Top 10 Best GoPro Head Mounts in 2022 Reviews

What else is worth more than excellently recorded, edited, and well-stored footage? Life is full of fantastic occurrences. However, when not captured and stored appropriately, the amazing times might end up being forgotten. Through footage, one can tell his/her journey in life. The power of great footage extends even in storing the history of a whole country. It’s for this reason that incredible camera brands have come up. GoPro ranks among the best camera brands on the market so far. Their camera models continue to bring filming enthusiasts excellent functionality. However, if you want to take the best footage using a GoPro camera, then you will need some extra accessories. One of the gateways to capturing life moments at any angle and hands-free without neglecting the safety of the GoPro camera is utilizing a GoPro head mount. With the camera held firmly by the head mount, you can record at any angle.

Different Brands of GoPro head mounts are now available on the market. They feature varying designs, are constructed from different materials, while some come with added components. In this post, we are pleased to let you know that our analysis on GoPro head mounts bore tangible fruits. We were able to eliminate all the inferior quality GoPro head mount brands to remain finally with the best ten. Below, we present you with the top ten best GoPro Head Mounts In 2022 Reviews.

Read on to find out what the different brands have gathered for their enthusiasts. You will be in the appropriate position to making the best choice while purchasing a GoPro Head Mount.

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10. SANDMARC Floating Headstrap Mount for GoPro Cameras


Quality, performance, and versatility are the driving forces in the making of this GoPro head mount. The manufacturer of this product utilizes a floater design in its making. It maintains any GoPro camera afloat for perfect recording with minimal intervention. Its lightweight nature facilitates its comfortable use on the head and for a long time. It works with all GoPro cameras like Hero 4, 3, 2, 3+, session, as well as HD cameras. Its premium construction materials make it ideal for filming watersports as well as on-ground utilization. It fits well on all helmets and head sizes.

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9. Head Strap Mount for GoPro

Head Strap

Among the best GoPro head mount products is this high-quality model by the eCostConnection Company. It works with all GoPro Hero2, Hero1, and Hero3 cameras. It comes with variable head straps which allow it to fit on any helmet or head size. It suits little impact filming. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for long-term utilization as it weighs only 3. 4 ounces. Its straps come from a soft material which makes it comfortable on the head. Its overall grip is on point so you can be sure about the safety of your camera. This GoPro Head mount comes with an affordable price tag, thus accessible to people operating on strict budgets.

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8. Head Strap Camera Mount for Gopro

Head Strap for GoPro

This Head Mount for GoPro comes to provide you with an accurate account for you money by offering you excellent services for many years. It’s compatible with the most original GoPro cameras including Hero3, HD hero, and Hero2.  The fully adjustable straps facilitate its perfect fit on all head sizes. The nylon straps feature polycarbonate buckles and are well-rugged for optimum safety of the camera while on the head. You will love filming hands-free and from a headlamp-like position. The high stability of this head strap mount for GoPro promotes the recording of excellent films. With its money back guarantee, you are free to return this product to the manufacturer get a refund with no interrogation.

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7. CamKix Head and Backpack Mount for GoPro Hero

CamKix Head

If you own any of the GoPro Hero models, then you will be pleased to use this high-quality head and backpack mount by the CamKix Company. It brings you three distinct functions to let you shoot tangle-free and hands-free. It works as a head strap mount which can be worn over the helmet or around the bear head. The straps are adjustable to promote a perfect fit regardless of the size of your head. The straps feature anti-slip swirls which provide extra grip for a sure fit free from slipping. The hat-quick clip provides an added functionality by allowing you to fix your camera to your cap or other objects with a thickness of 3-10 mm. The included backpack clip on this product allows for attaching your camera to the backpack straps and rotates through 360 degrees to suit your preferred camera positioning.

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6. Sametop Head Strap Mount for GoPro

Sametop Head

High-quality products which feature unaffordable price tags are at most times useless to people operating on strict budgets. Fortunately, the introduction of this high-grade GoPro head mount is deemed as a perfect reason for Filming enthusiasts to smile all the way to the market. Despite featuring the best quality and functionality, this product by Sametop comes at an affordable price tag. It suits use directly on the head or over a helmet. It’s fully variable to fit perfectly in all head sizes. Its carefully selected construction materials make it comfortable, waterproof and stable. It’s ideal for low-impact filming activities. Whenever you need a hands-free filming at a POV angle, you are free to consult this head strap camera mount that will never disappoint. It suits use with GoPro Hero4, session, Hero3+, Hero2, Hero3, Hero4, as well as most of the other action cameras.

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5. Sabrent GoPro Head Strap Camera Mount

Sabrent GoPro

Adventure documentation will never be accurate and excellent without the help of this head strap camera mount by the Sabrent Company. This product aims at taking your filming to another level. It’s compatible with any GoPro camera. You will love its ability to facilitate a worry-free and hands-free filming throughout your adventure or journey moments. Its straps are fully adjustable to allow it fit securely on any head size. Begin to enjoy filming extreme sports like skiing, hiking, snowboarding, running or eve flipping at any angle with this incredible head strap mount for GoPro. You can choose to wear it directly on your head or over a perfect fit cap or helmet. The well-rugged rubber inserts on its variable nylon straps provide added safety of this mount and your camera by preventing slipping.

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4. Zoukfox Camera Headstrap Mount

Zoukfox Belt Strap

If you frequently film under high moisture conditions, then you should consider this GoPro waterproof head camera mount. It’s compatible with any GoPro camera including GoPro Hero2, Hero, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero4 Black, Hero4, Hero 4Silver, Hero 4 Session, Hero+LCD, to mention but a few. It fits perfectly in any head size or on the commonly used helmets. You can always seek help from this head-strap camera mount whenever you need a hands-free recording at a POV angle. Its variable nylon straps feature well-gripped rubber inserts for added safety and a perfect fit. This head strap mount measures about 7 inches in diameter while off the head and stretches to about 12 inches in diameter when worn. Its two-year warranty makes the manufacturer liable for any natural defects occurring within this time.

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3. Sametop Head Strap Mount +Chesty Strap + J-Hook Mount + Thumbscrews for GoPro

Best GoPro Head Mounts - Sametop Head Strap Mount

This filming gear collection by the Sametop Company brings you a head strap mount, chest mounting harness, thumbscrew, as well as a j-hook buckle mount. The chest mount and head strap are compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras including Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero2, to mention but a few of the original GoPro cameras. You will find this collection useful as you film extreme sports like skiing, biking, snowboarding, motocross, cliff diving, paddle sports, to mention but a few. The head and chest mount components are fully variable and comfortable to suit a broad range of head sizes. Its two-year guarantee is among the reasons why most customers purchase this product with confidence.

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2. AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro


AmazonBasics brings you this fantastic waterproof GoPro head mount that’s a clear indication of their dedication to providing high-quality products. This head-strap camera mounting tool is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras including GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero+LCD, Hero 4 Black, to mention but a few. Its adjustable strap facilitates its fit on any head size or helmet. You will find this head strap mount very useful in facilitating a hands-free and achieving a POV angle (point of view). Its overall diameter measures about 7 inches when off the head and stretches up to about 12 inches in diameter when worn. Its waterproof build is a plus to its superiority on the market as a buyer will always be sure of its durability.

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1. GoPro Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip – Best GoPro Head Mounts so Far

GoPro Headstrap

Customers from across the globe continue to appreciate the versatility, performance, and durability of this expertly constructed GoPro Head Mount. Whether you need to record incredible footage on land or under water, this mount will always be there to facilitate a hands-free and any-angle operation. It brings you a quick clip as well as a head strap to suit your preferred head-mounting method. The head strap is fully variable to fit any head size correctly and safely. You are free to wear the head strap directly on your head or over a perfect fit helmet. The included quick clip is there to facilitate compact, low-profile camera mounting. It also finds use in attaching a GoPro camera to a backward cap or other stable objects with a thickness of between 3-10 mm.

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All the reviewed GoPro head mount products in 2022 have the best quality. It’s important to check whether your preferred product is compatible with your camera model. Any of the reviewed products will serve your filming needs in the best way. Purchase a quality product if at all you wish to take your filming to a whole new level.

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