Best iPhone XS Max Leather Wallet Cases in 2020 Reviews

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The quality of iPhone XS Max that people talk about the most is its gigantic 6.5-inches size. In addition to the enormous size, there are many features that justify that this device is indeed a great buy. It is necessary to equip the device with a proper case to ensure complete protection against damage. The protection is enhanced if the accessory is leather wallet case. This is because the use of leather makes the case sturdy and resistant against damages. Moreover, these kinds of leather wallet cases would not add extra weight to the device, so you can easily carry the phone after you equip with a case. If you have managed to invest high price behind this device, you can certainly afford to buy a high-quality leather wallet case. To secure your iPhone XS Max you can consider below cases:

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7. iPhone Xs Max Leather Wallet Case – iPulse Vintage Book Series Italian Full Grain Leather Handmade Flip Case Apple iPhone Xs Max (2020) Magnetic Closure – Retro Brown by iPulse:

Top 7 Best iPhone XS Max Leather Wallet Cases in 2020 Reviews

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The brand iPulse has manufactured this case for iPhone XS Max which is essentially an Italian full grain leather wallet. It is a leather handmade flip case that is equipped with magnetic closure and many advanced features. iPulse has meticulously designed this case to suit all your needs. The craftsmanship of this case is sure to surprise the users of iPhone XS Max.


  • The manufacturing process of this case involves premium full grain leather along with solid stitches.
  • It comes with wallet features that highlight one I.D. slot, two credit cards slots and one pocket for placing bills.
  • There is the implementation of built-in phone stand functionality that lets your hands stay free for YouTube video viewing, video calling and more.
  • With the use of incorporated magnetic closure guarantees that the case stays Additionally, it would not influence any functionalities of your phone.
  • Through elastic and durable TPU material, your phone is securely held in a fixed place. So, you can insert or eliminate your phone without cracking your case.
  • All the button, port, microphone, and camera are lined up precisely and they are easily accessible.
  • You can charge your iPhone XS Max wirelessly.
  • The design features the hands-free stand and phone case sway into a stunning vintage-book style daily cohort.
  • Its wallet includes three pockets for cards and also features a cash pocket.
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6. Silk iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case – Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 – Red Rover Red Rover:

 Silk iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case - Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 [Slim Protective Kickstand CM4 Q Card Case Grip Cover] - Red Rover Red Rover:

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Incorporating this leather wallet case for your iPhone XS Max would not let you feel bulky. The eye-catching specialty of this case is its convenient grip and textured grip that allows iPhone XS Max users to handle with care.


  • The grip of this case feels perfect in your hands. Alignment of buttons and port is so precise that presses are quite smooth in a way that you feel like you are directly using the real phone buttons.
  • It is due to the support of the high-grip textured sides that the occurrences of drops are almost zero.
  • You can place cash and three cards inside this case.
  • When you carry it, you will not feel it bulky. You can use its cardholder to safely keep the driver’s license while you are going out. More than six cards can be easily fitted in this holder along with cash.
  • Its back part stays flat and this quality allows the user to include it on the treadmill front panel. Moreover, you can monitor your progress using the running app.
  • When you equip this case on your iPhone XS Max, the screen stays protected from every drop.

5. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone Xs Max – Retail Packaging – ESPRESSO (DARK BROWN/WORN BROWN LEATHER):

 OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone Xs Max - Retail Packaging - ESPRESSO (DARK BROWN/WORN BROWN LEATHER):

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What makes this iPhone XS Max case unique and easy to use is its slim profile and comfortable fit. You need not to worry about the protection of your device’s screen from external damage. Since the material used in its manufacturing is premium leather, it can be used for a long period without any compromise in the quality. Those iPhone XS Max users looking to attain beautiful look for the device can try this case from OtterBox.


  • The finish and fit of this case are just perfect. The sole purpose of this case is to secure the device’s surface without appearing like some type of crude industrial gear.
  • With the use of premium leather, it is found that the case is contemporary in look and cushioned to touch.
  • This is a book style case that allows your fingers to not only hold the phone but also grab it from the back side with the assistance of the pop up handle.
  • With the inclusion of vertical slot card holder, your cash and card stay
  • Its design highlights a slim profile that allows the device to conveniently slip inside and outside of user’s pocket.
  • Even if you attempt to stretch the case, there are no harmful effects since the material used is leather.
  • Its side is magnetic and would attract tiny stylus pen towards it.
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4. iPhone Xs MAX Case, iPhone Xs MAX Wallet Case, ZVEdeng PU Leather XS MAX Wallet Case Card Holder Apple iPhone Xs MAX 6.5″ – Black by ZVE:

 iPhone Xs MAX Case, iPhone Xs MAX Wallet Case, ZVEdeng PU Leather XS MAX Wallet Case Card Holder Apple iPhone Xs MAX 6.5" – Black by ZVE:

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The use of premium quality materials and multi-functional design makes this iPhone XS Max case unique. The brand ZVEdeng has taken proper care and efforts to make this case as protective as it can be. This is the precious gift for gifting your special one on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and New Year.


  • Due to its multi-functional design, it can carry more than three cards and 180° rotation card, holder.
  • There is the incorporation of the magnetic flap that works as protective magnetic closure in order to keep it closed and secured.
  • You may not know but this case uses PU leather with TPU base shell in its manufacturing process. These materials add to its durability and provide shockproof benefits.
  • With the assistance of 100% handmade craftsmanship and wonderful printing design from the brand, this case appears completely stylish.
  • On the body of this iPhone XS Max case, there is the presence of 1mm lifted edges which keeps the device’s surfaces free from abrasions and damage.
  • There is a wide range of style and colors that this case comes with. So, you can choose any one of them based on your age, need and preference.
  • Its overall design is such that enables the user to squeeze some additional bills or cards within a pinch if required.
  • Unlike other iPhone cases that find difficulty to accommodate multiple cards, this case comfortably fits three cards and folded cash too.

3. iPhone XS Max Case, BELKA Handmade Soft Leather Flip Folio Slim Wallet Cover Case for iPhone XS Max 6.5 inch 2020 by BELKA:

3. iPhone XS Max Case, BELKA[Simple Retro Style] Handmade Soft Leather Flip Folio Slim Wallet Cover Case[Magnetic Closure][Credit Card Slot][TPU Bumper][Kickstand] for iPhone XS Max 6.5 inch 2020 by BELKA:

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For light traveling needs including few items like a credit card, phone, and other minor items, this case works as the finest companion. There are some iPhone XS Max users who are willing to get an i8 leather case that presents simple vintage style with comprehensive strong protection and great durability. Such users can definitely go for this case from BELKA. The outstanding handmade design is revealed in every detail of this case.


  • It is found that the manufacturing procedure uses first-class leather and cushioned TPU inner bumper for all-around protection against unexpected damages.
  • You will get a soft and comfortable feeling when you touch it, due to its velvety texture.
  • It is possible to reduce the bulky burden and carry your iPhone XS Max with ease when you equip the device with this case. The overall design is thin and slim to curtail the extra load while carrying.
  • For ease of access, the case is equipped with the magnetic closure, credit card slot, and
    You are able to choose from five different colors i.e. black, blue, brown, red and golden.
  • The brand has meticulously chosen cost-effective leather that is made durable with exceptional protection force. It effectively puts off fingerprints, stains, scratches, and dirt.
  • This case’s low-key colors, smooth body, comfortable feel, simple styles, and elegant printed brand logo will let you carry the device with this case in style.
  • With the implementation of the stand feature, this case conveniently adjusts a convenient viewing angle to relish the movie watching experience.
  • This case from BELKA is equipped with the concealed magnetic closure that includes safe magnets to guard your phone as well as a credit
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2. Leather Wallet for Men Slim Front Pocket Minimalist Credit Card Holder by FLY HAWK:

 Leather Wallet for Men Slim Front Pocket Minimalist Credit Card Holder by FLY HAWK:

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Prepared with excellent compatibility, this leather wallet by FLY HAWK is exclusively designed as a phone holder and credit card holder. You can stay stress-free regarding the back side, screen and your overall body of your iPhone XS Max. This is a 2 in 1 combo that can carry your phone and wallet.


  • The case presents great compatibility since it can fit iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR model.
  • This soft case can wrap the edges of either side of the device; additionally, it also possesses lifted lips.
  • Its overall design assists to guard the back side and it also tightly hold the phone.
  • Efficient card storage is guaranteed with the arrangement of card slots. In total, there are two card slots at its back side where you can store cash as well.
  • There is the presence of PU leather material in its design which makes it quite comfortable to grip and touch.
  • Its design showcases 4-corner, lifted lip and side. This type of special design is dedicated to providing all-round
  • During the manufacturing process, precise cuttings are made that provide simplified access to different functions and ports without putting off the case.

1. Maxboost Wallet Case Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX 2020 Phone Protective PU Leather Flip Cover with Credit Card Slots+Side Cash Pocket+Magnetic Clasp Closure:

 Maxboost Wallet Case Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX 2020 Phone [mWallet Folio Style] [Stand Feature] Protective PU Leather Flip Cover with Credit Card Slots+Side Cash Pocket+Magnetic Clasp Closure:

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Recognized as a suitable iPhone XS Max case for the on-the-go use, you can carry your device almost anywhere without worrying about damage. The users are benefitted with hands-free experience and great convenience.


  • The use of fashionable, secure and supreme quality crafted PU leather works to provide utmost convenience while carrying your device for short or long distance.
  • Its design features four-corner protection along with front and back protection to shield your device from damage.
  • There is the arrangement of three card slots and a side pocket for safely accommodating cash or extra cards.
  • Implementation of magnetic lock design keeps everything secure.
  • You will find accurate cutouts for camera, speakers, and other ports. This type of arrangement allows convenient access to every ports, functions, and button. So, there is no need to put off the case every time you want to access the above components.
  • It comes with the built-in kickstand that facilitates the hands-free You just need to flip the wallet case and phone in a horizontal direction and then drag the stand. This type of manipulation is useful for watching your favorite shows.
  • When the wallet case is fully closed up, it is assured that you obtain comprehensive protection along with screen protection.
  • If needed, you can fit three credit cards or debit cards without any inconvenience.
  • There is the facility of a side pouch to safely hold your cash.

The feeling to observe your iPhone XS Max in damaging condition is painful. Therefore, you can secure your expensive investment by equipping the device with any of these leather wallet cases. The sole purpose of these cases is to provide ultimate protection to iPhone XS Max.

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