Best Shower Tents in 2022 Reviews

Even if they are in a public spot. When it comes time to clean up from swimming or other outdoor activities, a good shower tent will provide that needed privacy. Finding a good shower tent may not be as hard as you think. All you need to do is continue to read. You will find all the information on the top 10 best shower tents in 2022 right here.​ Finding what you need is not a hard problem to solve.

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10. TMS Pop up Tent Changing Room

Portable Pop up Tent Camping Beach Toilet Shower Changing Room Outdoor Bag Green

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Besides taking a shower in private, you can change use the washroom facilities without being disturbed. Made from polyester and steel, this shower ten pops up from 22 inches to a full 75 x 40 x 40″.

Plenty of room to do what you need to do when in public. The shower tent is rust resistant, has a zippered doorway and is waterproof. Plus, its carrying bag has handles for better transporting. The lack of a floor provides you with the flexible use you need when you need it.

Special Features:

  •  Waterproof coating
  •  Zippered doorway
  • No floor for flexible use

9. KingCamp Oversize Shelter Tent

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Easy Up Portable Dressing Changing Room Shower

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You get plenty of room in this 85 × 66 × 66-inch shower tent. You have room to move your arms as you bathe. Its fiberglass poles, pegs and line help keep this shower tent securely in place. Plus, 2 windows provide you with needed ventilation and quick drying of the interior.

An inside pocket lets you store your soap, shampoo and cleaning tools. An outside pocket is designed to hold your clothes as you shower. The large access door is sealed with a zipper and has ties to hold it open.

Special Features:

  •  2 windows
  •  Oversized dimensions
  • Fiberglass poles

8. Texsport Shower Changing Room

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room

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Everything for your showering needs is included in this 87 x 54 x 54-inch shower tent. You get an outside towel rack, mesh shower rack inside to hold your soap, etc., a polyethylene floor and more.

For ventilation you get a large zipper closing door and large mesh windows in the roof. The tent is held up by steel poles with steel clips and it is fire resistant. This design also protects against any rust that may occur. A rainfly lets you use this shower tent in all weather conditions.

Special Features:

  •  Good ventilation
  •  Lots of windows
  •  Shower accessories

7. Enkeeo Portable Privacy Tent

Enkeeo Portable Privacy Tent Pop Up Changing Tent Dressing Room

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Total privacy is what you get when you buy this 47 x 47 x 75″ tent. That is if you close the two zippered windows that are part of the ensemble. When not needed, you can fold this tent down to roughly 23 inches in size.

A built-in bag will handle your clothes or other shower products. Plus, a clothesline will let you dry your wet clothes. Made from polyester, this tent is waterproof. Then for easier access, the doorway has two zippers. The floor is also removable.

Special Features:

  • 2 windows for ventilation
  • Clothesline and bag
  •  Made from waterproof material

6. Green Elephant Utilitent

Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

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Measuring 82 by 47 by 47 inches, this pop-up tent has mesh ventilation panels in the roof. Then, the D shaped door way provides enough space for you to enter and exit with ease. This water-resistant shower tent has many uses. You can even use it to cover your waste hole.

To secure this tent in place you get guy lines, pegs and even 4 sand bags. There is no floor, so you have the flexibility you need. Its lightweight also makes this easy to pack with you.

Special Features:

  •  No floor for flexible use
  •  Air vents in the roof
  •  Large D shaped door

5. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Changing Room

 Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent, Toilet, Camp Shower

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When you need space and privacy, this 5 x 5 x 6-foot shower tent will fill that need. With plenty of space, you can shower, change clothes or even use it as an extra sleeping tent. Then a clothesline inside will allow you to dry your wet clothes.

You also get interior pockets and shelf for personal items. Its mesh floor and roof panels allow for great ventilation and quick drying of the interior. The tent is also water resistant for those days when the sun does not shine.

Special Features:

  •  Mesh floor
  • Interior pockets, clothesline and shelf
  •  Water resistant

4. KingCamp Portable Pop Up Tent

 KingCamp Portable Pop Up Privacy Shelter Dressing Changing Privy Tent

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There are certain personal activities that are not spectator sports. You need some privacy to maintain your dignity. This 47 x 47 x 75″ privacy tent will protect you from peering eyes. 4 steel poles help secure the tent and a rainfly adds extra rain protection to the water-resistant construction.

A roll-up window gives you extra ventilation when you need it. The floor is attached by Velcro and installs or comes out quite easily. To keep the tent secure you get a sand bag with your purchase.

Special Features:

  •  Steel poles and sandbag
  •  Removable floor
  •  Multi-use tent

3. Faswin Pop Up Shelter Tent

 Faswin Pop Up Pod Toilet Tent Privacy Shelter Tent Camping

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Made from polyester and steel, this multi-use privacy tent provides a little extra comfort when you are camping. Its 4 steel poles make sure this tent stays where you put it. Then the polyester helps keep the rain outside where it belongs.

There is no floor in this unit. But that only increases its use. A closed roof simply helps to keep the rain from getting inside. Measuring 75” tall, there should be more than enough room for the majority of people who use this tent.

Special Features:

  •  Water-resistant construction
  •  Multi-use tent with no floor
  •  Large doorway access

2. Leader Accessories Shower Tent

 Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent Dressing

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To get the most ventilation possible, there are windows and roof vents that open with a tug on their zipper. The 48 by 48 by 84” pop-up tent is quick to assemble and provides plenty of room for the occupant.

Metal poles and the guy wires provide the security you need. They will hold this tent up in mild weather conditions. Then the door has a large opening making sure you can get in and out with ease. The floor is adjustable to fit your use and needs.

Special Features:

  •  Adjustable flooring
  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Some wind protection

1. TMS Portable Pop Up Tent

Best Shower Tents in 2022

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You cab take this shower tent almost anywhere you want to go. It folds down to a 22-inch size for easy transporting and storage. Then it pops up nice and quickly for easy assembly. All it needs is its 4 metal poles to hold it in place.

Its roll up door has ties to keep it out of the way when no one is inside. This extra ventilation helps keep the inside dry. When fully assembled this tent measures 40 by 40 by 75 inches.

Special Features:

  • No floor for better multi-use purposes
  •  Folds to a very compact size
  •  Easy to assemble

Some Final Words

Privacy is a big thing these days. Not everyone wants to do their personal business in front of strange eyes. That is why purchasing one of the top 10 best shower tents in 2022 is so important.
You get to have privacy just about anywhere you need it.

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