Best Wooden Hangers in 2022

When it comes to the requirement of common material in every house, hangers are necessary things to have. Hangers play an important part in keeping your home’s closet looks nice, tidy, clean, and organized. Moreover, when you organize your clothes neatly in hangers, it is more convenient and saves a lot of time to find it. Some hangers are made from plastic, velvet, or wood etc. But if you are looking for cheap, light, nice, and long-lasting hangers, then wooden hangers are the best choice. However, numerous brands of wooden hangers are sold on every markets area which makes it difficult for people to choose the right wooden hangers one. You may have spent a lot of time finding wooden hangers through online shops and other website, which wasting a large amount of time. 

After going through this article, the anxiety of choosing the wrong wooden hanger will be disappeared. You will be more comprehensible in choosing the best wooden hangers with high quality, look nice, and affordable price. Furthermore, this article helps you to save your time and money with our guardian list of the best 10 wooden hangers in 2022. After reading this, we hope the reviews of this product will clear up your doubts about wooden hangers and find the best one.  

List of Best Wooden Hangers in 2022

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10. JS HANGER Wooden Jacket Hangers 

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A special product which is unusually made of 100% solid wood, wooden jacket hangers by JS HANGER consists of 20 pack in a set. The extents of the hangers are 17.32 x 0.39 x 9.06 inches, and the item weighs 2.65 pounds. This hanger not only saves your closet’s space but also make your closet looks classy and fancy. Since it is made from solid wood creation, you do not have to worry that it cannot hold up your heavy clothes, because its function is a heavy-duty and stable wooden hanger. With its well-built round paint bar, you can hang all types of your clothes such as coats, suits, trousers, jackets, and so forth. 

Comes with favourable prices, the rating given of this hangers by consumers is 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is specially designed with nicely-cut notches which functions as a non-slip hanger, and won’t make your clothes falling off. What’s more, it makes you more convenient and bendable to access with its 360 degree spinning hooks. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Favourable prices 
  • Contains 20 hangers in a set 
  • Easy to bend 
  • Does not fall off easily 
  • Good reviews 
  • Looks luxurious 

A Little to Perfection

  • The shipping price is expensive than the product’s 

9. Utopia Home Slip Resistance Premium Wooden Hangers 

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If you are looking for cheap and high-quality wooden hangers, then you should consider slip resistance premium one. These wooden hangers have 4 packs of 20 hangers each. It is best for hanging your suits, jackets, shirts, coats, jeans, and so on. These wooden hangers not only use for hanging your clothes but also make it looks attractive and luxurious in your closet. Consists of 80 packs of the hanger, you can use it for a long period of time and help save a small part of your income.

Made from natural wood, these wooden hangers are very durable and steady. It has 2 options to satisfy the consumer’s needs. The first colour is a natural finish and another one is walnut finish. These hangers weigh 21 pounds with its 21.18 x dimension. Coming in with a very reasonable price and high quality, that is why the rating given of these hangers is 4.6 out of 5 stars. If you want your closet looks individual, this wooden hangers is one of the best items to consider.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Affordable price 
  • Has two colours to choose 
  • Steady and stable 
  • Consists of 4 packs of 80 hangers 
  • Rating given is great 
  • Makes your closet looks unique 

A Little to Perfection

  • Cannot hold more than 10 pounds of clothes 

8. Home Wishes Textiles Wooden Hangers

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Textiles wooden hangers by Home Wishes is a high-quality hanger with a pack of 30 hangers. These hangers were specially made with a lot of superior items, like a 360 rotating hook, a trouser hanger, and a shape shoulder line with absolutely cut marks. On the dress shoulder line, a contoured shoulder line helps clothes keep their actual shape. With the unique and special ultra-slim design, these wooden hangers can extend your space and help you store a lot of clothes in your closet. 

The package dimensions of these wooden hangers are 14.57 x 13.98 x 7.52 inches. The weight contains 7.25 pounds. The customer reviews of this wooden hanger are 4.5 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, these wooden hangers are suitable for all types of clothes. You can hang your jackets, shirts, trousers, suits, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and more. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Good cost
  • High quality 
  • Good customer review 
  • Can hang all kinds of clothes 
  • Keep your clothes its original shape 

A Little to Perfection 

  • The shipping costs a lot of money 

7. Quality Wooden Clothing Hangers 

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If you are looking for wooden hangers that come in different colours, then wooden clothing hangers by Quality Hangers must be the best choice of all hangers made from wood. It consists of 6 various colours such as grey, mahogany, natural, walnut-chrome hook, walnut-gold hook, and white. So, it is easy for you to choose which colour you prefer. The dimensions of the hangers are 14.6 x 14 x 3 inch, and the item weight is 2.79 pounds. The cloth hangers are made to be thin that perfectly save your closet space. Plus, the 360 spinning hooks make your closet neat and easy to hang clothes. 

The hangers are made from lotus wood. It can hold all kinds of outfits even the heaviest one. With its special made, your clothes are not easy to fall off and still remain its original shape. The consumer rating given of these wooden hangers is 4.6 out of 5 stars. What’s more, wooden clothing hangers come with a year warranty that makes sure you will get money or item back when they are broken.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Has a variety of choices in colours 
  • Great quality 
  • Easy to hang clothes 
  • Can hold all kinds of outfits
  • not fall off easily 
  • comes with one year warranty 
  • stained and sturdy 
  • reasonable price 

6. HOUSE DAY Wooden Hangers 

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House day is another wonderful wooden hangers comes with 6 different colours. Those colours are black, brown, grain unfinished, natural, walnut, and white, which all are very suitable for any kinds of closets. These hangers are perfect for people who like wearing heavy clothes. No matter how heavy your clothes are, these hangers can hold your jackets, coats and other heaviest clothes amazing. The items are very steady and durable, which made it worth enough to spend money on. The package dimensions are 14.48 x 13.18 x 5.43 inches, and the item weight is 4.61 pounds. 

Moreover, with its thin, smooth and glossy design makes it a space rescuer. The fitted shoulder furrows let it to hold the clothes perfectly. The customer reviews of the hangers are 4.7 out of 5 stars. If you are a busy person looking for the best wooden hangers to make your house looks unique, tidy, and clean, then you should give a thought to this brand. 

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Has a lot of elegant colours to choose 
  • Hang heavy clothes nicely 
  • Good review 
  • A space saver 
  • Fair price 

A Little to Perfection 

  • The shipping price is expensive to some countries

5. Home-it (24 Pack) Natural wood hangers

Home-it (24 Pack) Natural wood hangers

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Made from solid wood construction, Jacket wooden hangers by Home-it are always the best hangers to hold your heaviest clothes. It has a set of 20 pack. The product dimensions are 13.9 x 13.7 x 5.2 inches, and weight 4.84 pounds. It is well built and very steady that can hold only jackets but also heavy jeans, coat, and others heavy clothes.

Using these wooden hangers will make your garments look expensive and elegant. The cloth hanger made with a chrome rotate hook allows your clothes to not easy to fall off. Plus, the rating given of these items is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Fair price 
  • Made from wood 
  • Good customer review 
  • Can hold every type of heavy clothes 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Has only one colour
  • The wood seems to be rough 

4. Zober Solid Wood Suit Hangers with Non Slip Bar and Precisely Cut Notches

Zober Solid Wood Suit Hangers with Non Slip Bar and Precisely Cut Notches

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Firm wood suit hanger by ZOBER is another lower-priced wooden hangers to consider. Same to others wooden hangers, these hangers allow consumers to hang their suits, coats, sweaters and more without any concerns that it may fall off. These hangers have 20 pack of hangers in a set. Since it is made with non-slip bar, specifically cut notches plus 360-degree rotating hook, that’s why its function is very stable and strapping. Although these hangers look flimsy, it can hold every heavy garment and save your closet space perfectly. 

The product dimensions are 17.5 x 0.5 x 9 inches. The item weight is 4.37 pound. The rating reviews of these firm wood suit hanger is 4.6 out of stars because it made of high-quality product and hang your clothes excellently without causing any wrinkles. Do not hesitate to purchase it, and give the best look of your closet with this natural hanger made from wood

Take-Home into Consideration

  • High quality 
  • Made with unique functions 
  • Best rating reviews 
  • Reasonable price
  • Space rescuer 
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Best-seller 

A Little to Perfection

  • Limited only one colour 

3. High-Grade Wooden Clothing Hangers

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Another hanger designed by ZOBER brand, High-grade wooden clothing hangers are made from lotus trees in the forest of China. This wood makes these hangers to be sturdy and stable hangers and produce hangers that are very adaptable and dependable for the requirement of your closet. The dimensions of the package are 14 x 13.4 x 4.8 inches, and the item weighs 5.84 pounds. With the strapping construction, these hangers allow you to hang every clothes in your closet such as heavy blouses, jackets, coats, and so on. What’s more, female consumers can hang their skirt, blazer, and blouse by using only one hanger. 

These hangers have 20 pack in a set with favourable price. With the rating given is 4.8 out of 5 stars, the hangers not only consider impressive but resist longer year of use. If you are looking for a present for your friends or family on their special occasion such as house warming, then give them a closet and three sets of these hangers are the best presents ever.

Take-Home into Consideration

  • Easy to use 
  • Great customer reviews 
  • Best present idea 
  • High quality 
  • Best-seller 
  • Fit your closet best 
  • Look luxurious 

A Little to Perfection 

  • Only a choice of colour provided

2. J.S. Hanger Solid Wooden Suit Hangers Walnut Finish-Best Wooden Hangers

J.S. Hanger Solid Wooden Suit Hangers Walnut Finish 

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Wooden Jacket hanger by JS HANGER comes with 4 elegant colours such as black, natural finish, retro finish and walnut finish. These amazing colours make your closet more luxurious and classy. This hangers have 20 pack in a set and made of 100 firm hardwood. The hardwood makes the hangers a heavy-duty and long-lasting to your clothes include the heaviest one. The size of these hangers is 14.57 x 5.51 x 13.39 inches. Thin body design remains your clothes in its original appearance and saves your closet space.

The shoulder notches and nonslip pant bar block your garments from slipping, leaves no crease, and wrinkles. The non-slip notches are perfectly made for all form of shirts, pants, jackets and more. The 360-degree spinning hook makes consumers easy to use. Moreover, the rating given of these wooden hangers is 4.6 out of 5 stars. This product is highly recommended for people who want their house to look fancy and tidy.

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Has 4 colours to choose 
  • Can hang all types of clothes 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting hangers 
  • Save your closet space 
  • Make your room look fancy and tidy 
  • Good customer service 

A Little to Perfection 

  • A bit expensive compare to other hangers 

1. High-Grade Wooden Coat Hangers 

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Keeping the best for the last, High-grade wooden coat hangers are made from lotus wood. These hangers look very classy and luxurious. These wooden hangers contain 20 pack in a set. The package dimensions is 13.94 x 13.7 x 5.2 inches. The items weight is 5.29 pounds. The pant bar in the skirt hanger allows customers to hang their pants, skirts, and more. The 360 degree rotating hook allows customers to hang any garments from any angle easily. If you have no idea which gift you should get for your beloved people, then maybe you should consider these hangers as a present. 

The nonslip, grooved, nylon covered pant bar stops your clothes from being crease. The rating given of this hanger is 4.8 out of 5 stars because it not only looks fancy but also make your closet tidy, easy to organized, and save your closet space. So, if you are looking for durable and steady wooden hangers, this brand is highly recommended.

Take-Home into Consideration 

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Best rating review wooden hangers
  • Best gift ideas 
  • Fair price 
  • High quality 
  • Look luxurious 
  • Space saver 
  • Worth the money

A Little to Perfection 

  • Only one choice of colour to make

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Wooden Hangers in 2022


There are different types of hangers in market areas. You may find it difficult to find the best hangers that suit your closet best. Before purchasing it, you should looking for its quality whether the wooden hanger is sturdy durable, and look good in your closet or not.

Customer review 

Some hangers are easy to fall off and not strapping, that’s why you need to look for guiding reviews. Nothing is real and honest than people who used to purchase on the product. If you are going through only the description of the hangers, the people who made it will say it is worth to buy. But if you are going through the review session, you might know clearly whether it is good as the description or not.


As you know, we have to spend money on everything, so we have to choose the long-lasting wooden hangers one. If we choose wooden hangers with long term use, you can save a small part of your money for another product. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Wooden Hangers in 2022

Are wooden hangers the best?

Yes, wooden hangers are better to compare to other hangers such as plastic, velvet, padded, wire and more. They are more durable and support your clothes finer.

What are the best wooden hangers in 2022?

The best wooden hangers in 2022 are 

  • High-Grade Wooden Coat Hangers
  • JS HANGER Wooden Jacket hangers
  • High-Grade Wooden Clothing Hangers
  • ZOBER Firm Wood Suit Hanger
  • Home-it Jacket Wooden Hangers
  • HOUSE DAY Wooden Hangers …..

Do hangers damage clothes?

Yes, some hangers may damage your clothes. But, with the top 10 hangers we have mentioned above, they still keep your clothes remain the same shape without causing creases, discoloration, or holes. 


Choosing the right wooden hangers are important. The right hangers make your home look neat, comfortable, luxurious, and save a lot of space. It helps organize your clothes which make it easy to find and save your time. If you do not want your clothes to change their original shape, then these 10 hangers above are the best choice for you to make. Its function is sturdy, durably and not strapping. This buying guide not only points out good products but also guide you to make the right decision before purchasing. 

After going through this review, we hope that this buying samples will assist you in choosing the best wooden hangers for your closet. We hope this buying review is handy, and you can examine the pros and cons in order to find the best hangers one. 

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