Best Portable Digital Voice Recorders in 2020 Reviews

Technology has a way of changing everything From old tin type recordings to reel to reel tape recorders to cassette styled recording. Technology keeps upgrading how one’s voice is preserved. Now technology has added digital recording. The top 10 portable digital voice recorders in 2020 are the new wave in recording. You won’t believe how good they really are.

Our List of top 10 Best Digital Voice Recorders in 2020:

10. Zoom Portable Digital Recorder

Zoom Portable Digital Recorder

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This little recorder has everything you need. Two unidirectional mics that record in stereo that record to micro SD and SDHC cards. Plus, it will record on WAV or to MPS formats. Then you can use the speaker to monitor the quality of recorded sound.

One AA battery provides up to 10 hours of recording action. But that is not all. You can use the USB connection to record and sound edit on your computer.

Special Features:

  • 2 mics recording in stereo
  • Input phone jack
  • Digital display
  • Auto leveling feature
  • Compatible with up to 32GB SSD or SDHC cards

9. EVISTR Voice Recorder

EVISTR Voice Recorder

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The 8GB sound recorder can store up to 560 hours of quality voice recordings. Plus, with the rechargeable battery you can record for up to 11 hours at a time. The digital display lets you know exactly what is taking place. Then the menu button lets you choose what option you want. Its auto save feature makes sure your work is recorded every 5 seconds. Also, the voice activation lets you record without touching a button.

Special Features:

  • Digital display
  • Voice activation function
  • USB connectivity for downloading and recharging
  • Recording indicator light
  • 5-second auto save function

8. Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder

Dictopro Digital Voice Activated Recorder

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Two buttons control your recording action. You can hit the record to tape everything being said. Or you can hit the stop/play button to listen to what has been recorded. A menu button brings up your options on the digital display.
The voice activation feature makes recording easier and you can store up to 700 hours on the 8GB memory. Plus, the recorder is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. The USB connection enables easy transfer of your data.

Special Features:

  • 700 hours on 8GB memory
  • Voice activation feature
  • Digital display and menu options
  • USB connection
  • Noise reducing mics

7. FlatLED Portable Recorder

FlatLED Portable Recorder

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It looks like a flash drive, but it is a 16GB mini recorder. You can store up to 150 hours of conversations before adding any memory cards to the process. The sensitive mics will record voices up to 40 feet away while reducing any noise interference. The simple on and off button is easy to use as this is a plug and play unit. The USB connection allows you to directly plug this recorder into your computer.

Special Features:

  • 12 hours recording on 1-hour charge
  • 150 hours WAV storage on 16 GB memory
  • Use as USB or voice recorder
  • Auto-save function
  • Blue power indicator light

6. Sony Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

Sony Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

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You get a lot of options with this digital voice recorder. You can control the volume, hit pause and much more with its convenient control panel. The digital display lets you know exactly what is happening. You can add to the built-in 4 GB memory by inserting an SD card. This recorder will also record in MP3 or LPCM modes 3 minutes of charging will get you an hour of recording time.

Special Features:

  • Record in MP3 or LPCM modes
  • 4GB of built-in memory
  • USB connectivity
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Digital display

5. MONOLED Voice Recorder

MONOLED Voice Recorder

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With this 8GB recorder you can record in Wav but play back in WAV and playback in MP3, WMA, ADPCN formats. The built-in memory provides you with up to approx. 570 hours of storage space.The control panel is located on the side of the unit, so you only have to use your thumb to operate. Then its telephone recording feature lets you capture your phone calls with ease. Plus, the USB connectivity makes uploading and downloading a snap.

Special Features:

  • One button recording function
  • Telephone recording feature
  • Mac or PC compatible with USB connection
  • Stereo mics
  • Low battery indicator

4. eBoTrade Dirct Voice Recorder

eBoTrade Dirct Voice Recorder

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The mode button provides a menu on the digital display. You can record normal conversations or select the telephone function. To control your recording you get a record, stop and play buttons. Plus, the built-in speaker lets you listen to what you have already recorded. The 8GB of memory provide ample storage for all your recording needs. 2 AAA batteries give you up to 22 hours of recording and play action.

Special Features:

  • Compatible with WAV, MP3, WMA, WMV & ASF
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and more
  • 8GB memory, 22 hours of use
  • USB connectivity
  • Play back feature

3. YODYA Digital Voice Recorder

YODYA Digital Voice Recorder

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This tiny voice recorder contains 8Gb of memory and has USB connection. You can use it as a USB memory or voice recorder. Its one-hour charging provides you with up to 12 hours of recording fun. Simple to operate. Just turn on and wait for the 3 red light flashes. Plus, you can either carry it in your pocket or attach it to your key ring. A 1-year warranty protects your investment.

Special Features:

  • 8GB of memory
  • 2 in 1 use- USB stick or recorder
  • Records 36 hours of conversations
  • Compatible with Windows, Android and more
  • Records at speeds up to 512kbps

2. Seanme Digital Voice Recorder

Seanme Digital Voice Recorder

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It looks like a wrist watch but it is actually an 8Gb voice recorder. It will give you up to 18 hours of continuous use on one charge. Plus, you can store up to 480 hours of conversations. Easy to turn on or off and its auto-save feature will preserve all your recordings right away. Besides recording, you can use it as an MP3 player. It may even tell you the

Special Features:

  • MP3 playing capability
  • 18 hours of continuous recording
  • Auto-save feature
  • Easy to use on and off switch
  • Attaches to your wrist like a watch

1. ROCSUN Digital Voice Recorder

ROCSUN Digital Voice Recorder

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The dual microphones allow you to record in stereo and enable the noise reduction feature. All you do is push the record button to start recording, then press the stop button when you are finished. Its digital display lets you see which function is turned on and its voice activation function allows for hands free recording. The recorder uses the WAV mode to capture voices and music. Plus, you get up to 16 hours of recording time on a single charge.

Special Features:

  • LED display screen
  • 8GB of built-in memory
  • 24 language capability
  • USB connectivity
  • Stereo recording

Some Final Words

Technology has a way with upgrading almost everything. Recording a person’s voice is no exception. These top 10 portable digital voice recorders in 2020 demonstrate how far technology has brought the tape recorder. If you have trouble remembering lectures or important speeches, etc., then one of the top 10 portable digital voice recorders in 2020 will come in handy. They are designed to capture the voices and conversations you need to remember. Their small size and USB connectivity make them the perfect recording tool. As does their large built-in memory banks. They are the right tool for any recording task.

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