Best Samsung Galaxy A7 Cases & Covers in 2020 Reviews

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One of the expensive smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy A7 appears gorgeous and unique with its metal body. This device features a 5.5-inch super AMOLED capacitive touch screen based display. As the display is massive and the device’s body is a bit slippery, it is quite possible that it would slip off your hand and may be subjected to damage. For providing all-around protection against different kinds of damage, you need to equip your Samsung Galaxy A7 with a suitable case. While picking one of the best cases for this device, you need to focus on design aspects, grip, the protection offered, ease of access, etc. To get complete details about the finest cases and covers available for Samsung Galaxy A7, look at the below-mentioned products:

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10. Samsung Galaxy A7 Case, Protective Dual Layer Hybrid Full Body Thin Impact Shield:

 Samsung Galaxy A7 Case, Protective Dual Layer Hybrid [CoverON Slim Guard Series] Full Body Thin Impact Shield:

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This case is essentially the hybrid armor phone case designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy A7. It is certain that users will admire its durability, appealing design, and contemporary styling.


  • The case from CoverON comes with the upgraded durable semi-hard & semi-flexible type of TPU elastic interior layer made up of rubber.
  • With the help of shielding hard polycarbonate exterior layer, the device stays protected against damage.
  • It is found that its first layer is made up of a highly durable TPU rubber skin whereas the second layer uses the tough shatterproof plastic material. This case from the CoverON® Slim Guard Series makes use of only the supreme quality materials.
  • Its polycarbonate back is found excessively protective as compared to the commonly available plastic covers.
  • Since the manufacturer uses upgraded TPU, it is assured that the case will last for long-term without compromising the quality.
  • There is the inclusion of accurate button molds that guarantee that the buttons are precisely pressed when they must be.
  • Due to its full body dual-layer design, the users would obtain a slim fit, contemporary styling, and ultimate phone protection.

9. ONX3 (Blue) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Universal Luxury Style Folding PU Leather Spring Clamp Holder:

 ONX3 (Blue) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Universal Luxury Style Folding PU Leather Spring Clamp Holder:

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As perceptible from the name, this case is essentially a luxury style accessory that conveys unique style in an eye-catching manner. It essentially works as a clamp holder that can hold several small items in addition to your phone.


  • The case is prepared from superior quality synthetic leather along with the use of polyurethane (PU) which is dyed to be like real leather. It is found that the purpose behind this is to make a rich value.
  • As it uses high-quality leather, it is resistant against stain and scratches. The case is regarded to be as elegant as real leather.
  • It comes with the sliding phone cradle that permits you to capture pictures even with your Samsung Galaxy A7 is inside the case. To use it, you just need to slide the phone upward, enable the camera and capture the snap.
  • Your phone is assured to get protection against dirt, scratches, and fingerprints.
  • There are two accurately embedded magnets fitted inside the leather that firmly holds the upper flip to the rear side of the case. In this way, the case provides maximum protection with least effort and hitch.
  • You get peace of mind since you would know that your items will be safe where you left them from.
  • Its magnetic clasp of the leather works to keep the items in a fixed place and also holds everything in place.

8. Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Case, KTtwo :

 Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Case, KTtwo [Lightweight] [Scratch Resistant] [Drop Protection]:

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Now you need not be panic about the difficulty of access to different functions of your Samsung Galaxy A7 because this case provides easy access. Users will get the finest feeling of holding the phone in their hand.


  • The body of this case reveals transparent protective bumper material and the case also works to improve the original color of your device.
  • It incorporates Special 3D Relief Printing Pattern Design, Hybrid Design that works to maintain the pure and the finest feeling of safely keeping your Samsung Galaxy A7.
  • Your device will get comprehensive access to every function without the hassles of taking out the case.
  • There is the existence of TPU snap case which provides all-around security for your device against damaging factors like greasy dirt, scratches, and
  • With the assistance of super snap-on, it is quite simple to install and remove.
  • You can choose from the assortment of colors that include Simple Clear, Retro Flower, Colored Plaid, Retro Skull, and Rainbow Dot.

7. Galaxy A7 Case (2017 Version), CoverON Slim Soft Flexible TPU Rubber Phone Cover Case:

 Galaxy A7 Case (2017 Version), CoverON [FlexGuard Series] Slim Soft Flexible TPU Rubber Phone Cover Case:

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Designed exclusively to highlight the matte black finish, this Samsung Galaxy A7 case from CoverON will catch the attention of people around you. If you are insisting to get an ultra slim cover for this device then go for this case.


  • Its manufacturing process involves semi-hard thermoplastic polyurethane TPU rubber that is capable to absorb shocks. Moreover, it also presents an enhanced level of protection.
  • This case is regarded as an ultra slim model that is equipped with lifted bezels with a view that the display would remain self every time.
  • The case would easily wrap around your device perfectly, so no chances of loose fitting.
  • It is found that the case is precisely molded for a form-fit over your Galaxy A7 phone in a safe and snug style.
  • Its design is made lightweight and ultra-slim for everyday convenience.
  • The presence of front lip bezel avoids the concerns of LCD screen from placing flat.
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6. Samsung Galaxy A7 Case, NageBee – Wallet Flip Case Pouch Cover:

 Samsung Galaxy A7 Case, NageBee - Wallet Flip Case Pouch Cover:

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The characteristic that makes this cover stand unique from the rest is its pocket design, so it can easily fit inside your pocket. As suggested from the name, the cover is basically a wallet flip type with pouch based design to safely accommodate several things.


  • Implementation of secure snap lock mechanism works to keep everything secured for day-to-day use.
  • The flip case design always looks trendy yet classic. Additionally, it appears elegant to suit your personality as well.
  • Its pouch based design allows it conveniently hold different things such as license, credit cards, or business cards. Also, there is a separate insert provided for cash.
  • Its interior is precisely lined with the help of soft neoprene fabric which works to secure the phone against shocks, minor bumps, and unwanted abrasions.
  • With the assistance of an advanced handcrafted design, the cover is intended to last longer.
  • When you equip your Galaxy A7 with this cover, it will provide a fashionable slim fit without supplementing extra weight.
  • Its convenient pocket design facilitates the users with secure protection for their device and even for cards.

5. Maxessory Majestic Full-Body Impact Cover w/Premium Tough Texture Grip Hard-Back Rubber Cushion Hybrid Armor Shell Protector:

 Maxessory Majestic Full-Body Impact Cover w/Premium Tough Texture Grip Hard-Back Rubber Cushion Hybrid Armor Shell Protector:

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The credit of the high durability of this cover from Maxessory goes to the cushioned hybrid armor shell based design. Its manufacturers have taken sufficient care to design it in a manner that it can perfectly wrap around your phone.


  • This case from Maxessory provides drop-proof protection which works through the dual-layer protector equipped with the shell. There is complete assurance that this type of design works to absorb impact, drops, and shock.
  • It provides the ultra-slim coverage which is made possible with the implementation of well-crafted design using a tough shell and as well as skin.
  • Those who have used this case expressed that it conveniently fits Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A720.
  • It provides perfect fit and full-coverage protection that is assured to align seamlessly with ports, speakers, camera, and aside
  • There are no influences of damage because the cover is equipped with the jagged protective damage-proof based coverage. This coverage is capable to offer sturdy four corner protection.

4. ONX3 (Brown) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Case Universal Adjustable Spring Wallet ID Card Holder with Camera Slide and Banknotes Slot:

 ONX3 (Brown) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Case Universal Adjustable Spring Wallet ID Card Holder with Camera Slide and Banknotes Slot:

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What makes this Samsung Galaxy A7 cover from ONX3 to be exclusive is its spring wallet based design that effectively works to hold different items along with your phone. It’s fashionable original design and sole craftsmanship conveys the finest features of functionality and protection.


  • The brand ONX3 has essentially designed this case in form of versatile synthetic leather wallet based design which provides convenient access to all the ports and buttons.
  • There is a facility of sufficient storage for accommodating your phone, photos, ID/card slots, and money.
  • You will find that the case serves the dual purpose i.e., it provides impeccable protection and complete functionalities intended for the multi-use wallet features.
  • When your phone is present inside the case, you can capture the pictures with the help of sliding phone cradle. You just require sliding the phone in an upward direction, revealing the camera and then capturing the shot.
  • The inner plastic cradle holds your device securely with two spring-powered claws built to withstand drops and falls and keep your phone safe.
  • Users are facilitated with the liberty of quick and automatic access to the camera with the assistance of advanced built-in camera slide feature.
    This case would easily open up and close like a book when your device is protected with the vertical sliding feature supported with the access to the camera.
  • Great convenience is provided in a way that when you need access to the camera, just slide the phone vertically upwards.
  • The case functions to keep hold of the natural and slim look while offering spacious storage area that is made possible with back wallet slot as well as pocket functions.
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3. Ringke Compatible with Galaxy A7 2017 Case Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper:

3. Ringke [Fusion] Compatible with Galaxy A7 2017 Case Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper:

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The brand -Ringke’s supreme engineering technology for accurately personalized cutouts is specifically designed for the perfect fit. Made available in various color bumper finish styles, this case is dedicated to present your style in a trendy manner.


  • Your Samsung Galaxy A7 is guaranteed to obtain crystal clear protection with an innovative 2X tough finish that revamps the original look without adding any extra weight.
  • In the interior, there are the TPU corner cushions that shield this device against drops, while providing ultimate slimness.
  • The reason why users can stay stress-free about the protection is that the case is equipped with MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection.
  • Presence of slim transparent TPU bumper along with the implementation of Active Touch technology presents convenient access to every button and port.
  • Its flexible premium edges work to encompass the four corners with protectors and pointed lips to provide critical lift design. This design helps to sustain the everyday scratches.

2. Galaxy A7/A750 (2020) Case, Zeking Slim Thin Anti-Scratch Clear Flexible TPU Silicone Four Corner Bumper Protective Case Cover Compatible Samsung Galaxy A7 (2020)(Transparent) by ZeKing:

 Galaxy A7/A750 (2020) Case, Zeking Slim Thin Anti-Scratch Clear Flexible TPU Silicone Four Corner Bumper Protective Case Cover Compatible Samsung Galaxy A7 (2020)(Transparent) by ZeKing:

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Those users of Samsung Galaxy A7 who are willing to showcase their device in transparent form can try this cover from Zeking. This is essentially a bumper protective case to provide ultimate protection to the device.


  • There is the use of transparent TPU material that is lightweight and thin.
  • Its design presents lifted edges and four corners work to secure the screen of the device against scratches and bumps.
  • The process of installation is easy because its reasonable design facilitates easy access to every control, buttons, and port.
  • Its innovative dot pattern design allows the shell and phone to fit perfectly.

1. Galaxy A7 2017 Case,Yiakeng Shockproof Impact Protection Tough Rugged Dual Layer Protective Armor Case Cover:

Galaxy A7 2017 Case,Yiakeng Shockproof Impact Protection - Galaxy A7 Cases

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The brand – Yiakeng has meticulously designed this case to be shockproof and provide protection against impact. Users can use this rugged dual layer protective cover for many years without any hassles of compromising the quality.


  • There is the presence of foldable kickstand to allow users to conveniently watch a movie, pictures, videos, and more.
  • It comes with flexible shock absorption type TPU internal sleeve and impact-resistant tough plastic shell back which offers excellent protection against scratches and drops.
  • The cover’s corners highlight double-thick TPU to provide ultimate protection to prolong the life of the phone.
  • Its snap-on design facilitates easy installation and removal.

The stylishly looking and expensive Samsung Galaxy A7 definitely needs a suitable cover for its protection. You can invest in any of these cases and covers to prolong the life of your device for several years.

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