Best iPhone XR Cases & Covers in 2022 Reviews

Day-by-day the demands of people are inclining towards slim design iPhones. Also, people want their iPhone to incorporate improved processors and spacious internal memory storage. Even if every functionality demands are met along with design expectations, iPhone users are always skeptical about the security of the device. This is because they have invested a huge amount of money for the same and do not wish to go it futile. In order to ensure complete security of your iPhone XR from environmental damages, scratches, drops, etc., you need to equip it with a well-built case. There are lots of iPhone XR cases available from the prominent brands that create a situation of confusion while buying the one.

The best iPhone XR case is the one that offers easy access to the side buttons and charging port. Moreover, the best case is the one that provides full protection. Let’s look at the finest iPhone XR cases available currently:

So What are the Top 10 Best iPhone XR cases and covers in 2022 on ?

7. Speck Products Presidio Pro iPhone XR Case, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black:

Best Top 7 Best iPhone XR Cases & Covers in 2022 Reviews

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Any kind of shocks and damages never influences your iPhone XR case when you equip it with this case. You can choose from the two colors i.e., carbon black and blue. Basically, this case is a slim, dual-layer iPhone XR case that is exclusively designed to shield your device against abrasions, drops, and any other damage.


  • For enhancing protection, the case is equipped with two tough and highly durable layers.
  • There is a polycarbonate outer casing and an internal IMPACTIUM coating that are collectively molded to provide the two layers of protection to your device.
  • The lifted bezel offers additional protection to your phone screen from shattering and abrasion whenever your phone falls down and positions in face-down alignment.
  • It is intended to provide 10-foot drop-protection accompanied with IMPACTIUM shock barrier.
  • The edge of the IMPACTIUM material present on the internal border shrinks down on impact in order to scatter shock.
  • Its design features soft-touch and scratch-resistant coating. Additionally, they are grippy to hold conveniently in your hand.
  • The implementation of anti-microbial treatment stops the development of bacteria over the case.
  • You can rely on the protection offered because the case is thoroughly tested by the third-party laboratories.
  • During the situations when your iPhone XR falls, the lifted bezel shields the screen from abrasion.

6. OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone XR – Retail Packaging – CLEAR:

 OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone XR - Retail Packaging – CLEAR:

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Now you can easily carry your iPhone XR in your pocket without any hassles of damage if you equip it with this case from OtterBox. The appealing characteristic of this case is its one-piece design that easily pops on/off in a flash.


  • The design of this case is featured by its thin, clear, sleek, and fashionable design with twirling colors and appealing graphics.
  • Its construction is such that your iPhone XR gets durable protection against bumps and drops. Besides, the lifted edge shields the device’s touchscreen.
  • The case features a unique blend of protective functionalities and stylish design. Every feature function and buttons work seamlessly.
  • There are no hassles to install and remove this case.
  • Based on your preference, you can choose from different patterns, colors, and clear options.
  • Its design is clear and see-through which provides added protection as well.
  • Around the camera bump as well as the front part of the phone, there is a raised lip that shields the display and camera lens from scratches.
  • For those users who dislike the clear version may opt for the opaque colored version.

5. OtterBox Strada Series Case for iPhone XR – Retail Packaging – Shadow (Black/Pewter):

 OtterBox Strada Series Case for iPhone XR - Retail Packaging - Shadow (Black/Pewter):

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Recognized as one of the toughest cases, this OtterBox Strada accessory has many justifiable reasons to buy. This case does not just secure the back part of your iPhone XR but it even presents a front flap which shields the display of iPhone XR’s display from abrasions. Those iPhone XR users who are willing to avail comprehensive protection for the device can try this case from OtterBox Strada series.


  • There is the use of the premium leather material in the exterior layer of the case. It is known that this layer feels comfortable and soft to touch.
  • It comes with an arrangement for vertical card holders that can effortlessly hold many debit and credit cards, and cash as well.
  • With the help of premium leather, you are assured to obtain fashionable, soft and protective touch.
  • Arrangement of vertical slot works to protect your card or cash.
  • Its slim and pocket-friendly profile easily slips inside and outside of pockets.
  • This case from OtterBox is available with a limited lifetime warranty and it is found 100% authentic.
  • This one is the only leather smartphone case which is supported by OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection.
  • Its design features a book-style cover and the Strada Series Folio locks seamlessly near your device and also unlock to depict a slot for keeping card or cash.
  • The case works to cradle your device to provide protection against shocks and drops. With the help of a unique blend of handcrafted style and premium protection, this case allows you to keep your things and device organized.

4. Silk iPhone XR Wallet Case – Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 [Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 Q Card Case Grip Cover] – Black Tie Affair:

 Silk iPhone XR Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 [Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 Q Card Case Grip Cover] - Black Tie Affair:

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Those people who are dreaming to obtain a slim designed case for their iPhone XR can try this case. In addition to securing your phone, this case allows you to keep your small valuables secure.  Its grip and texture are such that there are no chances of your iPhone XR falling down when you hold it in your hand.


  • In this case, your credit cards, ID, and cash fit firmly against your phone. Therefore, all these tiny valuables can be kept secured along with your phone.
  • This case comes with ultra-light and highly durable construction that is protected and thin too.
  • There is the inclusion of high-grip textured sides which allows you to hold the phone with flexibility. It is found that there are no chances of falling down.
  • It comes with a credit card kickstand, so you can make use of a card to support up your phone for comfortable video viewing.
  • The case carries three cards plus cash within a protective case.
  • It is compatible with wireless charging feature which allows charging your phone through the case.
  • You can rely on its quality and long-term use since the case is Nikola Tesla approved.
  • Along with the case, you get free screen protector film to protect the screen.
  • Its construction features a lucid frosted design and highly durable built.
  • It is found that the case is capable to hold four cards, cash, and some other things which you hold in your pockets.

3. Silk iPhone XR Wallet Case – Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 [Slim Protective Vault Grip Credit Card Cover] – Black Tie Affair:

3. Silk iPhone XR Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 [Slim Protective Vault Grip Credit Card Cover] - Black Tie Affair:

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Now you can get rid of frequent scratching and falling down the issue of your iPhone XR because this case avoids all such issues. You can safely keep many small items against your device in this case.


  • With the help of high-grip textured based sides, there are no occurrences of device falling down.
  • This case is seamlessly compatible with wireless charging. Hence, you can now charge your device through the case.
  • Those who have used it suggested that this case easily fits three cards and cash.
  • It comes with the protective air-pocket corners that work as airbags for your iPhone XR.
  • There are no issues of clumsiness because everything stays organized. All the cards, cash, and your phone itself stay
  • Depicting a clear frosted design and sturdy construction, this case is recognized as the protective glass slipper of the iPhone models.
  • There is the inclusion of anti-grip sides which is considered as a new feature that adds to the functionalities of this case.
  • When you use it, you will find that it is not at all bulky and easily fits on your iPhone XR.
  • For providing ultimate protection, the case comes with front and back glass screen protectors.
  • Its wallet portion is capable to carry two to four cards without any hassles. Even if you use only two your cards, they would not fall out.

2. iPhone XR Case Impact Protection by Catalyst, Military Grade Drop and Shock Proof Premium Material Quality, Slim Design, Stealth Black by Catalyst:

 iPhone XR Case Impact Protection by Catalyst, Military Grade Drop and Shock Proof Premium Material Quality, Slim Design, Stealth Black by Catalyst:

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Designed exclusively to provide the ultimate drop protection, this case for iPhone XR from Catalyst is one of the useful accessories. It is known that the case is carefully tested under strict conditions and the case is amenable with the mil-std 810g drop test. Your communications stay crystal clear with the case’s smart design.


  • In order to protect your iPhone XR, the brand has manufactured a lightweight, slim, and ultra-protective case. You would perceive its advanced truss cushioning mechanism that offers military-grade drop protection up to the height of 9.9ft.
  • Its design is made ergonomic with the help of proprietary impact rubber polymer.
  • Apart from protecting your device, this case would please your eyes with its appealing design.
  • The protection provided by this case works as a cushion of your iPhone XR.
  • Your device stays protected against scratches and bumps. Moreover, it also offers clear and complete access to every functions and port.
  • It is found that the case is fully compatible with the mechanism of wireless charging.
  • There are no hassles of installation, and your device’s screen stays protected against drops.
  • This case’s design highlights the brand’s signature Rotating Mute Switch Toggle as well as an exclusive grippy rubber cushion.
  • It comes with the wrist lanyard.
  • Its design adopts an angular modern form for fitting the new model i.e. iPhone XR.
  • Your device gets drop protection with the help of cutting-edge truss cushioning structure blended with a rubber polymer.
  • With the use of lifted bezel, your phone’s screen stays protected.
  • Arrangement of port gives clear access to the charging port. Besides, the rear camera is protected and sealed to provide protection against dust.

1. Silk iPhone XR Grip Case – Kung Fu Grip [Lightweight Protective Base Grip Slim Cover] – Black Tie Affair:

 Silk iPhone XR Grip Case - Kung Fu Grip [Lightweight Protective Base Grip Slim Cover] - Black Tie Affair:

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As suggested from the name, the cover for iPhone XR is uniquely characterized by its excellent gripping mechanism. Overall, the cover is slim and lightweight to let you carry it conveniently.


  • The cover’s super grippy texture adds an appropriate proportion of grip. This grip helps to curtail issues of drops. Those who have used it mentioned that there are no issues of device falling down.
  • Its construction features ultra-light and durable design along with a protective base.
  • There is the presence of defending air-pocket corners that functions as airbags for your iPhone XR.
  • When you fit this cover, you will find improvement in the tactile ‘click’ buttons. The buttons get clicked in a better way.
  • The cover is capable to carry three cards and cash within a protective case.
  • It strikes the grip sweet spot which helps to keep your iPhone XR secure in your hands.
  • Its design is such that it securely lifts your device’s screen off the table and keep it protected from scratches.
  • Any kind of tasks that you accomplish on your iPhone XR can be now easily fulfilled with this cover.

Concluding Note:

Those who have invested hefty price in buying iPhone XR would certainly prefer to keep it intact and beautiful. So, they can try any of these cases and covers available for iPhone XR. They are protective in nature and enhance the overall appearance in a unique way.

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