Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2020 Reviews

The use of magnetic screen doors is on the rise. The main feature of a magnetic door is that it closes automatically and it does not allow the insects and pests to come inside through any gaps. It is perfectly suitable for the main and back door of a house which are the main entrances for insects. In fact, the magnetic screen doors are more attractive than traditional doors, and the following is the list of the top 10 best magnetic screen doors in 2020 that you can consider buying.

List of Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2020 Reviews:

10. Silk Road Magnetic Screen Door

Silk-Road-Anti-mosquito-Magnetic-screen-door-Magnetic Screen Doors

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This screen door can be automatically closed. The texture of the mesh no only stops the insects to come in but also it allows the sunlight and air to enter the room. The product is very much durable. It only costs some minutes to install the screen door. The Velcro around the edges secure the screen from falling down. The strong magnets in the middle seam create no noise while the auto-shutting. You, your toddlers and the pets can easily access the curtain without using hands or paws.

  • Lightweight mesh screen without any noise.
  • Folds inwards with breathability and better lighting.
  • Easy installation and noiseless operation.
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9. HANGRUI Magnetic Screen Door Curtain

 Anti-Mosquito Magnetic Screen Door Curtain

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The curtain is made of delicate striped yarn and mesh, which makes the room very breezy, prevents the bugs from coming in and keeps your room dirt and dust free. The hand-stitched and thickly coated sides mark the curtain as a long-lasting product. The screen door comes with no noise technology and the bottom of it has marbles to stay it in place. It is an easy to setting up product and needs no extra equipment. It’s an easily closing curtain.

  • Prevents dust and air pollution in the inside.
  • Tailor-made to prevent mosquitoes.
  • Decorative colors available to choose from.

8. HOOMEE Magnetic Screen Door Seal

 HOOMEE 90x 210CM Magnetic Screen Door Seal for Portable Air Conditioner

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This screen is perfect for portable air-conditioner to keep your room cooler for a longer time. It has two zipper locks for the pipes of the mobile AC and the tumble dryers to come inside. The auto-lock screen closes the entry for the mosquitos or any other insects into your room. It’s an all-weather screen door with 26 magnetic strips; which helps to maintain the temperature of your room. This curtain permits walking through for all. You do not need to buy any other products to install the screen door and the installation is easy.

  • Prevents return flow of warm air.
  • Strong magnetic points. No drilling holes.
  • Closes quickly without any noise.

7. Ochine Magnetic Screen Door

 Ochine Anti Mosquito Magnetic Screen Door

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The 6 magnetic stripes and 7 clips on the front edges of the mesh screen. This screen door helps you to get rid of tiny bugs inside of your room and makes your room airy. The inner closures of the screen are magnetic; so it ensures self lock and you can open the screen without using your hands. The soft mesh does not cause any harm to your kids and pets. This product is simple to install and take out. It is also effortlessly foldable and storable.

  • Magnetic buckles with magnetic strips available.
  • Air circulation is outstanding but keeps tiny bugs away.
  • Easy installation of detachable doors.

6. CHERAINTI Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass Mesh Screen Door

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The screen is made of fine fiberglass mesh to allow proper air circulation and the transparency of the texture lets the daylight pass into your room. The tight Velcro on the frame of the screen makes the grip stronger. No bugs can enter your room due to the fine texture of the mesh. With the help of 12 magnetic strips and 14 strong magnets, the opening and closing of the screen are very easy and noise-free, and your pets can also enter your room by themselves. It does no harm to your pets and kids. Moreover, it comes 1 tape, bunch of push pins and a Velcro roll, which makes the installation stress-free.

  • Superb air ventilation with anti-tear property.
  • Natural light passes through.
  • Easy walkthrough for pets and kids.

5. Anshinto Summer Magnetic Screen Door Magnet

 Anshinto Summer Prevent Mosquito Curtain Portiere Screen Door Magnetic Magnet Scenery

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This colorful mesh screen for the doors mainly attracts the toddlers and four-legged friends. You can fold this seamlessly and it is for storing. You can use this curtain on a single door, caravan door and even sliding door. The edges are entirely concealed with magnets, which gives a secure opening and closing while passing the screen. This curtain keeps the insects out of your room. It is made of good quality mesh which makes it easily see through product. This curtain is also recyclable.

  • Beautiful color combinations available.
  • Fits for all types of doors like single, sliding, caravan, double.
  • Flexible and translucent with eco-friendly property.

4. Home Diamonds Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

 Home Diamonds Ultra Heavy Duty Fiberglass Magnetic Mesh Screen Door Full Frame

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The package of the product comes with a screen for door, black metal thumbtacks and Velcro. The total outline is made with Velcro; which permits very simple set-up and removal. This curtain is crafted with fiberglass mesh. This screen fits almost every door like front, back and even sliding doors of your balcony, patio, and glass and so on. The two lines of the door are covered with 26 magnetic stripes; which allows you and your pets to walk through the door effortlessly. It protects your room from bugs. The magnets are easy to remove from the screen if not required.

  • Full frame Velcro mesh.
  • Black thumbtacks with weights at the bottom.
  • Fiberglass mesh stronger than conventional ones.

3. Heeku Magnetic Screen Door

 Heeku Magnetic Screen Door Top to Bottom Ultra Seal Magnets Shut Automatically

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This screen is perfect for the door size in between 38”X81” to 36”X90”. This sleek is very easy to install. It allows fresh air in and forbids the entries of the insects. The curtain is designed as a see through product; so you can easily look outside of your room. The magnet helps you, toddlers and also your pets to effortlessly walk-through, as it closes automatically. Total auto-shut 12 magnetic stripes and 16 strong magnets grip the mesh screen effectively. With this screen, you can get a box of drawing pins and a Velcro roll.

  • Hands-free direct walkthrough.
  • Heavy-duty mesh with magnetic stripes.
  • Drawing pins and Velcro rolls provided.

2. Trademark Home Magnetic Screen Door

 Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Magnets and Mesh Curtain by Everyday Home

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This magnetic screen door comes with heavy-duty magnets and mesh curtain. The material used is one premium-quality, and it is suitable as a pet screen door or the ones with high-traffic. The magnets open up quickly and close automatically which is the primary reason for using a magnetic screen door. Most importantly, the close is tight, and there is no gap for insects to fly in. The installation is easy and so is the removal. You can fold it for easy storage and transport.

  • Heavy-duty magnets.
  • Suitable for high-traffic doors.
  • No gap Velcro closure.

1. LETOOR Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door with Super Durable Fiberglass Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro Fits Door Size up to 36" X 82''Max

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This magnetic screen door is 10 times uses fiberglass mess which is stronger than polyester mesh. The tensile strength of the door is extremely high and there are 28 pieces of strong magnets available with reinforced edges. On top of that, there are gravity sticks at the bottom sides. Easy side is double stitched and the installation is easy. It keeps the interior free from pests and safe for pets and kids. There are black thumbtack available that prevent the screen from falling down.

  • Most number of magnets available.
  • Gravity sticks provided for safety.
  • Double stitching for higher durability.

Conclusion –

While buying a magnetic screen door, you should check at the safety features. There are gravity sticks installed at the bottom side to prevent it from falling. Furthermore, there is double stitching done in some for durability as well as safety purpose. Different magnetic screen has different number of magnets and you should also consider the size for a perfect fit for your doors.

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