Best Octane Boosters in 2020 Reviews

When you own a car, you need to contemplate its efficiency and measures to improve it. It may be costly to keep your car operating at the optimum level. In the present market, there are certain products that are exceptionally designed to improve your car’s efficiency and indirectly save you money. One of such products is the octane boosters that are dedicated to enhancing the octane levels within your gasoline. The same would improve your gas mileage. The car would operate excellently if the gas mileage is improved. In case you wish to enhance your vehicle’s performance and wish to enhance your fuel efficiency, a decent quality octane booster is necessary to supplement to your gasoline tank. These boosters guarantee that your engine operates at peak performance for a longer duration. Once you go through the discussed octane boosters, you will be served with sufficient insight into the best ones:

List of Top 10 Best Octane Boosters in 2020 Reviews on Amazon.Com

10. Blue Magic NA30-12PK Turbo 108 Octane Boost – 16 fl. oz:

 Blue Magic NA30-12PK Turbo 108 Octane Boost

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Capable to significantly boost the octane level, the Blue Magic Turbo 108 octane booster also comes with superb anti-knock effectiveness. It owns potential to restore lost horsepower and it is found safe for use with all gasoline engines, catalytic and sensors. Facility of many bottles in this octane booster product indicates that the user would avail sufficient product for many refills. Moreover, they are equipped with a long neck design in order to simplify the pouring. The octane boost is formulated to guarantee first-class engine performance. For use with a pack of 12 16-ounce octane boosters, it proves to be one of the finest values in the present market.


  • There would be no harm to gasoline engines.
  • Some typical engine problems like stalling, knocks, hesitation, etc. will be eliminated.

9.  Maxpower 337129 4 Oz Mechanic In A Bottle Gas Treatment:

 Maxpower 337129 4 Oz Mechanic In A Bottle Gas Treatment

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Maxpower presented this synthetic fuel additive that functions within your power equipment based on 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines. This 4 oz gas treatment is capable to eliminate all varnish within the fuel system without requiring eliminating the carburetor. There will be an effective exclusion of water and carbon deposits. Also, it owns the capabilities to recondition rubber and plastic components, and renew old fuel. Your equipment’s existing fuel system will be rejuvenated so that it begins proficiently and works in top-notch condition. Moreover, your vehicle’s engine is retained in top working condition, avert repairs and also avert downtime.


  • This Mechanic In A Bottle gas treatment instantly fixes engines without discarding the carburetor.
  • It can rejuvenate rubber gaskets which might have dehydrated out from ethanol.
  • It can eliminate water that may be responsible to cause rust and poor running.
  • This 4 oz octane booster is capable to restore old, decomposed fuel by eliminating carbon deposits and supplementing an octane booster to substitute lost octane.

8.  104+ 10406 Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz.:

 104+ 10406 Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz

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The 104+ octane booster is acclaimed for its exceptional bottle design due to its long neck configuration. This kind of unique design entices the attention of customers to go for this 16 fl. oz. octane booster. In addition to adorning aesthetics, this model of octane booster simplifies the process to handle and pour octane. Similar to the majority of other superior quality octane boosters, this one is being formulated to employ safety on the oxygen sensors as well as catalytic converters. Furthermore, it will assist the user to clean the fuel injector to convey enhanced engine performance.

There will be substantial boosts in power and exceptional gas mileage is perceived through this product. When you are confused about how to clean fuel injectors, this 10406 octane booster is a suitable choice. There would be a great reduction in pings, knocks, and hesitation. Generally, it is found safe for catalytic converters and also for oxygen sensors.


  • It comes in an aesthetic bottle design for suitable handling and pouring.
  • While using this model of octane booster, there will be minimal concerns about knocks and pings.

7. Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST, 16 oz:

 Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST, 16 oz

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The Royal Purple 16 ounce can is essentially a high-performance octane booster that implements fuel treatment. This 16 oz max boost octane booster enhances gasoline octane, decrease emissions and improve engine performance while simultaneously stabilizing fuel. It is uniquely formulated with MMT, so it can flawlessly deliver the finest octane enhancement. The corresponding octane boost is highly supportive for eliminating pre-ignition, engine-damaging detonation, and knocking from the low octane gasoline. Also, it is found that the Max-Boost octane booster is specially formulated for engines possessing carburetors, direct injection and port fuel injection. Moreover, it is also designed for supercharged, turbocharged, and nitrous-injected engines.

With the incorporation of the ROY11757 octane booster, it ensures complete safety for use within leaded and unleaded gasoline. Also, it presents great safety for use with alternative fuels like reformulated gasoline, gasohol, and every ethanol blend.


  • For guaranteeing comprehensive protection of non-hardened valve seats, this MAX BOOST octane booster substitutes lead additives.
  • There would be no difficulties while restoring power and fuel economy during the process of cleaning fuel injectors’ deposits.
  • It owns potential to escalate octane rating up to 30 points.
  • Issues of power loss arising due to knock-retard within the computer-controlled vehicles will be limited.
  • Its use is found safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Excellent protection is offered against the phosphorus toxic of catalytic converters.

6. Gumout 510022 Octane Booster:

 Gumout 510022 Octane Booster

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The octane booster form Gumout escalates the level of octane in gas so that there will be the superb restoration of appropriate combustion and performance. It is true that every engine is calibrated to operate on fuel with a precise octane rating. In case the level of the octane is extremely low, it happens that the fuel can catch fire early. So, this may lead to the issues of knocks and pings. Within those vehicles with knock sensors, the reduced level of octane gas can hold back timing, decrease performance and can severely influence the fuel economy. All such hassles of reduced octane level will now be discarded with this 510022 octane booster.


  • The 510022 octane booster from Gumout can restore proper combustion and reduces emissions.
  • It is an oxygen sensor safe booster and found completely safe for use inside supercharged and turbocharged vehicles.
  • In order to benefit the most, you just need to add the whole bottle to an empty gasoline tank. Subsequently, fill the tank with gasoline volume of up to 15 gallons and make sure you use every fill-up.

5. Lubegard 77012 Fuel System Booster Cleaner – 16 oz.:

 Lubegard 77012 Fuel System Booster Cleaner

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The appreciation of the efficient working of this Lubegard 77012 octane booster goes to its state of the art formula. This formula allows your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. This Fuel system booster could be used inside any type of engines whether it is diesel or gasoline. Generally, its use is found safe for these mentioned engines. Furthermore, it can safely work with all bio-fuel and ethanol blends. If your vehicle possesses 4-cycle and 2-cycle engines, there will be no compromise in safety. Through single treatment, you would find a positive difference. It is a perfect fuel system booster for new DIG fuel systems. Finally, you would perceive long-lasting and safe fuel storage.


  • There is the implementation of an exceptional proprietary polyether amine (PEA) detergent technology. Actually, this one is the greatest effectual chemistry for use on the total fuel system clean-up which outlives competitors
  • The included FLA additive offers proper lubrication of injectors and fuel pumps.
  • The fuel will be stabilized during storage so there are no chances of hazards.
  • There will be a positive improvement in the engine’s fuel economy and horsepower. Furthermore, it system improves deposits from the intake valves and combustion chamber, limits emissions, and enables the user to use cost-effective lower octane fuels successfully.

4. VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster 32 oz:

 VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster 32 oz

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For boosting the fuel performance and the efficiency of the vehicle’s engine, the Madditive octanium octane booster is an ideal choice. It is possible to accommodate this product inside a 2 cycle engine and consequently, it would run smoothly. You will be amazed to see how your vehicle flies with a noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency.


  • This 32 oz octane booster raises the level of octane up to 8 numbers or you may consider 80 points. Moreover, it increases the horsepower of the engine.
  • There would be minimal issues of knocking and pinging.
  • A positive improvement is found in the throttle response and acceleration.
  • It can effectively remove gum and varnish build-up.

3. Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane:

 Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane

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The present product of octane booster from RACE-GAS is actually a patented product that is lab and race proven to be a feasible substitute for racing fuel when blended with pump gas. In addition to raising the octane level, it is popular for boosting chemical energy and the pump gas’ oxygen. When you use this 100032 RACE-GAS octane booster in road race cars, drag cars, snow mobiles, rally cars, ATVs, PWC, motorcycles, and boats, there will be a noticeable boost in the efficiency of fuel. Now it is easy to assimilate the required amount of octane wherever, whenever you need. Also, it removes some common concern like cost finding, transporting handling, and storage of racing fuel.


  • The corresponding patented unleaded formula would escalate the octane level of pump gas up to 105 (r+m/2).
  • During the operation, there would be no damage to the O2 sensors, catalytic converters, or fuel system components.
  • It can work seamlessly in any engine that needs high octane fuel such as E85 and2 Stroke engines.
  • It is completely safe to use since its chemical formula is devoid of alcohol.

2. Klotz Higher Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon:

 Klotz Higher Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

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A decent quality octane booster is the one that accomplishes many tasks in addition to just raising the level of octane. This 128-ounce gallon octane booster from Klotz would escalate the octane rating by up to 10 numbers. Furthermore, it works effectively to clean the carburetors and fuel injector. In this way, there will be a considerable boost in the overall engine performance and its life. It is made popular due to its excellent lubricity, and it is uniquely formulated to be helpful in avoiding the odds of pinging and knocking.


  • It works as a tetraethyl lead substitute for enhanced lubricity.
  • This Klotz octane booster would stabilize flame front and also regulates burn speed.
  • It can perfectly clean carburetor and injector.
  • There will be a positive change in the fuel burning mechanism.

1. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster (Quart Bottle):

 BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster-Octane Boosters

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Capable to elevate the effective octane of your fuel to as high as 116, this booster is completely justifiable at the offered price. Its working mechanism enables the user to personalize your fuel for tuning the engine precisely.  There will be superb protection provided against the ill side effects of ethanol. Moreover, it can flawlessly regain lubricity, avoid flakely deposits, avoid corrosion, and extend the engine life.  With its regular use, you will perceive the increased performance of your engine.  It allows your vehicle’s engine to operate at higher compression as well as higher boost.

Actually, the BOOSTane professional octane booster is the only octane booster obtainable in the market that offers independent third-party testing. Taking a look at whether it is safe to use or not, it is found completely safe for use on every gasoline engine. When you use it, there is no need to concern about knocks and pre-detonation.


  • The corresponding high fuel octane boost would protect the engine against the harmful effects of ethanol.
  • It is uniquely formulated to restore lubricity, avoid depositing and rust.

Concluding Note:

With the choice of an appropriate octane booster to use in your vehicle, it is certain that the vehicle efficiency and performance will be boosted. You will be benefitted with a smooth running engine without compromising safety.

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