Best Samsung Galaxy Note9 Cases & Covers in 2022 Reviews

Those people who are aspiring to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have thought judiciously to make a huge investment on a single smartphone. This expensive device features a 6.4-inch display as well as an all-glass design. Since the display is large and glass may be subjected to damage, you may get disappointed if this device come across an accident. It is therefore recommended to shield the Galaxy Note 9 with a high-quality and stylish case and cover. The everyday use may make this device prone to scratches, drops, fingerprint marks, accumulation of dust, etc. All these damaging factors usually stay away from the device when you cover it up with the finest case. In order to get in-depth details about the finest cases and covers obtainable in the market for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, consider looking at the below products:

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5 . Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy Note 9 Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet Design and Card Slot Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2021) – Black:

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note9 Cases & Covers in 2022 Reviews

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When you equip this case on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will be amazed by how perfectly the case fits on the device, in a similar manner a glove provides grip. The case is designed with dual-layer for intense drop-protection.


  • It is the sleek and lightweight design of this case from Spigen that helps you to use in a pocket-friendly
  • The spacious design is capable to store up to two credit/debit cards and cash.
  • There is the arrangement of accurate cutouts for convenient access to S Pen.
  • To present rigidity, its outer shell works well. On the other hand, the interior works to absorb shock.
  • Easy access to S Pen and charging port
  • In order to provide camera protection, the design of the case features elevated bezels.
  • The case is made to provide bolstered protection that suffices the realistic storage within the sleekly designed armor construction.
  • This case’s dual-layer structure is specifically engineered to fit inside your pocket.
  • Implementation of Air Cushion Technology provides ultimate protection to every corner of your device.
  • Its back slides open up in such a manner that it provides swift and convenient access to accommodate card or cash. The spacious storage is capable to fit two cards. As per your need, the case can fit a credit/debit card, insurance, license, etc.
  • Its front protection enlarges a bit over the glass screen so there are no concerns regarding putting the phone in downward facing direction or dropping from a height.
  • There is a separate compartment that sufficiently holds three bills or documents in folded form.

4. Case-Mate – Note 9 Case – Waterfall – Galaxy Note 9 Case – Iridescent:

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The brand Case-Mate is acknowledged as the industry frontrunner in manufacturing fashionable cases for smartphones. Any case purchased from the brand assures you of premium materials as well as functional designs to transform the advanced technology into an accessory to show off. The case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from Case-Mate functions to protect the device in addition to presenting elegant look. The brand has developed beautiful cases for iPhone X and similarly, it also manufactures beautiful cases for Note 9 device.


  • The design of the case features cascading glitter for presenting snow globe effect. A certified safe mineral oil is contained inside the case to give this glittering effect.
  • Even if you drop your device from 10 ft. height, your device stays protected.
  • It is found that the case supports wireless charging, so you can use it for wired and wireless charging both.
  • You can shake, flip and turn this case to any angle. There are no distortions in its shape.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would obtain advanced dual-layer protection with the help of sophisticated metallic button based accents. It is generally observed that this case owns all the correct moves.
  • Due to the waterfall effect, this case shines in the dark. So, you can know where your phone is present while you forgot or while you wake up from sleep.
  • There are no issues of air bubbles in this case and it presents a decent amount of glitter.
  • The glitter is of green color and it suits well on the purple color Galaxy Note 9.
  • When you carry your phone equipped with this case, there is no extra bulk added, so your pocket can stay lightweight.

3. OtterBox – Symmetry Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Black:

3. OtterBox - Symmetry Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Black:

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When you think to care for your smartphones, you not only need to focus on protection but also on the style and personality. You have invested a hefty amount in purchasing Galaxy Note 9 so you should also think about how to carry it in style. The simple approach to carry it in style is to equip it with a stylish and protective case from OtterBox.  With this Symmetry case, you need not to have to make choice between a stylish case and a protective one. This is because the case meets all these needs. Overall, the case is stylish, sleek, and comes with the pocket-friendly design.


  • The case features dual-material construction that works to absorbs shock and sustains drops.
  • With the use of wraparound colors and graphics, this case adds seamless style to your Galaxy Note 9.
  • The touch screen may be subjected to frequent damage but with the help of this case’s elevated beveled edge, this device’s touchscreen stays safe.
  • This Symmetry case from OtterNox allows the user to make a selection from an extensive array of graphics and colors. Therefore, users can rely on the style and can appear unique from the crowd.
  • This case is offered in sparkling and appealing graphic designs while still keeping your phone safe.

2. Samsung Official Galaxy Note 9 Case, S-View Flip Cover with Kickstand (Blue):

 Samsung Official Galaxy Note 9 Case, S-View Flip Cover with Kickstand (Blue):

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Presented to showcase the sense of professionalism, this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case is made in blue color. If you are stressed about how to shield your device’s front part against scratches, scrapes, and impacts then go for this case. Apart from blue, you can also get this case in brown, black and purple color.


  • This flip cover case is known to be the only folio case which allows you still observe the lock screen. Basically, it is a semi-translucent cover that fulfills two purposes -defending the front part of the screen and also automatically locking your phone to let you watch your notifications.
  • You get convenience to swipe through different Facewidgets without actually opening its cover. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you would be unable to watch the notification content until it is not opened.
  • It is generally found that this case usually does not add any extra weight to the Note 9. The case feels solid, convenient to hold and works as a stand. If you want something different then you can convert it into a triangular stand that does not add any extra weight
  • There is the presence of a foldable panel sticks on the back side of the phone. With the use of magnets, these panel sticks remain attached to the back.
  • The appealing feature of this case is that whenever you open it, the display of the phone would turn on/off.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 snaps firmly inside the case; however, it is important to keep in mind that the front cover does not secure to your phone or its frame.

1. YOUMAKER Case for Galaxy Note 9, Full Body Heavy Duty Protection with Built-in Screen Protector Shockproof Rugged Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2021) 6.4 Inch – Purple/Black:

 YOUMAKER Case for Galaxy Note 9, Full Body Heavy Duty Protection with Built-in Screen Protector Shockproof Rugged Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (2021) 6.4 Inch - Purple/Black:

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It is always the best to ensure your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a heavy duty protection mechanism. The present model of the case from YOUMAKER fulfills this requirement since it offers full body heavy duty protection. In addition to that, the case is equipped with a built-in screen protector which ensures that your device’s screen stays protected against external damages.  Taking into account quality, style, and functionality, the brand –YOUMAKER is dedicated to delivering the complete user experience accompanied by reliability. All the cases from this brand are proved to be one of the most famous digital device accessories, keeping in mind quality and affordability as well.


  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case from YOUMAKER is equipped with heavy duty and military grade protection. Also, the case is military drop tested.
  • It is prepared with the dual layer structure that is dedicated to offering 360-degree comprehensive rugged protection for Galaxy Note 9.
  • In its manufacturing process, there is the blend of the supreme grade PC as well as TPU materials that guarantee additional protection.
  • It is true that your Galaxy Note 9 maybe occasionally subjected to shocks and drops. Therefore, this case saves your phone from abrupt drops and shocks.
  • Along with this case, you also get built-in screen protector which assures complete protection of the screen of Note 9. This screen protector stays connected to the case and apart from that, it also includes two additional films that protect the protector.
  • The screen protector is made up of plastic and it is as smooth as a glass protector. There are no concerns regarding the air bubble which few users may have observed in some of the cases. However, all the cases do not show an air bubble and it is not a major problem. If the air bubbles are present, they would show up for several minutes after the process of installation, and later, they would disappear completely.
  • Equipped with metallic painting, it is known that this painting is so vivid that it flourishes the aesthetic of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in a marvelous way.
  • It is known that its glowing metallic painting technology presents the gleaming look and eliminates the concerns of the fingerprint problem.
  • This case features the seamless design with the use of accurate cutouts made for each and every responsive buttons as well as holes.
  • Your device is assured to attain enhanced functionality along with the slim fit. Furthermore, its elevated lip makes sure the device attain extra protection for the camera and screen.
  • Due to its slim fit design, it is found that the case conveys outstanding ergonomic appearance.
  • The full body rugged protection is guaranteed with the help of its dual layers design.
  • Its installation process is easy because the front park is provided separately and users can insert their phone into the front screen. Therefore, it is not at all complicated to figure out.
  • This case is essentially stylish and rugged, so it is actually a practical case. It works as an ideal solution if you do wish to obtain excellent protection in affordable price.
  • Its single set works to cover the entire screen of the phone and also protects the remaining part of the device.
  • In case you want to charge your Galaxy Note 9 wirelessly then you can do that seamlessly even if this case is used.
  • Its glass tries to be smoother and shatterproof as compared to other cases available on the market. Also, the shatterproof and smooth features do not degrade as time passes.
  • You can get all-round protection against pointed things like knives, pins, needles, keys, etc. So, there are no occurrences of scratches on the screen or on the body of the device.
  • There is no need to alter the default touch sensitivity settings of the device. Moreover, users are capable to swipe and even tap over the screen with the same level of responsiveness as found without using the protector.

Nobody likes to let their expensively bought Samsung Galaxy Note 9 be useless just because of the lack of appropriate case and cover. Its users can try any of the above-discussed cases and covers after which their device gets ultimate protection and appealing look.

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