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Whenever you are keen to gift your kid with an excellent footwear product, you can consider buying shows with wheels. Basically, shoes with wheels footwear come with the wheels projecting slightly outside the heel. This allows the wearer to vary between walking and rolling. In this way, it is quite easy for kids to walk and run on the shoes with wheels. While deciding to purchase a suitable pair of shoes with wheels, there is a number of factors to consider. These include color, size, design, safety, type of sole, length of the shaft, type of occasion, and many more.  The present market consists of many different varieties of shoes with wheels, so it is quite difficult to make a selection. You can gift these kinds of shoes to your loved ones, kids, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Take a glance at the below shoes with wheels to obtain a clear picture about what to purchase:

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12. Heelys Kids’ Dual up X2 Sneaker:

12. Heelys Kids' Dual up X2 Sneaker:

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The Heelys kids’ sneaker is capable to work on any surface without any troubles. Basically, this pair of shoes with wheels is manmade and comes with a rubber sole for comfortable walking and running. The desire to purchase sturdy shoes with wheels is satisfied with the purchase of this pair of sneaker. Compared to other sneaker pairs, it is quite effortless to ride on this pair of shoes with wheels. Your legs will feel ultimate comfort even for long day wear.


  • The rubber sole present inside the X2 sneaker would present comfort to your feet.
  • The position of the shaft is approximately low-top from the arch.
  • It is possible to perform skating.
  • There is the presence of a tool to take off the wheels.To get the most of this pair, it is best to purchase a full size bigger than your kid’s normal shoe size.
  • Two wheels are present in the appropriate place, both in the back.
  • It is quite easy to roll over cracks inside the ground.

11. Heelys Kid’s/Men’s 778102H Hustle Sneakers:

11. Heelys Kid's/Men's 778102H Hustle Sneakers:

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There are three different color choices to let you make the proper selection for your kids. The three available colors are red, white and blue. There are no doubts regarding fraud because this pair of shoes with wheels is exactly as described. Anybody looking to purchase a pair of Heelys should consider buying this sneaker pair. You need not to concern about the fit because its size fits the majority of the people’s feet. Also, you can use it for many years due to its durability.

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  • The 778102H sneakers pair comes with the canvas upper along with an American flag design.
  • There is the presence of conventional lace closure along with plastic eyelets to enhance durability.
  • It comes with the cushioned collar and tongue to enhance support and comfort.
  • For ease of use, there is the pop color midsole stripe.
  • The mesh lining guarantees excellent breathability.

10. Heelys Mens Freewheel (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult):

 Heelys Mens Freewheel (Little Kid/Big Kid/Adult):

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Kid and adults can comfortably wear this pair of Heelys men’s freewheel. The design and the color options are wide, so there are no hassles during selection. The size and the design come exactly as described so adults and kids need not worry about getting fraud. Use of high-quality materials and elegant design lets you use the pair for many years.


  • In the construction of this freewheel pair, leather is used. This guarantees excellent durability.
  • It is possible to remove the wheels.
  • Three colors available are white, black and gray.

9. Nsasy Roller Skates Shoes Girls Boys Roller Shoes Kids Wheel Shoes:

 Nsasy Roller Skates Shoes Girls Boys Roller Shoes Kids Wheel Shoes:

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In order to appropriately use the kid’s wheel shoes, you need to follow the corresponding size chart. The Nsasy roller skates shoe pair comes with proper information regarding size and design, so you can pick the best one as per your preference. When you order these kids wheel shoes, you can look at the size chart and make a decision. The shop name is YComi and the brand name is Nsasy.  This brand works relentlessly to present the best results for customer’s satisfaction.


  • The light-up LED shoes are impeccable for a night walk or walking on any occasions.
  • This pair of shoes with wheels comes with advanced rechargeable LED light roller. Hence, you can walk and run comfortably.
  • Its entire unit features magnificent quality and stylish design.
  • There are several types of light mode to choose from. If needed, the front wheel can be taken off and the back wheel can be concealed.

8. Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker:

 Heelys Men's Launch Fashion Sneaker:

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As suggested from the name, the fashion sneaker represents style and elegance in a new manner. Whenever you or your kids wear this sneaker pair, they will feel proud and comfortable. Generally, the shoes run small and they fit conveniently. This sneaker pair is decently comfortable to walk comfortably.


  • During the manufacturing process, 100% canvas is used.
  • The presence of rubber sole gives comfort feeling to your feet.
  • These lace-up sneakers depict cushioned collar and hidden wheel at outsole.
  • The back part of the heel comes with a minor cutout that facilitates the user to move the foot without scraping the ground.
  • They will fit as expected and they are well-built.
  • For ease of use, the wheels pop in effortlessly and feel comfy while pulling them outside the designated tool.
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7. Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid):

 Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid):

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The unique specialty of the Heelys Split skate shoes is they are manufactured using 100% synthetic chrome as well as metallic upper. These materials ensure excellent durability and strength for long-term use. People of any age can wear the skate shoes comfortably –little kid, toddler, big kid, and adults.


  • This metallic skate sneaker pair depicts secure lace-up vamp as well as wheel entrenched at the outsole.
  • The Lo-top silhouette comes with a broad skate body.
  • Its pair comes with the chrome-tinted synthetic leather upper to feature a unique design.
  • With the assistance of the full lace-up closure, a comfortable and adjustable fit is guaranteed. Cushioned collar and tongue are provided for extra comfort and support.

6. Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid):

 Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid):

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Kids of any age can conveniently wear the Heelys Motion Plus Skate shoes. There is the use of 100% synthetic material to present strength and durability. This pair of skate shoes is manufactured in the USA or imported. This skate shoe pair is capable to roll and proves to be lightweight and powerful athletic shoe pair. For different occasions like birthday, parties, anniversary, etc. you can gift to other people. The reason why most people admire this plus skate shoe pair is it is extremely true to size and its sparkly color appears elegant.


  • The rubber sole guarantees comfortable to wear to the users.
  • In this skate shoes, the shaft is located approximately 2.6″ from the arch.
  • This fun styled sneaker depicts multicolor lace-up vamp as well as detachable wheel fixed inside outsole.
  • For ease of use, cushioned tongue and collar are provided.

5. Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker:

 Heelys Kids' Launch Sneaker:

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You can consider the Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker as skate style shoes or wheeled skate shoes. Basically, they are versatile in nature and can be used for walking and running on different terrains. As per your need, you can carry this shoe pair to travel trips and can use it on the go. Moreover, the pair is extremely easy to pack and there are no chances of falling off.


  • The 100% textile material and synthetic sole ensure comfortable use.
  • Its shaft is located approximately low-top from the arch.
  • The design depicts a single, stealth wheel enclosed inside the heel. This allows athletes of different skill levels to run and walk whenever they wish.

4. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid):

 Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid):

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Whether you want to gift this shoe pair to a small kid or toddler, you can buy it without any worry. The Heelys Launch Skate shoe pair will fit conveniently to big kid and little kid. You will not feel weary at the end of the day because the shoes are extremely comfortable. They come in the exact size as described in the order description and would not create any size issues.


  • In the manufacturing of these shoes with a wheel from Heelys, 100% canvas and the synthetic sole are used.
  • Due to the thick sole due to the weight of the wheel, the overall weight is twice than any other shoe of similar size.
  • When you skate on it, you will not feel bulky.
  • The shaft is positioned approximately 3″ from the arch.
  • There is a removable wheel at outsole.
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3. Heelys Boys’ Split Sneaker, Black/White, 4 Medium US Big Kid:

3. Heelys Boys' Split Sneaker, Black/White, 4 Medium US Big Kid:

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The size, design, and structure of the Heelys boys’ split sneaker pair will enable your kids to grow into the Heelys and then fit conveniently into them. It happens that initially, the user cannot attain proper balance but after a day, users can feel great convenience. There is the facility of skating on the shoes without any hassles. In addition to all these, this split sneaker pair is equipped with an elegant wrench that assists you to pull outside the Heely Wheels.


  • 100% synthetic leather and synthetic sole enhance durability.
  • The shaft is located 2.5″ from the arch.
  • When you run using them, they will prove to be pretty decent sneakers and it is quite easy to ride on smooth surfaces.
  • The presented color is fantastic. You can refer to the Just Heely size guide in order to avoid confusion.
  • It is easy to glide around different terrain.
  • Both men and women can wear the pair conveniently.

2. Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers Kids Girls Boys Light Up Wheels Skate Shoes:

 Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers Kids Girls Boys Light Up Wheels Skate Shoes:

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The rechargeable and comfortable skate shoe pair from Ufatansy represents the unique style and design. Boys and girls can put on this fashion sneaker pair for different occasions whether it is running or walking. In order to make sure that your foot feels comfortable, it is best to measure foot length and look at the size chart diagram and then make the decision about the size. The best fit is ensured if you cautiously check the size information prior to placing an order. There is the presence of the LED lights surrounding the sole and this kind of design makes the overall look appealing. They are perfect to wear for the club, party celebration, or simply going on the night walk in the city.


  • With the help of shoe PU and breathable mesh, it is possible to wear the shoe pair for the entire day.
  • Implementation of the long hollow design conveys fresh feeling during summer.
  • This pair of skate-style lace-up sneakers comes with the low-profile pop-out based wheels.
  • They can be charged by USB.
  • In these shoes, there is the presence of a tiny button and it can attune the light and can even regulate the turn on/off mechanism.
    For the front wheel, users can effortlessly use the tool in order to remove it. Besides, the rear wheel can be concealed or released through button present on the back side.

1. Heelys Propel 2.0 Men’s Sneaker:

 Heelys Propel 2.0 Men's Sneaker:

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The Heelys Propel 2.0 Men’s Sneaker shoes pair is sufficiently comfortable to wear for long hours without any discomfort. Its heels would not create any hassles while walking or running. Both men and women can conveniently wear this men’s sneaker pair. Basically, they are skate-style lace-up sneakers to represent style and elegance.


  • The men’s sneaker is 100% synthetic and comes with rubber soles.
  • Its shaft is approximately located low-top from the arch.
  • The design depicts embroidered logo applique as well as low-profile pop-out wheels.

For walking, rolling or running on different terrain without fear of falling down, the shoes with wheels work perfectly. In order to enjoy wearing these shoes, you just need to make a careful selection regarding size and design aspects.

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