Top 5 Best GoPro Bags and Backpacks in 2022 Reviews

Are you a customer of GoPro? You are in love with taking videos and always want to take your video cameras to wherever you go, yet you have the constraint of how to carry them and other needed accessories along? With a wide of variety of GoPro bags and backpacks out there to choose from, getting an ideal one for your needs can be daunting.

Here, in this article, we will introduce to you the best GoPro bags and backpacks in 2022. They are beneficial to carry your GoPro Cameras as well as other accessories needed for your photo/video-taking journeys. Without further ado, let’s shed some light on these best GoPro bags and backpacks in 2022.

List of Best GoPro Bags and Backpacks in 2022

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5. Lowepro BP250 Multi-Purpose Backpack

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If you have to carry lots of action video cameras, this one is an ideal option for you. This best GoPro accessory bag and backpack has lots of compartments, making your stuff more organized and secure. It comes in 4 space-saving, and versatile styles (BP 250, CS 40, CS60, and CS 80). It could contain up to 3 GoPro cameras or other kinds of video cameras that you need for your journey. And, it is known to be a great backpack to carry the Mavic Pro. What’s more, the backpack also has a loop, allowing you to put your headphones there.

A transparent zippered pocket and other upper compartments enable you to carry more cords, pens, smartphones, key and so on. A padded back pad gives you added comfort. The sternum strap is fully adjustable. And, a 15 inches laptop and 10 inches tablet could also fit in the backpack as well. Best yet, the backpack is designed with a removable video camera case, which is a trend in today’s GoPro bag models. Carry you GoPro and its accessories with peace of mind using this Lowepro BP250 Multi-Purpose Backpack.

4. Thule Legend GoPro Sling

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This one is durable and last-long as it is made from nylon. Its size is 13.6 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. The backpack has lots of pockets, enabling you to carry up to 2 GoPro cameras, remote control, many LCD backpacks, and additional batteries as you need, as well as multiple SD cards.

It is sleek and lightweight to ensure your carrying won’t disturb your activities. It has a foam insert that can be removed. It also has a small cross strap for ensuring that the bag will always stay in place. Furthermore, you could also include your chargers and cables in other pockets to make sure your needed accessories are enough.

The special feature of this Thule Legend GoPro Sling is that the backpack also has a separate protective pocket that you could put your phone and sunglasses, so no worry about your phone or glasses will get any scratch. You can either wear it diagonally as a sling bag or just wear it on your left/right shoulder.

3. DeKaSi Seeker Backpack for GoPro

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Here we have the DeKaSi Seeker Backpack for GoPro. With this one, it is perfect with great-built quality and you could carry up to 5 sports cameras. Its dimension is 18.7 x 7.1 x 10.4 inches. Designed with many pockets, this backpack also allows you to store many batteries, SD cards, and other accessories that you can always make sure those are easily accessed and organized. The backpack has the capacity of storing 16 litters of weight.

Amazingly, the backpack is designed with the breathable back mode that gives you a comfortable time with your back being dry all day. In the bottom pocket, the backpack is also designed with a whistle-buckle and a rain cover that you might need oit in any emergency instances.

There will also include an adjustable strap mount to keep your camera in place and allow you to take over-the-shoulder view during your adventure. You will also get 1 rain cover, 1 backpack strap mount, 1 integrated chest mount, 2 long thumbscrews as well as a J-hook quick release in the package.

2. GoPro Seecker Sportpack & Official Accessory

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This one is the best GoPro accessory bag and backpack that is constructed to carry up to 5 GoPro action video cameras. With multiple compartments, you could always store many batteries and SD cards with you more organized and neat. This best GoPro official backpack is also designed with chest mount and shoulders to mount, allowing you to take hand-free footages and any actions. This one is also lightweight that gives you comfortable to wear to wherever you want to go.

Best yet, this GoPro official backpack is weather-resistant and has the ability to carry up to 16 liters of weight.

1. Thule Legend GoPro Backpack

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Look no further! The last item on our list is Thule Legend GoPro Backpack. This one is durable and sturdy as it is made from nylon. The backpack is 19.5 inches high and 6.5 inches wide. It also has removable foam pad allowing you to wash the dust as well as many kinds of dirt. Multiple compartments enable you to carry up to 3 GoPro cameras, remote control, LCD backpack, and so on.

The backpack also features integrated mounts that you could attach your GoPro cameras up to 2 units and capture from many angles. This one is also lightweight that gives you convenient to carry around.

Buying Guide:

It might be a challenge if you are first to buy a camera or a GoPro bag /backpack. We do understand that when it comes to purchasing a camera bag, it does not have a one-fits-all solution. Therefore, we would like to introduce you some basic tips that you should apply when you consider buying a backpack for your video cameras.

  • Activities: you have to think about the activity that you want to do, either you want to go for hiking, mountain climbing, and biking, skiing, or other activities. Then, your backpack might have to be different that could provide you ease in the activity you are taking.
  • Shooting Point of View: this is another vital point that you should think of so that you could choose the right backpack that has the features you want. Those features include removable compartments, chest mount or shoulder mount that could capture an outstanding view from angles beyond your shoulders, hand-free footage capture, and more.
  • Size, Design, and Durability: the best camera backpacks are lightweight, sturdy, and can allow you to carry several cameras while having the extra room that you could put more needed accessories with. Those rooms should also have practical features that could protect the specific things inside the bag like your glasses or phone from scratching.


You have reached the end of our article. With the list of 5 best GoPro bags and backpacks as well as our buying guide, now you should be able to pick the ideal GoPro bag and backpack for your needs, and go out and carry many GoPro action video cameras with ease.

The above 5 GoPro bags and backpack we have reviewed are the best. It could protect your cameras and gives you the ultimate convenience in bringing more needed accessories along and make them neat and organized.

Also with our buying tips, we hope it could help you to understand and decide more perfectly on which types of GoPro backpack that you should purchase. Get one and go on with it on your next footage-taking journey right now.

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