Top 10 Best Men’s Cross Training Shoes in 2022

Cross-training fitness and functional training fitness has been a new entry to the fitness vogue over the last decade. Training in cross style can include many workouts all in one direction. Such as squats, strength cleans, deadlifts, spring box, climbing ropes, and more. Such training sessions are highly versatile.

So you need men’s cross-training shoes that fit all your workouts. Having low quality and uncomfortable men’s cross-training shoes will be annoying. As your legs need to have a comfortable atmosphere. To let you exercise to your complete strength.

In this article, we are going to review the top 10 best Men’s cross-training shoes in 2022. This will help you in choosing your perfect workout partner. And if you still find yourself in any confusion, a buyer’s guide at the bottom will be there to help you out.

List of Top 10 Best Men’s Cross Training Shoes in 2022:

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#10. Nike Zoom Command Men’s Cross Training Men’s cross-training shoes

. Nike Zoom Command Men's Cross Training Men’s cross-training shoes

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To begin with, we present you with these high-quality men’s cross-training shoes from NIKE. And you will find a lot more suggestions from the same brand in this article. Nike has proved itself to be one of the pioneers in producing the best men’s cross-training shoes.

Returning to these incredible pairs of men’s cross-training shoes. Apart from being a cross-trainer. These men’s cross-training shoes feature a very stylish design. If you are a fitness enthusiast and involved in many workouts. This is the ideal men’s cross-training shoes pair for you.

The best part about them is that it consists of TPU midfoot wrap. These men’s cross-training shoes are very flexible to provide you with the utmost comfort. The Flywire cables are threaded into the men’s cross-training shoes. Specifically connected with the laces to keep the feet relaxed and locked. With all the qualities, this Nike Zoom has also drawbacks. We would suggest you look for an alternative if you have wide feet. As this pair might get narrow and small for your feet size.

What We Like The Most:

  • Compatible for almost all type of exercises
  • Woven flywire cable to provide relaxation and a tight grip to your feet
  • Lightweight, making them convenient to wear during workouts

#9. NOBULL Training Men’s cross-training shoes and Styles – Trainers

#9. NOBULL Training Men’s cross-training shoes and Styles - Trainers

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If you desire men’s cross-training shoes with a minimal appearance. But comfortable and stylish at the same time then this pair from NoBull is what you need.

The latest update in these men’s cross-training shoes is that it features a sports midsole. That is even less compressible than its predecessor. Which makes it a perfect pair of men’s cross-training shoes to wear while doing heavy weight lifting.

They have a SupeFabric construction on the top that has dotted guard plates. Which gives it a very beautiful crocodile skin texture. The best part is that the material used in construction makes it very durable and flexible. Also abrasion-resistant.

The outsole of these men’s cross-training shoes provides great assistance. If you are going for rope climb because the pattern on the sole provides an exceptional grip. And makes your climbing secure. A perfect pair of men’s cross-training shoes that are suitable for all exercises and workouts.

What WE Like The Most:

  • Ideal for heavy weight lifting
  • Durable and flexible SuperFabric construction
  • Provides great grip while doing rope climb and it is also abrasion resistant

#8. Under Armour Men’s Ultimate Speed Formation Sneaker

#8. Under Armour Men's Ultimate Speed Formation Sneaker

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If you are a big Dwayne Johnson “The Rock ” fan then you would be glad to know this. Under Armour produces these men’s cross-training shoes in partnership with him. The flexible midsole with a dual-layer is constructed of EVA foam. Optimized design for a wide range of training sessions.

They are perfect for weight exercises. But for extreme weightlifting, they can sound quite mushy. The energy return from the midsole is incredible. And when it comes to plyometrics, it feels “bounced.”

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The UA Ultimate Speed also provides enough shock absorption for limited men’s cross-training shoes. If your training includes multiple leaping and plyometric. These are by far the best exercise trainers.

The dynamic shroud construction on the top provides your forefoot with great stability and support. Moreover, the flexible construction of perforated leather allows having great breathability. That gives your feet a relaxed and light atmosphere. This is an ideal piece of a trainer if you desire a budget-friendly option.

What We Like The Most:

  • Consist of a flexible midsole with an EVA foam construction
  • The ideal of various weight exercises
  • A budget-friendly option with great quality and durability

#7. Adidas Athletics 24/7

#7. Adidas Athletics 24/7

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Adidas Athletics is one of the most comfortable men’s trainers on this list. These men’s cross-training shoes feature a very stylish look. Without compromising on its comfortability.

You can wear these on any occasion other than the workout sessions. As they are very nice looking trainers. Adidas Athletics is a very versatile men’s trainer that carries a “Charismatic Factor” with it. And will complement your workout as well as occasional attire.

They feature a very easy and quick lacing system which is adjustable. In which you feel the most comfortable. However, the textile covering is comfy and the sock-like style requires many touchpoints to ensure the best fit.

The upper section is often very flexible and extensive. Assisting with balance and the ability to play more toes. This textile design substantially helps with heat dissipation. But lacks meaningful support for the knee and is therefore not recommended for individuals with flat feet.

What We Like The Most:

  • One of the most comfortable trainers
  • Consists of a very flexible and durable textile construction
  • Suitable for both workout and party occasion.

#6. adidas Men’s Powerlift 4

#6. adidas Men's Powerlift 4

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This is the latest update of Adidas to the Powerlift series. It attaches a 15 mm weight lift wedge on the middle sole of its predecessors. Such that a squatting stance can be properly maintained.

These men’s cross-training shoes feature an EVA foam that is compressible. And provides a stable surface for various exercises. These are the ideal piece of men’s cross-training shoes if you are a weight lifting lover. They will be a great partner and will provide a very helpful aid.

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Thanks to the synthetic leather upper the toe box is very versatile. It enables the toe to control through the last reps. The toe box also includes grinding to maintain a good circulation for your feet. This is what makes the best part of it.

We would highly recommend these pairs of men’s trainers. If you are more towards doing exercises that involve jumping, burpees or jump squats. Moreover, the Adidas outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear and provides great durability.

What We Like The Most:

  • Provides great support and stability during weight lifting
  • The durable textile used in the construction
  • Versatile cross-training men’s cross-training shoes

#5. Reebok Men’s Speed Tr 2.0 Sneaker

#5. Reebok Men's Speed Tr 2.0 Sneaker

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The men’s cross-training shoes have done a wonderful job of maintaining a reasonable level of flexibility. For many workouts including CrossFit WODs. The toe is fitted with improved RopePro technology. To ensure that your men’s cross-training shoes remain intact during exhausting workouts.

Moreover, men’s cross-training shoes are lightweight. So it will be very convenient for you to wear them during exercise. And will provide your feet with great relaxation.

These men’s cross-training shoes designed to give you viable support and stability during heavy weightlifting. With the most comfortable feels. Also, their flexibility allows you to carry out any type of unconventional exercise.

The men’s cross-training shoes are perfectly woven so they will be a great option for a longer run. You will not be disappointed buying these trainers. And it will aid in your daily workout routines.

What WE Like The Most:

  • Feature a very lightweight design and weighs only 241 grams
  • Provides great support during various exercises
  • Contains a good flexibility

#4. New Balance Men’s 40v1 Minimus Cross Trainer

#4. New Balance Men's 40v1 Minimus Cross Trainer

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The Minimus 40 is the next men’s training men’s cross-training shoes in the Minimus New Balance long term collection. They come complete with the latest Rapid Rebound outsole foam. That is highly suited for workouts which involve several jumping elements. Such as plyometrics and burpees. Increased shock absorption in the heel area is given by the REVlite heel. While also increasing flexibility and longevity. The TPU heel clip works very well to reduce the heel load.

The Minimus 40 is constructed of a synthetic fabric with TPU breathable reinforcement on the top. The breathing top is built to fluidize with the foot acrobatics. With a tidy look and simple color, the style of the Minimus 40 maintains the minimalist feature.

The New Balance Minimus 40 known as one of the best-friendly sneakers on our chart, and we agree with that. It’s a sensitive dressing and balance of comfort. This is the right men’s cross-training shoes for people who include more athletic components in their cross-training.

What We Like The Most:

  • Feature a lightweight and minimal design
  • Contains synthetic textile construction
  • Flexible and provides great support

#3. Nike Free X Metcon 2

#3. Nike Free X Metcon 2

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The Nike Free X Metcon is a crossover of Nike Free and Nike Metcon. They offer the best in both respects by incorporating the Metcons ‘ strength and durability with Nike Free comfort.

The Free X Metcon is comparable to the Nike Metcon 4, our previous favorite. These are the best men’s cross-training shoes for someone with a more aerobic and fitness program. Because you get the Nike Free X Metcon and a crossing men’s cross-training shoes together

The Free X Metcons were on the easy side certainly during our tests without getting too mushy. This was perfect for a longer exercise session in the gym without some wear and tear.

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While these trainers are not built for competitive powerlifting or weightlifting. They have performed in all the different tasks that we have experienced. Including squats, jumping jackets, burpees, and light running. They are the perfect cross-training shoes for individuals all around.

What WE Like The Most:

  • Versatile trainers, ideal for various exercises
  • Prevents slippage and rubbing and provides relaxation
  • Provides excellent grip during lateral movements

#2. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

#2. Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

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Searching for durable men’s cross-training shoes and of high quality? Then Reebok Corssfir Nano 8.0 is what you are looking for. These men’s trainers might not have equipped with the most stylish design. But they are better than most of its competitors in terms of durability and quality.

The men’s cross-training shoes have a bootie pattern. That rests independently on the outside foot and glides like a glove on your feet. The men’s cross-training shoes are lightweight and supportive. Without being too loose or heavy.

These men’s cross-training shoes carry enough room for comfortable sitting and are easily suitable for any fleet size. This can be particularly useful if you have performed a back squat through the last few sets.

The men’s cross-training shoes serve side movements well with a comfortable weightlifting platform. The surface is a sturdy lightweight fabric and has both design and flexibility. The top is robust. The design of a Flexweave is very breathable. It can be scrapped and split from climbing ropes and climbing walls as well.

What WE Like The Most:

  • Enough room and suitable for all feet size
  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Provides great support and good grip while performing climbing exercises

#1. Nike Men’s Metcon 4 XD Training Men’s cross-training shoes

Nike Men's Metcon 4 XD Training Men’s cross-training shoes

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As we said already that you will find more recommendations from NIKE than any other brand. Here the top position is also grabbed by a NIKE men’s men’s cross-training shoes. Last year’s Nike Metcon 4 became a central brand in cross-training.

The Metcon 4 is so strong and well-established that we think that you don’t even have to buy a new Metcon 5. For more than 6 months indoors and outdoors, we checked the Metcon 4 for satisfactory results. You do not need to read further if you are looking for the best men’s cross-training shoes on the site.

Nike has provided the Metcon 4 all the functionality in a fitness men’s cross-training shoes. The top layer comprises a flexible mesh and a strengthened composite material combination. The top is very flexible, easy and suitable for exercises such as burpees and box jumps.

The Metcon 4 also has a clever and close-fit optimized Flywire framework. When you take a lot of side-to-side turns, the heel falls minimally. So you know that your men’s cross-training shoes are protecting your feet.

What WE Like The Most:

  • Best among all the other men’s cross-training shoes
  • Flexible, durable and sturdy trainers
  • Provide great assistance in all type of exercises

Buyer’s Guide

With all the above-mentioned products. Here we present you with a buyer’s guide. This will help you know what are factors that will help you get yourself the best men’s cross-training shoes.


Quality is one of the main factors to remember in purchasing every men’s cross-training shoes. Not to mention a men’s cross-training shoes which you wear most days of the week for an intense workout. The good quality of the product thinks about breathable material, memory foam, and a soft sole. The strongest cross trainers will have both, allowing them to last longer and better


When you pick the best cross-training men’s cross-training shoes. One of the most important criteria is stability. A good comfort men’s cross-training shoes can serve as a firm lifting base. Men’s cross-training shoes that have a heavy midsole sometimes give the wobbly feel. It can be avoided during weightlifting. Be assured that stable men’s cross-training shoes don’t mean that they have to be stiff and unpleasant. Men’s cross-training shoes like the Adidas or NB Minimus 40 series have plenty of traction and coiling to hold your feet wretched after the gym.


Often a good fitting men’s cross-training shoes will improve efficiency. And should not feel too restrictive or awkward. A fastened men’s cross-training shoes can swell and ache your feet. While a loose men’s cross-training shoes allows your foot to fall out. And it will contribute to bulbs and rashes. Be sure that the smallest toe and inner men’s cross-training shoe tip have a gap of at least half an inch for the best fit.


A comfortable workout men’s cross-training shoes help you work out a bit more. If you’re not comfy in your trainers, you won’t have to work out and take off your limit. This implies that you’re going to the gym fewer indirectly. Comfortable men’s cross-training shoes help you to prevent injuries and take less time to heal. Pick the men’s cross-training shoes’ comfort points according to the training scheme. You should choose slides with the midsole like the Nike Free X Metcon or The New Balance Minimus 40. Whether the cross-training involves further running, jumping or cardio.


A decent pair of cross-training shoes will be able to handle everything that you do. This is why brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas spend lots of money to develop trainers that can resist fitness tension. While being confident with your feet.


Now you have every background information, you need to know. The included products in the list are the best out there in the market. You need to know what type of men’s cross-training shoes suits your workout routine the best.

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