Best Pocket Knives in 2020 Reviews

If you are looking for the Best Pocket Knives, you are on the right page. The availability of thousands of variety of knives today makes it cumbersome and confusing to choose the best of the lot. While some prefer to buy on parameters including brand or utility, some consider price as a factor while deciding on the best. There are several considerations you must keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • Whether you need it for kitchen or simply to carry it along while away in the mountains
  • Length of the blade
  • Price, brand and quality
  • Number of blades

Here is a list of top 10 best pocket knives in 2020 on

10. Case Mini Caplifter Pocket Knife

 Case Mini Amber Bone Trapper with Caplifter Pocket Knife

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This pocket knife is a member of the Mini Trapper with Caplifter family. This durable folding knife features an amber bone handle with the Clip blade and the Caplifter that is a multifunctional tool designed to use as a screw driver and bottle opener. From skinning to removing bones, the extended blade is one of the handiest pocket knives you will ever own. It is a great pocket knife for everyday demands.


  • Clip blade and Caplifter
  • Case Tru-Sharp stainless Steel blade.
  • Extraordinary Blade strength and Corrosion resistance.
  • Length: 3.5” closed and 2.75” blade length
  • Weight: 2.56 ounces

9. Kershaw Leek Serrated (1660ST)

Kershaw Leek Serrated

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The 1660ST Leek from Kershaw comprises Classic Leek including a non-reflective bead-blasted matte finish and partially notched edge. The Leek’s customized drop-point blade is crafted with 14C28N Sandvik steel. The blade is magnificent at slicing and dicing, the Leek’s partial serration cuts the materials without tearing them.


  • 3” customized blade with a partially notched edge.
  • Non-reflective bead-blasted matte finish.
  • Stainless steel body, Speed Safe opening, Tip- Lock, reversible pocket clip.
  • Increased corrosion resistance and edge retention.

8. Case Trapper Knives

Case Orange Trapper Pocket Knife

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The trapper knives are equipped with two full-length blades, a meager clip blade, and a long Spey blade. It features Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless steel, Chrome Vanadium, or 154-cm blades fabricated and bone handles to choose from.

The clip blade, on the Trapper knife, is optimal for kitchen work. The Trapper knife can be used for performing everyday tasks like opening mail, cutting rope, skinning, and dressing etc.


  • Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel that offers blade strength and Corrosion resistance.
  • Clip and Spey blades.
  • Length: 4.13” closed.
  • Weight: 4.0 ounces.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket knife

 Victorinox Original Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

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The climber pocket knife is fully loaded and light weight, comprising of 14 functions and offers sleek design. The Climber eliminates bulk and optimizes functionality which is ideal for the everyday task. The Compact design makes the Climber knife ideal for any outdoor activities including hiking, camping as well as convenient for everyday use around the house or office.


  • Large and Small blades, tweezers, screwdriver, cap lifter and wire stripper.
  • Reamer, key ring inox, corkscrew, scissors, toothpick, multipurpose hook.
  • Smart tool placement and Easy to Use.
  • Length: 3.58” closed.
  • Weight: 2.9 ounces.

6. Tac-force Pocket knife

 Tac-force Extra Large Grey 10.5" Folding Blade Spring

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The knife is extra large and features a foldable blade created by Tac-force. This knife is spring assisted and is a tactical folding knife. It is absolutely Razor sharp and the knife offers a quality spring load. With half serrated and scalloped, the Tac-force knife is ideal for cutting foods with a hard exterior. Camping, outdoor activities etc, this is an ideal knife.


  • Spring Assisted Tactical folding knife.
  • 6” Handle with Sheriff Medallion.
  • 4.5” Half Serrated, Scalloped Blade.
  • Length: 6” closed.
  • Includes a Pocket Clip.

5. Case Stockman Pocket knife

Case Small Brown Stockman Pocket Knife

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The versatile folding Stockman knives bundle three blades in a convenient way. The Stockman small pocket knife offers impact resistant, jigged synthetic handle and Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades. The Sheepfoot and the Clip are at the pocket end while the Pen blade is on the cap end. The Sheepfoot grants additional strength making It efficient for carving and carry out a complete cut. This multi-purpose pocket knife is convenient for daily tasks, camping, hiking or hunting.


  • Clip, Sheepfoot and Pen blades.
  • Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless steel blades.
  • Ideal for kitchen, wood carving, light whittling and other everyday tasks.
  • Length: 2.63” closed.
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces.

4. Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Blur Linerlock A/O black

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The blurs started it all. The Kershaw Blur knife is equipped with a slightly curved blade created with Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel offering excellent slicing and piercing capabilities. The blade is coated with DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) for extra resistance and to enhance the look. The handle features Trac-Tec grip-tape, durable 6061-T6 anodized aluminium. The blur is equipped with SpeedSafe assisted opening for easy one-hand opening. The blur offers excellent quality and durability making it ideal for everyday tasks around the house and for outdoor activities.


  • SpeedSafe Assisted for easy one-hand opening.
  • Inset Liner Lock.
  • Pre-drilled holes to enable the user for tip-up or tip-down carry.
  • Coated blades with DLC for extra scratch and corrosion resistant.
  • Trac. Tec inserts offer quality grip on the handle.

3. Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife

Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife

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The Chive just might be the most efficient and perfect little pocketknife. With its 1.9” blade, created using high-carbon 420HC steel, the Chive is a small knife ideal for tasks such as opening packages to breaking down the cardboard boxes. The blades offer good edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is made of 410 Stainless corrosion resistant steel. Both the blade and the handle are coated in bead-blasted finish for non-reflective and matte finish.


  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening.
  • Frame lock prevents the blade from accidently closing while the knife is in use.
  • Tip-lock, a small slider that locks the tip of the blade until the tip-lock is released.
  • Ideal for everyday cutting work such as cutting zip-ties, stripping wires, removing staples etc.
  • High-carbon blade steel offering good edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance.

2. Victorinox Trekker

 Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker is a One-handed pocket knife, allows to open the high quality steel main blade with a simple flick of the thumb. The blades are locked after opening for safety. The Trekker is serrated and is Swiss made. This 111 MM knife offers an ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use.


  • One-Hand Trekker Knife.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Features screwdrivers, can openers, stripper, cap lifter and more.
  • Linear Lock for safety.

1. Kershaw 1550 Blackout

Kershaw 1550 Blackout Folding Knife with SpeedSafe - Best Pocket Knives

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The Kershaw 1550 Blackout blade was selected as a Blade Magazine Best Buy. It features a 14C28N stainless-steel blade and offers an extremely durable handle of glass-filled nylon. The DLC coated blade offers excellent corrosion and scratch resistance. A linear lock maintains the blade in a safe position. The removable tip-down pocket clip is convenient for everyday carry. This classic drop-point blade is perfect for everyday carry and convenient for a wide variety of everyday tasks.


  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening.
  • Linear Lock to prevent the knife from accidentally closing.
  • Single position pocket Clip.
  • Length: 4.5” closed, Blade Length: 3 ¼”

Final Verdict

The knives that we have reviewed in this article have both pros and cos. However, all the 10 knives were picked from among the thousands of knives available in the market. Irrespective of whether you are looking for power, price or durability, the list has all of them. While some of them are made to fit pockets, some are just higher rates ones owing to their affordability in comparison with other counterparts. We recommend you to consider your requirements first based on factors such as price, brand and utility and then proceed with the purchase.

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