Top 10 Best Tequila Brands in 2022 Reviews

Among the world’s top spirits, Tequila is the toughest, boldest, and most loved of them all. Tequila has been in existence for many centuries, with our forefathers boasting being behind its initial entry into the bar counters. Tequila is a drink available in many brands which offer a broad variety of flavors, concentration, and degrees of sophistication. It’s brewed from the Blue Weber plant which allows for its preparation with highly specialized flavors and aromas. Keep reading to know the best Tequila Brands as well as more history and different types of Tequila.

Tequila’s brief history

The initial brewing of Tequila can be traced to around 1000AD. A man is said to have discovered that the Melt Plant’s juice extracts fermented when kept in favorable conditions for a while. This discovery led to the development of Pulque, a drink that was warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of today’s Mexico in North America.

The first distillation of the Pulque drink occurred in 1530. The Spanish began calling the redefined drink, “maguey,” followed by mescal or Mezcal, and finally Tequila, a name that was adopted after the great province where Mescal originated. Tequila making takes place in Mexico, across the streets of Tequila.

What are the different forms of Tequila?

There are three kinds of tequila available on the bar counters namely Blanco, Anejo, and the Reposado. The difference between the three tequila forms lies in the aging period allowed for each.

Blanco tequilas are not allowed to age. They are bottled and presented for sale immediately after the distillation process. For this reason, the Blanco tequilas have a high concentration of the agave flavor.

Reposado tequilas have no difference with the Blanco only that they are offered a brief resting/aging time in oak barrels for less than a year. The Reposado tequilas, therefore, develop a soft flavor and a mild color. Reposado tequilas are deemed as the best form of tequila. They are therefore more costly than the Blanco tequilas.

Finally, the Anejo tequilas are at times referred to as aged tequilas because they are left to rest in Oaks for at least 12 months before bottling. Their composition is, therefore, complex and ideal for the tequila beasts who consume nothing short of throat cutting spirits and enjoy rocking rolling eyes. There are also extra-Anejo tequilas which are left to age for about two years in the oak barrels.

In this post, we focus on discussing the top ten best tequilas brands in 2022, appreciated by tequila lovers across the globe for their excellent tequila packages. The tequila products from these re-known brands are fantastic, all gratitude to their many years of expertise in this field.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deeper to find out among which brands you should consider buying your tequila the next time you visit the local bar.

The Top Ten Best Tequila Brands:

10. Gran Cava De Oro

Gran Cava De Oro

Gran Cava De Oro is an award-winning tequila brand due to its dedication to the production of ultra-premium tequila products. They make four distinct tequila varieties including Anejo, Plata, Reposado, and the Extra Anejo. Gran Cave De Oro uses high-quality 100% Agave in the making of its tequila. Its tequila goes through a series of processing steps including slow-cooking, slow, natural fermentation and traditional distillation before emptying the tequila in the blending and aging oak casks for aging and blending before packaging. With this great processing cycle, this brand manages to produce exclusive tequila products that are appreciated by tequila lovers across the globe.

9. Siete Leguas Reposado Tequila

Siete Leguas Reposado Tequila

With more than 50 years of expertise in the Tequila making arena, the Casa 7 Leagues, also known as the house of seven leagues, is a brand which ranks in its league. Their brand name originates from the re-known Panch Villa horse; 7 leagues. This brand boasts being the only tequila maker which utilizes the mule-driven, high-power stone mills in the agave mile extraction process; that is, the honey or liquid extracted, fermented and later distilled to come up with the tequila spirit. The Siete Leaguas Reposado remains in the oak barrels for about eight months after the distillation process and brings tequila diehards an aromatic wood scent which makes it incredible.

8. Herradura Selección Suprema Tequila

Herradura Selección Suprema Tequila

For those who love Extra-concentrated and throat cutting tequila, the Herradura Selección Suprema Extra Añejo Tequila brand will serve your needs in the best way. Their tequila is extra-aged so, you can trust its ultra-concentration. This brand came into existence in 1995 and began to shine immediately through its line of sophisticated tequila connoisseurs. The tequila by this brand is left to age for about four years in their expertly crafted oak barrels, to emerge finally, with a dark, mouthwatering color combined with caramel/vanilla flavors and aromas. This brand boasts its approval and award by the Beverage Testing Institute for its rapidly evolving, endless finish.

7. El Tesoro de Don Felipe Tequila

El Tesoro de Don Felipe Tequila

This is just another Anejo tequila brand whose tequila is allowed to age for about 2-3 years in their oak barrels. The El Tesoro Anejo brand is proud to have ranked at the top in the San Francisco world’s spirits competitions in 2015 and 2022 which brought together 31 and 44 different tequila brands respectively.
Beyond that the El Tesoro Anejo brand has continued to receive excellent reviews by the world’s best beverage testing institute in 2010 which stated clearly that the EL Tesoro Anejo brand is a symphony of spicy, agave and exclusive oak flavors.
They advise their enthusiasts to serve the tequila preferably at room temperature in well-crafted brandy snifters for the best experience.

6. Cazul 100 Agave Tequila

Cazul 100 Agave Tequila

Cazul 100 is a prime tequila brand from Mexico. It’s made by the reknown La Cafrodia producer which boasts a well-thriving line of boutique labels which make craft tequila. Cazul 100 Tequila is imported and owned by the Minnesota Distilling firm based in the USA.
Cazul 100 features among the major Anejo expressions favorite across the globe. It remains in the oak for not less than a year before bottling. It, therefore, comes to tequila lovers in a rich golden color and an impressive complexity that resembles brandy connoisseurs and whiskey.

5. 1800 Tequila

1800 Tequila

1800 Tequila is a tequila brand whose ownership rights belong to the Beckmann Family which is also a proud manager and owner of the Jose Cuervo Company. 1800 Tequila is one of the few 100% agave tequila brands. It’s bottled in Jalisco, a city in Mexico. Its name is derived from the year when aged tequila was first prepared and aged in hand-crafted oak casks. This brand sells its products in all corners of the world. In the USA, the 1800 Tequila is imported and sold by the Proximo Spirits Company located in Jersey City.

4. Tequila Herradura

Tequila Herradura

Tequila Herradura is a superior tequila distillery established in Amatitan, Jalisco Mexico. The Company was launched officially in 1870, under the leadership of Felix Lopez. The Company remained in the Felix Lopez’s family for more than 125 years. Today, the Tequila Herradura is owned by Brown-Forman, a US beverage manufacturer. However, despite being owned by an American, the Company still resides in Mexico. The tequila products processed and distributed by the Tequila Herradura Company remain to be 100% agave and are made using the traditional ways employed by Felix Lopez.

3. Patron


Patron is just another tequila brand that ranks highly in competitions due to its excellent line of tequilas, bottled in classic bottles. Patron tequila is developed in Mexico by the well-established Patron Spirits Company. The Patron tequila brand offers its tequila in various varieties including Gran Patrón Burdeos, Patrón Añejo, Gran Patrón Platinum, Gran Patrón Piedra, Patrón Silver, and Patrón Reposado. An excellent tequila-coffee blend by the Patron brand is also available and goes by the name Patrón XO Café. Other combinations available include the Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, which is a blend of tequila, coffee and chocolate and the Patron Cintronge which is an orange liqueur.

2. Don Julio

Don Julio

The Don Julio Tequila Brand is based in Mexico. It’s the 11th largest tequila brand in Mexico and the 8th largest in the USA. Its distillation, manufacture, bottling, and sale are conducted by the Tequila Don Julio company right from its corporate foundation based in the Colonia El Chichimeco District in the Atotonilco El Alto Jalisco City, Mexico. Its distribution is done by the Diageo, a company in the USA. Among the famous tequila product by the Don Julio brand is the Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Don Julio Reposado Tequila, and the Don Julio Anejo Tequila.

1.  Casa Noble – The Best of Tequila Brands in The World 2022

Casa Noble - The Best Tequila Brands in 2022

Casa Noble Tequila Company ranks among the premium manufacturers of 100% Blue Agave tequila. It also boasts ranking among the only three brands which develop organic tequilas in the whole world. Wilson Daniels LTD is the company responsible for distributing the Casa Noble tequila across Canada and the USA. Casa Noble Tequila comes from Agave which is grown in organic farms and later harvested and prepared in traditional ovens. It’s subsequently fermented and distilled for a couple of times. The Casa Noble Anejo and Reposado tequila are left to age for a while in French oak casks before packaging.


The reviewed top ten best tequila brands in 2022 have excellent lines of tequila products. You will always find a brand that offers the right tequila that suits your taste, preferences, and budget. You are free to choose products from any of the reviewed brands as they will serve you in the best way.

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