Top 10 Best GoPro Cases in 2022 Reviews

These days, documenting memories play a big part in our lives wherever we go. One of the ways to document memories is using a GoPro action camera. But, that does come with a con. Keeping your camera safe from the adventurous trips and staying organized can be a challenge. Therefore, after hours of research and testing, our team made a list of the best GoPro cases in 2022.

List of Top 10 Best GoPro Cases in 2022

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10. CamKix Camera and Accessory Case for GoPro Hero

CamKix Camera and Accessory Case for GoPro HERO 5

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The first product on the list is this Camkix’s case, made to be compatible with GoPro HERO 5 and 4. It comes in 2 colors, orange, and black. CamKix’s GoPro case is designed to keep you organized while traveling. The interior of the case has pockets to keep essential accessories as well and along with that high-quality material that it’s made of, your kit sure is going to be protected. Not only that, the interior has extra storage as well for storing the separate interiors and accessories – flat mounts, thumb screws, buckles, memory cards, etc.

With that being said, the exterior of the case is made from nylon mesh, making it tough and durable. It also provides a comfortable grip. And, the case itself is compact so you can take it everywhere and anywhere. Plus, you can also make use of the carabiner included.

9. CASEBUDI Action Case for GoPro Camera

CASEBUDi Action Case for Your GoPro Camera

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This case is a super convenient case for those who do a lot of traveling. Though, this is one of the best action camera accessory cases, which is made to perfectly fit only a GoPro (from Hero to Hero 5). The case comes with a shackle, keeping it in sight while you’re traveling. This case has been thoroughly examined. And, it also comes with a belt loop and a carabiner that are very handy.

But, that’s not it; the company also provides a 1-year warranty for this product. No worries about needing replacements, the company will provide one without charging you a penny.

8. GoRad Gear Carrying Case for GoPro Hero Camera

GoRad Gear Carrying Case

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GoRad’s case is one of the best GoPro carrying cases made for adventures. The case is not only durable. It absorbs shocks, and it’s also waterproof. The zippers and double-lined mesh pocket give added security to the case. This case will keep your GoPro camera and its accessories compacted and organized with a lot of room as well. And, this case is also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

This case is also made to be compatible with all kinds of GoPro Hero cameras. In addition to that, the company provides a whole lifetime warranty, too. With this one, feel free to bring your GoPro with you to hiking, skiing, or rock climbing, knowing that it is always protected.

7. Small Case for GoPro Hero, HSU Carrying Case for Action Camera and Accessories

Small Case for GoPro Hero 6

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This case is made for more of the travel adventure cinematographers. This best GoPro accessories case comes in 4 sizes – small, middle, and large, and 2 colors – green, and red. For those who would like to stay organized while travelling but have everything that’s essential, this is one of the best GoPro accessories cases. It also contains large pockets for cables, wires and spaces for the GoPro camera and its accessories.
Even though this case can fit a lot, it comes with easy to carry handles, making it convenient to take around with you.

6. SHINEDA Medium Water Resistant Case for GoPro Hero

SHINEDA Medium Water Resistant Case

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SHINEDA’s case is made to fit GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3 and Hero 3+ but that’s not only it, it’s also made to resist water making it perfect for adventures. You can easily fit the GoPro, memory card, remote control, cables and batteries into the case, and without a doubt it will protect it from any kind of danger.

With that being said, it is one of the best GoPro waterproof cases, which is quite compact as well so you can take it anywhere and keep it inside either your luggage or backpacks. And, the writs strap lets you carry this case conveniently.

5. Smatree SmaCase G260SL Carrying Case

Smatree SmaCase G260SL Carrying Case for Gopro

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This action camera accessory case is almost perfect. It can fit up to 2 GoPro cameras and large spaces other accessories as well for instance, the pockets can fit most of the cables you’ll need during your trip. With that being said, the protection cushions are made from high quality foam keeping your camera and accessories safe from any danger.

The exterior of the case has handles to keep it convenient for you to carry around. Not only that, it is also compatible with most of the GoPro cameras from the GoPro Hero series.

4. Smatree GA700-2 with ABS Materials

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So, this case is much more different than the others. It’s much larger and much stronger than the other ones on the list. One of the best water proof carrying case is this one with its hard exterior that will protect your cameras and accessories from any bumps or shock. That aside, the interior can fit up to 2 cameras and has spacious areas for essentials accessories. Best yet, this case is dust-proof and able to float, too. This GoPro case will definitely enhance your adventurous experience.

This case is not only strong, but it’s also waterproof adding the safety to your cameras. Not only is it safe, but also durable and able to carry a lot.

3. HSU Carrying Case for GoPro Hero series and Accessories,

Carrying Case for GoPro Hero - Best GoPro Cases in 2022

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With HSU’s case and its upgraded foam, you can be rest assured knowing that your camera and accessories will be safe from anything. It’s also got a lot of pockets for storing cables and wires as well as other accessories. Not only that, it’s perfect to carry around with you during trips as well since it’s quite small and light though it is very durable.

The company provides 18-months warranties after purchasing their products and if you are unhappy with your purchase within 30-days, you can get a refund.

2. GoPro Casey Accessories Case

GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

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This action camera accessory case can fit your camera and your essential accessories. With that being side, there are removable dividers letting you fit any kind of accessories or even an extra camera if you wanted to. Not only that, it is also made to be lightweight, adding no unnecessary weight while you’re traveling.

The design is made to be sturdy to keep the camera and gears safe, plus it also resists light rain or snow. And, made by GoPro, you have all the credibility you need for this product.

1. Amazon Basics Carrying Case for GoPro

AmazonBasics GoPro Carrying Case

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The last one on the list is this GoPro Carrying Case is compatible with most of the GoPro Hero series you can depend on this. The cushions are separated into spacious pockets for your gears. Plus, with all the large spaces, you can fit more gears. On the roof of the case, there is a pocket to keep all your cables organized as well.

Notice that it does come in 3 different sizes (x-small, small, and large), so, if you happen to have a lot of accessories for your camera, the large size would be perfect for that.


Now that we’ve come to the end of the list, you should have the confidence to choose the perfect GoPro case that can keep your GoPro and its accessories safe from the outdoors and the weather. A little protection can save your GoPro’s life; so don’t hesitate to get your GoPro case.

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