Top 10 Best Tea Brands in 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a great cup of tea? As you’re probably aware, a great cup often depends on the tea brands that you choose.

While you can trace the origins of tea back to China, it is now the most consumed beverage in the entire world. In order to meet this demand, there are hundreds of options, with new tea brands popping up all the time.

List of Top 10 Best Tea Brands in 2022

Take a look at the following 10 best tea brands in 2022.  You will find everything from the American classic Lipton tea to newer brands, such as Harney & Sons. These are among the top choices for a wonderful cup of freshly brewed tea.

#1 – Tetley Tea Brands


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The first cup of tea that you should try comes from Tetley. Not only is Tetley one of the top tea brands, they are also the second largest distributor of tea in the world. It is still the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and offers a wide variety of flavors and products.

Among their latest offerings is the new Tetley Super Teas. These teas are designed to help boost your metabolism and improve your immune system.

Of course, they also offer up tea blends that you are familiar with. Their most popular flavor is their class blend of black teas, which tastes great served hot or iced.

#2 – Celestial Seasonings


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Celestial Seasonings is another one of the best tea brands available. Based out of the US, Celestial Seasonings is a perennial top seller, with sales exceeding $100 million.

People love their caffeine free herbal tea for its smooth flavor and pleasant aroma. Though, their chamomile tea is also a big hit. If you feel like experimenting with flavors, they offer a few unique options, including raspberry and champagne flavored teas.

#3 – Yorkshire Tea


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Yorkshire Tea has been around the block and belongs on any list of the best tea brands. They first started producing tea back in 1886.  Despite this long history, Yorkshire is still a family owned company.

Yorkshire tea is mostly known for their ability to create exceptional teas with balanced flavors and a strong aroma. A cup of Yorkshire tea is generally slightly sweet, but never bitter. Along with different varieties of tea, Yorkshire is also known for their coffee.

#4 – Bigelow Tea Brands


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Bigelow tea is a family owned and operated business. They still operate their own tea plantation in South Carolina and gained recognition for not including any spices in their tea brands. The Bigelow tea plantation in Charleston, South Carolina is also the largest tea farm in the USA.

They offer all-natural teas that include Plantation Mint, Earl Grey, Green Tea, and over 40 other varieties.

#5 – Yogi Tea


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Yogi tea is available all over the world, with offices located in both Europe and the US. While they offer traditional blends, such as black, green, and herbal tea, they also have detox teas and chamomile varieties.

#6 – Harney & Sons Tea


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Harney & Sons tea has only been around for a little over 30 years, but they have made a name for themselves as one of the best tea brands. This is due to their high-end fine teas packaged in quality boxes. As far as luxury tea brands go, Harney & Sons tea ranks right up there with the best of them.

#7 – Lipton Tea


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Lipton is perhaps the most recognized of the best tea brands. For over 125 years, Lipton has produced a range of economical and luxury tea.

Their most popular variety is the classic Lipton Yellow Label black tea, which includes blends from 20 different varieties of tea leaves. Of course, they have also expanded into the wellness market, with detox teas and relaxing blends.

#8 – Dilmah Tea


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Dilmah tea brands are known for their Ceylon tea. They first entered the tea industry in 1974 and their tea is now available in over 92 countries.

Dilmah tea is great for daily tea drinkers, especially if you choose their Earl Grey or cinnamon flavors. Even though they offer affordable packages, they do not skimp on the quality or richness of their tea.

#9 – Kusmi Tea


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The next entry in this list of the best tea brands is Kusmi tea. This is a French company that primarily sells Russian-style teas that contain a blend of Chinese and Ceylon tea.

So, with each cup, you really are getting an international experience. Though, Kusmi tea can also cost a little more than some of the other options.

#10 – Twinings Tea


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Twinnings tea is often recognized as the top choice out of all these tea brands. It is the number one distributor of fine tea throughout the world and also the world’s oldest brand. For over a century, they have continued to use the same logo.

If you have never had a cup of Twinnings tea, you should start with their Earl Grey tea. It has a bright amber color and provides a smooth flavor with just enough sweetness.

Choosing the Best Tea Brands

This selection of the best tea brands includes a variety of options that should please anyone’s taste buds. But, everyone has their own preferences. When choosing from brands that you have never tried, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  • How often you drink tea
  • The flavors that you enjoy
  • Tea bags or loose leaves

If you consume several cups of tea each day, then you may want to start with the more economical brands. Reserve a few luxury brands for special occasions.

You should also think about the flavors that you prefer. The most popular options include white, green, black, and Ceylon.

For new tea drinkers, such as teens, white tea may be the best introduction. The bitterness of the darker teas can take a little while to get used to. White tea tends to have a lighter body and delicate flavor, as the tea leaves are un-oxidized.

Tea leaves for green tea are also unoxidized but tend to have a fuller flavor than white teas. Due to the health benefits of drinking green tea, such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease from the antioxidants found in the tea, this is a great choice for health-conscious consumers or older individuals.

Black tea brands tend to contain the most caffeine, a darker body, and can be more bitter than other varieties. For regular coffee drinkers looking for a healthier alternative, black tea offers a good transition.

Ceylon tea is a type of black tea with a strong, full-bodied flavor, with a tangy twist. This tea contains an abundance of polyphenols, which can help rejuvenate the skin and provide protection against sun damage. Another great choice for the healthy-minded tea drinker, Ceylon tea brands could help slow down the signs of aging.

The majority of the best tea brands discussed offer a selection of these tea flavors, including white, green, and black. Ceylon tea is not as common but is sometimes found in blends, such as the varieties offered by Kusmi tea.

Also, consider whether you prefer tea bags or loose leaves. Tea bags are generally quicker to prepare, but some feel that the quality does not match loose leaf tea. Honestly, it all depends on how you brew the tea. Watch this short video on brewing the perfect cup of tea with tea bags for a few pointers:

Have fun testing out these 10 best tea brands. You should consider trying a variety of options until you discover your own personal favorite tea brands.

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