Best Headphone Cases in 2020 Reviews

The music enthusiasts usually make a wise selection when it comes to the choice of headphones.  A high-quality headphone incorporating all the desirable features will fulfill your music listening, hands-free calling and audio news listening needs. When you invest a considerable sum of money behind the perfect headphones, it is simultaneously important to focus on the headphone carrying case. In absence of a decent quality headphone case, your headphone may be susceptible to damage due to several external factors. Whether it is fingerprint marks, spills, abnormalities of weather, scratches, wear & tear, your headphone is prone to such damages. Choosing a superb quality headphone case would indirectly prolong the life of headphone. Some of the important factors to consider are size, design, build quality, compatibility, longevity, versatility and many more. It is useless to get confused since the below section focuses on some of the best ones:

List of Top 12 Best Headphone Cases in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

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12. Anezus 5 Pack Earbuds Headphone Carrying Cases:

 Anezus 5 Pack Earbuds Earphone Headset Headphone Carrying Cases with Zipper and Carabiner Little Travel Cases

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Including 5 pieces of bright colored storage cases, all these headphone carrying cases are showcased in an elegant design. Actually, they come in a rectangle and circular shape to enhance convenience during use. Being tiny in size, they are recommended for storage and travel purposes. For long-cord headphones, these Anezus cases make sure the device stay safe. Excellent versatility gives an idea that they are convenient to safely store chargers, earbuds, headphones, adapters, charging cable, paperclips, and coins. All these stored items will stay intact without any insecurity issues.


  • The configuration of each of these 5 carrying cases is well-made using the tough EVA material. Moreover, it comes with the sleek zipper closure and plush velvet cloth lining to enhance durability.
  • Anezus emphasized on the use of petite mesh pocket to offer excellent organization of all the tiny stuff. There would be no adverse effects of scratches,
  • Both the cases and bag are lightweight so you can carry the device conveniently.

11. COWIN E7 Tailor-Made Headphone Case:

COWIN E7 Tailor-Made Headphone Case

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Exceptional designing is taken into account in order to employ a personalized fit for headphones. Generally, this model of headphone case from COWIN is capable to fit tiny electronic accessories or huge over-ear headphones. Popular headphone models from prevalent brands like Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Behringer, Xo Vision, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, Photive, and more can be conveniently fitted.


  • The hard shell case is equipped with a plush interior layer in order to offer the greatest protection for headphones. So, they would stay protected against dirt, dust, scratches, and wear & tear.
  • It is extremely simple to open and close with the built-in zipper enclosure.
  • Facility of a mesh pocket perfectly holds cables and several tiny accessories. These accessories are cable, wallet, key, MP3, coin, battery, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.
  • Due to its sturdy and durable construction, the inside headphones would stay unaffected by the hit of other objects.

10. Hard Headphone CASE by caseling:

 Hard Headphone CASE Fits Sony MDR7506

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For use on the go or for traveling, listening to music soothes your mind in a unique way. It is simultaneously critical to ensure the safety of the headphones against damage. This is now possible when you try this hard carrying case from caseling. The exterior is uniquely prepared using the molded EVA hard body shell. This gives an indication that your headphone device remains secure against external damage and scratches.

The overall configuration is exceptionally designed to employ custom fit for the headphone you use. It is commonly observed that it would flawlessly fit headphone models like Sony MDR7506, Sennheiser HD280PRO, and much more. Many headphone models from popular brands like Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Maxell, Behringer, Xo Vision, Photive, Beats, and Bose will be compatible.


  • The configuration utilizes additional space in the middle for tiny electronics like mobile phones, digital cameras, memory cards, USB drives, charger, cables, additional batteries, mp3 players, earphones, power adapter, and many more.
  • It is quite simple to use- just zip it up and place it inside your briefcase when going for travel.

9. Geekria® UltraShell Leather Headphones Case:

 Geekria EJB29 UltraShell Headphones Case/Hard Shell Carrying Case

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The ultrashell leather-based headphone case is exclusively designed for several folding headphones. It is due to its upgraded sturdy hard shell that allows the case to withstand the pressure of 50 lbs. Apart from the headphone, the users can conveniently stow some small accessories inside its side mesh pocket. It is possible to safely store charge cord or some petite items. There is the availability of ample space to neatly arrange stuff like USB flash disk, phone, cable, charger, power bank, etc. during travel.


  • The carefully designed EVA hard shell and plush interior layer defends the headphone device against drops, scratches, bumps, and several other damages.
  • Its sturdy zipper gives assurance that the case would appropriately protect the headphone inside.
  • Its internal mesh pocket expediently stows mp3 player, earpads, headphone cables, iPod and identical accessories.

8. Slappa Full-Sized HardBody PRO Headphone Case:

 Slappa Full-Sized HardBody PRO Headphone Case Ultimate Protection

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The use of the present model of full-sized headphone case is varied. This can be implied from the fact that it is widely utilized by the professional DJ’s, gamers, travelers, and audiophiles too. The reliable and tough construction is responsible for its long-term use. The characteristic that makes it unique from the rest is its excellent molded duro-shock xeva protection. So, superior protection is offered against fire, water, scratches, bumps, and damage. Its overall size seems perfect to accommodate a wide assortment of headphone models from top brands.


  • The plush velveteen interior protects the headphone against scratches.
  • There is the availability of the 2 molded alloy zipper pullers to facilitate easy opening and closing.
  • Due to its spacious design, it would fit most of the full-size

7. UFON Headphone Case with Carabiner and Cord Strap:

 UFON Earphone Case with Carabiner

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It is true that headphones, earbuds, earphones, power adapters or charging cables add to the mess if not properly organized. Now such clutter issues will be removed when you incorporate them inside this UFON case. Comprehensive protection is provided for devices like headset, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and earbuds. Moreover, it presents a convenient fit for earphones like Powerbeats, Otium, Soundsport, and Ergofit.


  • This UFON case is made resistant against water, pressure, and shock with the use of PU leather shell. There would be fewer chances of wear & tear to indirectly boost the longevity of headphone.
  • A surplus cord strap prevents the issues of winding of headset line and USB line.
  • It comes with mesh inner for presenting convenient fir for tiny accessories.

6. ASMOTIM EVA Hard Carrying Pouch Headphone Case:

 Earbuds Case Storage, ASMOTIM EVA Hard Carrying Pouch Headphone Case Portable Travel Earphones Carrying Case for Airpods Headset Charge Cable USB Key

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Alternatively referred to as an earphone carrying case, this headphone accessory is suitable for neatly organizing tiny electronics accessories. Now you can organize your USB, earphones, charging cable, or a hard drive inside. Use of the universal EVA based hard carrying pouch conveniently holds tiny stuff safely. It is possible to safely store earrings, card reader, USB, memory card, data cable, etc. With a layer of the flexible strap and another layer of mesh pocket, the stowed items would stay secured against day-to-day damage. The built-in carabiner allows the case to be hanged on a back bag.


  • The firm shell with braided cloth enclosed sides avoids crash and scuffs issues.
  • Its cloth lined interior protects the inside stuff against damage. Besides, the presence of an inner pocket and elastic strap protect the item from frequent movement.
  • The internal layer is prepared from decent quality, anti-shock durable EVA material whereas the external layer uses Nylon.

5. Iksnail Small Earbud Earphone Headphone Case:

 Iksnail Earbud Earphone Headphone Case

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When the sole focus is on comprehensive protection for your earphones and phone charger, go for this case from Iksnail. For use at home or traveling, there would be no adverse effects of external damage. Being portable and multifunctional, this small case also fits cable, charger, key, USB flash disk, and coin. Its exquisite and durable configuration is advisable for home use or travel.


  • Use of supreme quality materials suggests durability.
  • It is made resistant against crush Resistant, weather, shock, dust, and scratches.
  • Presence of the plush inner cloth lining limits the issues of wear & tear. Issues of the intertwining of the USB cable are reduced using the internal mesh pocket.
  • Storage space is extended using the mesh pocket to stow cables or several tiny accessories.

4. LTGEM Hard Headphone Case Travel Bag:

 LTGEM Hard Headphone Case Travel Bag

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In this LTGEM hard headphone case, the outer shell is made extremely hard for enhanced protection. On the other hand, the inner lining exhibits soft velvet fabric material to retain the original condition of your headphones. Provision of the comfy hand strap streamlines transportation. Furthermore, the 360 ° zip is handy for users to place and take away your headphone.  The excellent quality villus indicates a long-lasting performance. In spite of being simple in use, this travel bag is made fashionable to represent a stylish look.


  • The inclusion of the hard EVA material provides protection against dust, shock, and waterproof.
  • It comes with the durable exterior and plush interior.
  • Transportation is simplified with the use of a well-built hand strap.
  • Smooth yet sturdy Zipper guarantees excellent user experience.

3. BUBM Earbud Case Carrying Case:

 BUBM Earbud Case Carrying Case

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When you are confused about how to find a suitable way to store your earbuds, tampons, wallet, or key, this earbud case is perfect. It may be possible that the headphone users may be disappointed by using a carrying pouch from other brands. In such situations, it is best to go for this earbud case. A perfect replacement in such cases is trying this BUBM case. The 2 mesh pouches are excellent for storing charging cables, earbuds, camera, SD cards, keys, batteries, coins, mp3 player, USB, etc.


  • Issues of tangling will not be created.
  • The overall configuration is sturdy for neatly organizing battery case, adapter, USB cable, power bank, charger, etc.
  • Outstanding durability is implied using the use of superior quality nylon material that is shockproof.
  • Your headphone would not fall off.
  • Overall size is 6*3.6*1 inch to employ impeccable fit inside the pocket.

2. Sunmns 5 Pieces in Headphone Case:

 Sunmns 5 Pieces in Ear Bud Earphone Headset Headphone Case Mini Storage Carrying Pouch Bag with Carabiners

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The included 5 pieces of small carrying cases come with 5 carabiners. With a broad range of colors, this case is excellent for traveling or sharing with your friends and family. Due to the broad application, the case is decent enough for neatly organizing different models of headphones. In addition to that, it can hold USB cable, earphone, and other accessories. The actual size is 3x3x1 inches to perfectly fit inside the pocket. So, there would be a substantial saving in space, in order to reduce the mess of cables. Being lightweight and compact, the case can be carried effortlessly.


  • The facility of internal mesh makes sure the headphone device stay in a fixed place. Hence, there would be no adverse effects of movement.
  • There is the inclusion of carabiners for facilitating easy attachment to your bags or backpacks.
  • Total 5 varied color choices are available –yellow, purple, red, blue, and orange. Based on your interest, you can choose the desired color.

1. UGREEN Earphone Case Headphone Organizer:

 UGREEN Earbud Case Earphone Carrying Case Holder Storage Bag Headphone Mini Pouch Compatible-Headphone Cases

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Equipped with superb versatility, this compact headphone case from UGREEN represents stylish design in a sleek unit. Being water-resistant and shockproof, it is easy to stow headphones from popular brands like Bose, Sony, Beats, Airports, and other brands. Names of the accessories this headphone organizer is capable to hold are USB flash drive, wall charger, mp3, Bluetooth receiver, USB cables, SD cards, keys, and coins.


  • The internal mesh pocket exhibits decent protection for your gadgets. Concerns of scratches and twist will not be found.
  • The superior quality smooth zipper design is extremely practical and simple to use.
  • The corresponding square design is made stylish to seamlessly complement your earphones or airports.

Concluding Note:

It is certain that you would be able to use your headphone for several years without any troubles of replacement. Now you could carry your headphone device in style wherever you go to represent fashionable appearance in a unique way.

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