Best Sleeping Masks in 2019 Reviews

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Eye masks are one of the most popular tools used to overcome sleeping problems. Counting sheep keeps us awake and is probably never going to help. Sleeping masks help the brain to sense complete darkness thereby causing the production of melatonin, which regulates the day and night cycle and also controls the recovery phase. Sleeping masks are one of the most sought relaxing tools that ensure a good sleep. Have a look at the best out there!

List of Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks in 2019:

10) Alaska Bear Natural sleep mask and blindfold.

Alaska Bear Natural sleep mask and blindfold.

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Alaska natural sleep mask is made from premium fiber mulberry silk which feels great against the skin. This soft sleep mask and blindfold ensure that the fabric is good for the sensitive skin and provides the extra comfort you always craved for.


  • The mask is entirely made from 19 mm natural mulberry silk and is also hypoallergenic.
  • No Velcro is used in the mask which makes sure that no hair gets tangled and caught in.
  • A flap is added by the nose to ensure 100% blockage of light.
  • The strap in the mask ensures that the mask does not slide off your face and stays put.
  • This mask is available in three attractive designs: Almond Blossom, Starry night and Black.

9) Jersey Slumber 100% silk sleeping mask

Jersey Slumber 100% silk sleeping mask

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This night mask blocks out the visual stimuli to ensure that you have a sound sleep. The mask is very soft against the touch and ensures comfort while in use.

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  • The product is made out of pure silk which is soft to your eyes and soothing to your face.
  • The mask does not compress your eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes even when you are sleeping
  • The strap of the mask is completely adjustable and makes sure that it stays in place.
  • The strap is made of soft elastic which ensures that your hair does get stuck in.
  • Very lightweight, the mask is a perfect fit for the face.

8) Bebo Care Natural sleep mask and Blindfold

Bebo Care Natural sleep mask and Blindfold

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The mask is an ideal fit for different scenarios including traveling. This mask ensures that no light penetrates it while your partner is busy watching T.V. This latest design mask makes it a good partner for yoga and meditation as well.


  • The mask is made out of 100 percent, 19 mm natural mulberry silk on both the sides and is super smooth.
  • Ensures light blocking for a relaxing sleep.
  • Good against the skin and the material is totally breathable.
  • A gentle headband is used instead of the Velcro so that no hair gets tangled.
  • This natural sleep mask and blindfold comes with a 100% money-back and lifetime guarantee.

7) Prettycare 3D sleep mask

Prettycare 3D sleep mask

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This sleep mask has incorporated one of the very latest designs to guarantee a relaxed sleep. Everything about the mask is great including its spacious adjustments and two Colour variants.


  • The Prettycare 3D sleeping mask has a new Velcro design with a 3.5-inch range that can further extend to a 7.8 inch to comfortably fit your end without tugging your hair.
  • With the new 3D technology, this mask comes with extra-large eye cavities ensuring that the mask never makes you feel cramped.
  • This mask weighs a little about 0.4 ounces, and the thickness is 0.6 mm, making the mask incredibly light.
  • This mask has a low rebound memory foam that takes care of extra comfort.
  • The mask has got anti-mite, anti-fade and anti-bacterial properties.
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6) Simple health global Sleeping eye mask.

Simple health global Sleeping eye mask.

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This night mask comes with a rare triple weave silk fabric that brings comfort to your tired mind and ensures the best sleep.


  • The mask is fully adjustable soft nose cushion which gives you a decision-making ability about how much light you want to be blocked,
  • An additional hand-crafted gel is provided for cool and dry therapy relieving you of your stress.
  • The material is very soft to touch and feels great.
  • The mask comes with a lifetime guarantee, and a ‘No questions asked money back guarantee.’
  • Induces sleep as it can block up to 100 percent light to ensure sound sleep.

5) YIVIEW sleep mask pack of three

YIVIEW sleep mask pack of three

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This mask provides relief to insomnia as well as blocks the light. The mask comes with a deep eye contour that helps you to blink your eyes freely without the mask touching your eyelids.


  • The strap provided with this mask is highly elastic and durable to wrap around your head comfortably.
  • This sleep mask comes with a unique contoured feature that gives space to your eyes.
  • The material is very light-weight, breathable and will not smell
  • The mask is very smooth and lets you release your facial stress.
  • This mask comes in a pack of three- black, blue and a purple mask.

4) Unimi Sleep mask for men and women

Unimi Sleep mask for men and women

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Available in three different colors, this mask comes with a stealth design and adjusts to a better position when in use. The mask is permeable to air and ensures a good quality sleep.


  • The material is very thin, making it very lightweight, thus comfortable to wear.
  • A cord attached to the mask is adjustable as well as soft and reaches to 15 cm.
  • The mask comes with wider 3D blinders making sure the wearing experience is extremely comfortable without any pressure on the eyelids.
  • The mask guarantees extra comfort with its low rebound memory foam and elastic polyester
  • The nose section is improved with art invisible foam that helps creating total darkness for relaxed sleep.
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3) Fitglam pure silk sleep mask + Reusable Cold/Hot therapy SPA Gel Eye Mask

Fitglam pure silk sleep mask + Reusable Cold/Hot therapy SPA Gel Eye Mask

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This pure silk mask comes in many sizes and colors to fit everyone’s need ranging from extra small to large. This is one of the best choice eye masks that can be counted on for many benefits.


  • The material used to makes this mask is a hundred percent mulberry silk, which is extremely soft and smooth.
  • The mask has been created keeping in view people with hypersensitive skin.
  • A gel eye mask is provided which is eco-friendly and soothes your eyes.
  • Additional accessories are provided in the form of a PVC bag to convenient carry/store the mask and a pair of earplugs to ensure noise proof sleep.
  • The strap is elastic and adjustable with a buckle that ensures no tangling

2) LKY digital eye mask for sleep

LKY digital eye mask for sleep

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This eye mask comes in a set of two with color options including black, blue and purple. These eye masks are opaque, high-density and laced with memory foam.


  • The mask comes in a 3D design, with large eye cavities facilitation good sleep and comfort.
  • The mask comes with an elastic headband which is soft and plush to ensure no discomfort is caused.
  • The material is extremely soft and lightweight with antibacterial properties.
  • Precision CNC lathes are used to ensure firm joints and smooth edges.
  • The sponge material is easy to clean, all you need to do is rub with water.

1) VCOO sleeping mask

VCOO sleeping mask

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This sleeping eye mask is designed with deeply molded cups which facilitates opening on eyes freely even when the mask is on. This mask is ideal for air traveling, lamp light blocking, yoga and other forms of medication.


  • The mask comes with the 3D contour shape to ensure that it does not touch the eyes.
  • An elastic Velcro strap holds the mask securely.
  • These eye masks are made with opaque and high-density memory foam and weigh only around 0.4 oz.
  • This mask comes in a pack of three with many color options.
  • The mask retains its shape even after it is folded, making it a great travel accessory.

Sleep Masks and blindfolds are used purely for relaxation and good sleep. All of the eye mask options ensure the effectiveness and guarantee a sound sleep. These designs ensure zero light penetration for a relaxed mind and a good night’s sleep!

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