Best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2022 Reviews

Some of us are obsessed with shoes, and the remaining of us buy them out of necessity. It does not matter in which category you belong, but the clutter of shoes around us matters to all of us. It is time to take care of the muddle and improve our organizing skills by investing into a good shoe rack. This will help with the daily struggle of what to choose and will save a lot of space for sure.

List of Top 10 Best Wooden Shoe Racks in 2022

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10) ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Unit Organiser

ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Unit Organiser

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You can take your storage and organizing skills to the next level with this shoe rack. This shoe rack is multi-purpose as you can use it to store craft supplies as well. The design looks great and will match your décor.

  • Great for organizing shoes, sandals, hats and other household items.
  • The shoe rack is made out of wood, and it is laminated.
  • The assembly is very easy, all you need is a hammer and screwdriver. Rest of the hardware is included in the package.
  • This wooden shoe rack is available in three colors; Espresso, Dark Cherry, and white.
  • The product dimensions are 19.3” x 24.13” x 11.63.”

9) SONGMICS 2-tier Shoe Bench Organising Rack

SONGMICS 2-tier Shoe Bench Organising Rack

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This shoe bench is aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional. You can simply use this as bathroom towel rack, sofa side shelf, plant stand and much more. The design is very stylish, and the bench is durable.

  • This shoe bench is made out of natural bamboo.
  • The bench is 2-tier, and two breathable shelves are provided that prevent shoe odor.
  • The finish is very smooth with rounded corners ensuring that there is no scratching.
  • Tools are provided to assemble the rack quickly; it is easy and less time-consuming.
  • The product weighs 8.8 pounds, and the dimensions are 27.5 x 11.1 x 17.8 inches.

8) Furinno 5 Pine Solid Wood Rack – FNCJ- 3300

Furinno 5 Pine Solid Wood Rack - FNCJ- 3300

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This wooden shoe rack provides shelves for easy storage and is suitable for rooms which need a vertical storage area. With an open rack display, this rack can be used for decorative and home-living accessories.

  • This rack is carved out of solid pine wood with a coating on lacquer.
  • This rack is available in 3-tier and 4-tier variants; it comes in two finishes; Espresso and natural.
  • The assembly is very easy and can take up a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • No harsh chemicals are used, and there is no foul smell of the product.
  • Cleaning is possible with just a damp cloth. Dimensions are 27.6 x 22 x 9.85 inches and weigh 5.1 pounds

7) SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Rack

SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Rack.

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This shoe rack will surely add to the look of your house or boutique. The 6 tier space can be utilized to organize shoes, books, bags, plants, toiletries, baskets and much more. The rack weighs 17.1 pounds.

  • The shoe rack is made of natural bamboo and MDF boards.
  • Every layer or shelf is independent, and you can simply remove one or more of your things to fit in.
  • Two hollowed out handles are provided. Hence it is easy to move around.
  • Sunken screw holes and round corners ensure that there is no scratching.
  • The dimensions of this shoe rack are 108 x 67.5 x 25.8 cm.

6) BirdRock Home Bamboo Shoe Rack

BirdRock Home Bamboo Shoe Rack

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This three tier shoe rack ensures that you have ample space to organize things including shoes. The compact design allows the shoe-rack to fit in any space like closet, bedroom or entryway.

  • This shoe rack fits twelve pairs of shoes.
  • The shoe rack is made out of bamboo.
  • Shelves are open to ensure airflow and no odor.
  • The stackable units offer more storage for better organizing.
  • The rack weighs 5 pounds, and the dimensions are 29 x 14 x 19 inches.
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5) Espresso Finish Wood Shoe Rack

Espresso Finish Wood Shoe Rack

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This solid wood bench has been made with a focus on storage and functionality. The finish of this bench is espresso, and it adds to the aesthetics. The design is stylish and fits in minimum space.

  • This shoe rack is made out of Solid wood.
  • Two tiers are available for shoe storage, and the top is a slat design for seating.
  • This shoe rack is compact and very easy to assemble.
  • The open shelves ensure air flow to avoid odor from shoes
  • The shoe rack weighs 17.4 pounds, and the dimensions are 18 x 36 x 13 inches.

4) Mosa Natural Bamboo Entryway Shoe Bench

Mosa Natural Bamboo Entryway Shoe Bench

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This bamboo shoe bench is a perfect fit for your house. The bamboo is incorporated into state of the art design, and the shoe rack is a blend of nature and quality. Beautifully made, this shoe rack weighs 7.05 pounds

  • This shoe rack is made of 100 % eco-friendly and sturdy bamboo.
  • 2 tiers are available to store or display shoes, books, toiletries, etc.
  • This piece of furniture looks great and can be a great fit for the entryway or a patio.
  • The finish is smooth, and corners are round to ensure the safety of children.
  • This shoe rack has dimensions of 28 x 11 x 18 inches.

3) C&AHOME 2 Tier Shoe Rack

C&AHOME 2 Tier Shoe Rack

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This lightweight and compact shoe rack take functionality to whole new level. Aesthetically pleasing, this shoe rack is multipurpose and is suitable for closets, entryways, living room, or dorm. This shoe rack weighs 8 pounds.

  • The material used for this shoe rack is solid waterproof, dustproof bamboo with a coat of lacquer.
  • At the top of the rack, an additional drawer is added to add to the functionality by storing laces, keys. etc.
  • This shoe rack provides comfortable seating on top for whilst changing shoes.
  • 2 tiers provide ample space for storage of shoes
  • The dimensions of this shoe rack are 20.5 x 19.1 x 11.8 inches.
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2) INNOKA 2 tier expandable Shoe Rack

INNOKA 2 tier expandable Shoe Rack

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The dimensions of this Shoe rack takes minimum space and is fit for closet, wardrobe, hallway, garage or porch. This modern, stylish design compliments the place it is kept in, and the product weighs 2.75 pounds making it very lightweight.

  • The rack is made up of high-quality wood and aluminum and is very durable.
  • The rack is extendable allowing a storing space for 12 shoes.
  • The rack can be expanded vertically by adding extra tiers, all by using wooden pins and a stack.
  • Assembly is very easy and takes very little time. Package contains 1 expandable shoe rack, 8 screws, 4 wooden pins and a manual
  • The dimensions of this shoe rack are 22.25 x 11.8 x 7.87” and this changes to 41.33 x 11.8 x 7.87 when extended.

1) Soges 5-Tier Shoe Rack

Soges 5-Tier Shoe Rack

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This shoe rack is the ultimate solution for all your storage needs. 5 tiers provide more than enough space to store anything you want including keys, coin purse, hats in addition to the shoes. The design is awesome, and this shoe rack can hold a total of 20 pairs of shoes.

  • This shoe rack is carved out of thickened laminated wood.
  • This shoe rack features a separate compartment for keys and related accessories
  • Assembly is easy with the help of little tools elaborately described in the manual.
  • The top shelf is designed to add some décor to the overall look or just use it as a common shelf.
  • The product weighs 27 pounds and has dimensions of 29.5 x 9.4 x 37.2 inches.


These best in the market shoe racks cater to the need of storing and organizing in the most optimum space possible. Fit for any kind of setup, these shoe racks are an investment and will help you with saving some space.

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