Best Grass Shears in 2019 Reviews

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When you own a garden, lawn or yard in the neighborhood, you need to focus on its cleanliness just like your home. These areas are refreshing parts to purify the air and gives the aesthetic appearance to the surrounding. Have you ever thought what to do if the bushes, grasses or vegetation create the untidy look? If not, then it is best to consider using grass shears. They will help to give a neat appearance to your lawn in an easy manner. Wherever you wish to maintain good-looking grass, you may use grass shear tools. Generally, these gardening tools vary in terms of handles, blades, alignment of cutting, the convenience of mobility, and some more aspects. Based on the type of pruning, you can choose a suitable grass shear. If you are perplexed while making choice, refer below grass shears:

List of Top 16 Best Grass Shears in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening and Landscaping - 25
$28.77$47.99 (40% off)
TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes. Telescopic Hedge Clippers 25 Inch Handles with 8 Inch Extension. B212A. (Wavy Blade, Extendable Steel Handles)
TELESCOPING 22'' HEDGE CLIPPERS - Sharp, Easy to Use Carbon Steel Garden Shears Absorb Shock, Resist Corrosion - Hardened Manual Telescoping Hedge Trimmer for Professional Gardening and Landscaping
EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears - Best Garden Shears, Tree Trimmer, Hand Pruner-Ideal Branch, Hedge, Shrub & Bush Clippers-Razor Sharp Bypass Secateurs Ergonomic Gardening Tool for Effortless Cuts
Terme 8
$9.99$19.00 (47% off)
GARTOL Power-Lever Grass Shears 180 Degree Rotating Cutter Head,SK-5 Steel Blade,Less Effort,Comfortable Ergonomic Garden Grass Scissors,Good for Trimming Various Grasses and Light Hedges
$15.99$18.79 (15% off)
gonicc 8
$18.95$22.95 (17% off)
Fiskars n/aa Power-Level Hand Grass Shears, 78206935J, Black/Orange
$14.99$22.29 (33% off)
Gnome 25
Sun Joe HJ604C 7.2 V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger
$36.43$49.99 (27% off)

16. Berger #2200 Grass Shear:

 Berger #2200 Grass Shear

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BERGER #2200 grass shear tool is a superior quality shear in the present market. A unique blend of user comfort and durability is seen in this grass shear tool. Every included part is prepared from metal to enhance durability and long-lasting use. With the availability of the anti-adhesive coated blade, clean cut is ensured. It is observed that the shear tool is convenient for left and right hands lock.

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  • The grass shear tool is corrosion resistant, so it can be used in rainy conditions.
  • Availability of a handy ring lock facilitates secure and a sustainable pivot.
  • Due to the availability of a natural grip, it is easy to handle this grass shear tool.

15. Gardena 8734 Comfort 27-Inch Swiveling Grass Shears:

 Gardena 8734 Comfort 27-Inch Swiveling Grass Shears

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Being extremely light-weight and efficient in operation, this rotating grass shear allows your lawn to attain neat appearance. The facility of the easy lock/unlock allows the user to store the tool easily and it is safe to transport. There would be no damaging effects on the blade. What most people prefer is its wave-blade design that makes sure the blade does not jam. Besides, the included grip is comfortable and convenient to use. Accurate lawn edging is employed in inaccessible areas.


  • The built-in blades can be swiveled 360-degrees to make sure the users attain extreme comfort during use.
  • For effortless cutting, the ergonomic handle assists a lot.
  • It’s non-stick coated as well as wave-ground cutting blades employ accurate cutting.

14. MLG Tools ET1501 Grass Shear:

 MLG Tools 3.6V 1.3Ah Replacement Li-ion Battery ONLY ET1501 Cordless Compact Grass Shear

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The compact model of grass shear ET1501 from MLG Tools, this grass trimmer is well-known for its blade system. Actually, it features an interchangeable blade system enabling the hassle-free transformation from a grass shear to a detail shrubbery. In this way, you would perceive the utmost convenience and versatility. For the charging purpose, the included battery pack can be removed.


  • It comes with the maximum runtime of up to 30-45 minutes.
  • The built-in lithium battery technology delivers ready power, excellent performance, and long life.
  • Its ergonomic grip available on both sides of the included handle reduces fatigue.

13. MLG Tools ET1511 Cordless Compact Grass Shear:

 MLG Tools ET1511 7.2-Volt Lithium Cordless Compact Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer Combo

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While choosing suitable grass shears, it is crucial to focus on lightweight and simplicity of carrying. For an extended period of cutting grasses, the ET1511 tool is a recommended choice. Any individual would not experience fatigue during operation since it incorporates an ergonomic grip. Essentially, this handheld grass clipping tool exhibits an interchangeable blade system facilitating hassle-free conversion from a grass shear tool to a shrub cutter. In this way, exceptional convenience and flexibility are perceived.


  • The built-in 7.2V battery is capable to prolong the runtime up to 50-100 minutes.
  • It incorporates cushioned soft grip area to make sure the cutting process is hassle-free. Fatigue will be reduced with the aid of ergonomic grip on either side of the tool’s handle.
  • Included interchangeable 65Mn blades deliver exceptional versatility to cut grass and bushes.

12. Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears:

 Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears

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There are very few grass shear tools equipped with a bright LED display and this tool is one among them. This display is capable to depict the battery status during the operation. Gardena included a blade protection cover and a charger for charging the lithium-ion batteries. With all innovative techniques, this grass shear tool is a modern gardening tool. There would be no chances of insecurity throughout the use. You need not use extra tools for assembling this Li-ion grass shear tool.


  • The powerfully working lithium-ion rechargeable batteries deliver high power for presenting the finest pruning results.
  • It comes with a replaceable blade furnished with the innovative blade change from Gardena. These blades are safe to use and replace.
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11. Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears:

 Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears

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The type grip used in the grass shear tool holds prominent importance as it decides how to handle the tool. In this 3-inch cordless grass shear, the included grip is easy to hold onto. In order to operate this Gardena tool, just turn on the power and a light pinch will enable the trigger. In a few moments, you can begin trimming.


  • The incorporated blades are replaceable. Moreover, the built-in Li-ion battery will allow this grass shear to cut for 90 minutes at a time.
  • It comes with an optional extension handle guaranteeing that you need not to bend down to perform the pruning.

10. WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening and Landscaping:

 WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening and Landscaping

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Multipurpose functionality of this hedges shear allows the individual to cut, trim and prune grass. It is this hedge clipper that allows its users to cut shrubs, grass, bushes, and branches. The appreciation of the efficient cutting goes to its razor sharp carbon steel blade. With the inclusion of a comfortable grip, it is extremely easy to handle this hedge shear. Generally, this professional gardening tool is perfect for small to large sized hands.           


  • To present the supreme comfort, the WilFiks hedge shear is designed ergonomically with the non-slip soft grip handles.
  • On the surface of this hedge shear, the flower-shaped rotating bolt allows you to attune the blade’s tension. Moreover, it enables the user to prune varied kinds of plants through a simple twist.
  • Corresponding blades and elastic grips are extremely simple to clean and does not need maintenance.

9. TABOR TOOLS B212A Extendable Hedge Shears:

 TABOR TOOLS B212A Extendable Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders

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The prominent specialties of this extendable hedge shear are its sharp blade and the shock absorbing bumpers. The included shock-absorbing bumpers would avoid the harsh vibrations. Also, they help to decrease the fatigue perceived on the shoulder and arm. It is due to the availability of the sturdy telescopic handles that this hedge shear tool is perfect for trimming shrubs and giving them a required shape.


·       For precise cutting, it comes with a sharp wavy blade. Its forged carbon steel curvy blades trim throughout the grass to the tip. Furthermore, it generates smooth crisp cuts.

·       On the surface of the extendable telescopic steel handles, there is the presence of the non-slip grips. These grips would feel comfortable on your hands during pruning.



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Prepared with a decent quality steel body, this hedge clipper is highly durable and long-lasting. For convenient cuts, it comes with the balanced steel blades. The built-in carbon steel blades are balanced, sharp and always ready to employ perfect cuts.


  • During the manufacturing of this telescopic grass shear, air-hardened carbon steel is used. This material provides resistant against shock and corrosion.
  • Prolonged reach is conveyed since the clipper telescopes from 22.4 – 29.1″ in order to access hard to reach pruning.

7. EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears:

 EnduroPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

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The titanium pruning shear is exceptionally made to accommodate all the medium and large size hands. Generally, this pruning tool is found suitable for both men & women. Its included non-slip ergonomic handles are uniquely shaped to work in form of the forearm’s extension. Moreover, these handles are cushioned using the shock absorbing pads in order to decrease the odds of recurrent motion wounds and wrist strain.

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  • The titanium finished, heavy-duty japanese stainless steel blade employs sharp cutting power performance and exceptional durability.
  • Availability of the protective coating reduces the friction of trimmer so that hassle-free cutting experience is facilitated.

6. Terme 8″ Small Professional Pruning Shears:

 Terme 8" Small Professional Pruning Shears for Garden, Heavy Duty Tree Trimmers Sharp Bypass Hand Pruners

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You may be wondering how to keep your garden healthy and clean; now, you can do that by this professional pruning shear. The ergonomically designed handles and sharp blades make sure the cutting is efficient. Sharp clipping of grass is facilitated with the use of high carbon steel blade and with the execution of the Ultra-fine Polishing Technology.


  • Pruning is made simple by the exclusion of debris.
  • It comes with the ergonomically shaped non-slip handles that reduce fatigue during grass cutting.

5. GARTOL Power-Lever Grass Shears 180 Degree Rotary Blades:

 GARTOL Power-Lever Grass Shears 180 Degree Rotary Blades

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The functioning of this power-level grass shear is versatile allowing it to be used for trimming decorative grasses near trees and flower beds. Some cheap quality grass shears may not provide resistance to corrosion. But this gardening tool comes with an electroplated coating which is highly effective at avoiding corrosion. You may use this shear tool for trimming different law shapes and for trimming fruit trees.


  • It includes carbon steel blades that possess ilaflon finish and they are heat treated too. Hence, they are exceptionally sharp and durable
  • Users get the flexibility to swivel the tool by 180 ° with spherical protection design; your wrist will not experience damage.
  • Since the handles are prepared from nylon and fiber, the entire tool configuration is made durable and lightweight.

4. gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears:

 gonicc 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

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Equipped with the sharp blades, this model of pruning shear from gonicc facilitates simple pruning for the majority of the lightweight pruning jobs. Furthermore, it assists you to accomplish heavy-duty pruning for tree branches with a diameter less than 3/4″. The included blades are prepared from premium quality titanium steel and there is the execution of the Ultra-fine Polishing technology.


  • Pruning tasks are made comfortable with the availability of the ergonomically designed handles. These handles are lightweight, sturdy and convenient to use.
  • It owns capability to cut tree branches up to 3/4″ diameter.

3. Fiskars Power-Level Hand Grass Shears, 78206935J:

 Fiskars Power-Level Hand Grass Shears

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Excellent power output and precise trimming are made possible with the innovative design of this power-level grass shear. With the adoption of the Power-Lever technology, the shear tool multiplies the power to make sure the cutting is a lot simpler than that by single-pivot tools. Fiskars made this hand grass shear perfect for trimming a broad range of decorative grasses.


  • With the inclusion of the serrated blade grips, this hand grass shear is capable to hold grass for accurate cutting.
  • The corrosion-resistant blade coating indicates long-lasting use.
  • Included aluminum handles are made lightweight for convenient handling while pruning.

2. Gnome 25″ Garden Hedge Shears:

 Gnome 25" Garden Hedge Shears

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One of the finest hedge shears from Gnome, this tool showcases premium grade carbon steel blades. Using these blades, this tool simplifies the process to trim shrubs, hedges, and branches.


  • Use of the shock absorbing type rubber impact bumpers mitigates each clip for employing the smooth cutting experience.
  • Corresponding soft rubber handles are ergonomically designed and possess soft-grip to deliver exceptional comfort.

1. Sun Joe HJ604C Cordless Grass Shear:

 Sun Joe HJ604C Cordless Grass Shear + Hedger-Grass Shears

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Presented in a 2-in1 form, this cordless tool can be converted from grass shear to hedger without any hassles. This pruning tool from Sun Joe HJ604C 2 depicts a 7.2V Li-ion battery with long life; so, the trouble-free cordless operation is facilitated.


  • It just weighs 2.5 lbs, so it is easy to carry around.
  • Easy control is allowed through its ergonomic handle.
  • The entire tool is made maintenance-free with the rechargeable battery power.

Concluding Note:

The choice of appropriate grass shears would streamline the difficulties faced while pruning grasses, shrubs, bushes, and vegetation. Now you can provide a charming look to your garden or yard because these tools are capable to facilitate precise cutting.

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