.

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